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Sunday, February 26, 2006


A guy notices how one side is bright while the other side is about to rain when a sign hits his leg. He was about to throw away a couple of tickets when a girl was pretending to be the voice of the tickets. She asks him if he could give her a ticket which he does and takes him into the movie theater. She recites the movie lines while watching Roman Holiday which stars Audrey Hepburn. After the movie, he asks the girl why she was reciting the subtitles which she said that she want to be like Audrey Hepburn. Then he sees a girl named Tanaka who he was waiting for and asks for the ticket from the girl but she already used it. He sees another guy meeting her which makes the guy all depressed. The girl decides to cheer him up at a restaurant with some beer, oden, and yakitori but she doesn't have any money. He wonder if she was a student or unemployed which she told him that she's an aspiring seiyuu. He tells her that it's okay to dream which she thinks that he's really saying that she should quit. He mentions that dreams don't come true that easily which she counters that she'll never know unless she tries. He goes on saying that it isn't easy in the real world which he doesn't enjoy his current job. She thinks that he's sad for having no dreams even though he's 26 years old and mentions that his dreams will never come true if he ignores his heart's desire. He thought she was quoting a line from a movie but it's an original line.

After dinner, he says that she would never thought she would be young and poor which she comes back with that she would make him buy another beer and yakitori if he didn't take back the statement. He takes it back which they went on their seperate paths on a fork in the road. She quotes a line from Roman Holiday before she leaves the guy. The guy named Matsumaru has a dream with Tanaka, himself, and the other guy which he tries to speak out but the girl's voice came out instead which she says goodbye to Tanaka. He wakes up from the nightmare to hear sirens outside and cracks a glass. He rushes towards a burning building and sees the girl sitting on a swing being all quiet and wet. He asks her if she had anything else besides the pillow along if any family member that she can go to but she doesn't. He decides to take her to his place to paid back for the beer and yakitori earlier. She thanks him for the bed and wants him to stop being so nice. After turning off the lights, she starts to cry as everything she had has been burned. He tells her that she can buy most of the things back which manages to comfort her. They both embraced each other and began to kiss. The girl introduces herself as Aka Onda who's 20 years old while the guy is Fumiko Matsumaru who works in a sweets factory. They kiss each other during the rainy night. The next day, Fumiko wakes up to see Aka is gone who has gone back to her workplace.

REC is the other show that airs next to Binchou-tan and it is different from its very cute counterpart. It has Aka who has dreams while Fumiko has lost his dreams and accepting the cruel reality of his situation. I know that other bloggers have said that they had sex but I don't believe they did it at all. They could have just kiss for the entire night and slept together without having sex. It's an interesting series that I will keep blogging.


  • At 5:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you read the REC manga, they did have sex. ;) REC is a seinen manga from what I heard, and definitely got some things not suited for younger audiences.

  • At 5:43 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    If you see the second ep, you'll also know they did have sex. Fumiko himself explicitly thinks about it in his internal thoughts/monologue.


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