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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Sousei no Aquarion 24

Silvia notices that the snowy landscape has become gloomy along with people sprouting flowers from their bodies. With Sirius's arrival to Atlantis, the Tree of Life produced a snowy harvest beast that's able to take prana safely without the Shadow Angels need to leave Atlantis. Aquarion command notices that there are 12,000 dimensional gates around the world which Pierre is mad at because of the snow. Silvia tries to go through one of the dimensional gates to get Sirius from Altantis but was rejected. With the power of the snow beast called Haruberu, the Tree of Life grows towards the Heavens but still needs the Wings of the Sun to bear its fruit for a new generation of Shadow Angels. The Vice-Commander has grounded Silvia from doing anymore missions because the risk of her taking off to Atlantis. Rena knows that the Tree of Life is about to bear its fruit soon as Apollo tells Silvia to forgot about Sirius and focus on the enemy. The Commander tells everyone that the final conflict between them and the Shadow Angels is about to start soon. Then he goes to the UN Command Center and sees quite a few of the Assault Type Aquarions with the new PSG quantum particle reactive weapon which will destroy the impervious barrier around Atlantis. Apollo was looking at some young birds when he sees Silvia moping around and throws her a piece of fruit which she eats very quickly. She wants to be like the birds who can fly freely through the heavens which Apollo tells her that they will fly together. Pierre tries to flirt with Sophia which doesn't work as she wants everyone to live. Suddenly, Chloe comes into the room and offers Pierre some of her fruit cake which the Vice-Commander was just confused.

Silvia asks Apollo if Siren and Apollonius walked like this 12,000 years ago which he doesn't know but he feels that he has known her for a long time. Rena watches them and begins to sing. Tsugumi gives Lihua some coffee as she continues to mention her streak of misforture when the younger Elements gives them some roses for eternal happiness. Apollo and Silvia notices the wiltered roses as Apollo tells her that they will fly together Aquarion. She embraces Apollo as a way to get him to come back and were about to kiss when she notices that the roses returned back to their glory. Apollo was trying to find Sirius when he notices that Silvia has disappeared. The snow began to fall down on Derva as the younger Elements protect Tsugumi and Lihua from the snow's effects. They begin to sprout flowers from their bodies. Tsugumi manages to come out okay but Lihua has a flower growing out from her right shoulder along with Chloe. Apollo shows up in the Command Center and tells them about Sirius's appearance along with Silvia's appearance. Sophia tells the Vice-Commander to do something which he mentions that the army's assault squads are about to attack Atlantis. Apollo doesn't like the idea which the Vice-Commander decides to launch Aquarion to save Silvia before having flowers sprouting from his body. Apollo tries to break through the gate with the Mugen Punch but was unable to do so. Tsugumi suggests that she wants to be the head as she wants to protect everyone which Apollo and Lihua agreed to do so. They formed the Angel Aquarion which Tsugumi receives the support of everyone to use the Infinite Light of Bursting Love attack to break through the barrier of Atlantis. Lihua manages to remove the flower from her shoulder when the Assault Aquarions use this chance to enter through the gate to Atlantis.

At least, it wasn't a comedic episode according to the preview which is a good thing. Apollo and Silvia almost kissed but Sirius decides to but in and kidnaps Silvia without Apollo noticing. Tsugumi gets her moment to shine as she busts the barrier around the gate to Atlantis along with confessing her love to Lihua. Now, the question is that what kind of love does she has for Lihua which somehow that will be never answered. It's getting down to the final stretch as the humans are making their final attack on Atlantis and the Shadow Angels. I'm guessing Apollo and Sirius will get a battle between each other along with Apollo getting to fight Toma in the end. The next episode will be an all out battle between the humans and the Shadow Angels over Atlantis.


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