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Thursday, February 02, 2006

Sousei no Aquarion 25

Angel Aquarion broke apart because of Tsugumi's collasped state which the Commander orders Pierre to switch with her. They go into the gate before it closes and arrived at Atlantis. The Kelbrim attack the Assault Vectors which they managed to destroy a few from each side. Glen orders the nine remaining union capable Vectors into Armageddon form. The Armageddon Aquarions fire at the main building of Atlantis with the PSG cannon which managed to destroy a good portion of the building. Moroha comes out with his personal Kelbrim and destroys a few of the Assault Aquarions. Glen was trapped by one of Moroha's halves and hears Lihua's voice which manages to snap him out of the trance and protected her from Moroha. Glen fights off Moroha while telling Lihua to go on ahead for the future of humanity. Rena reads a book about when the Wings of the Sun return to heaven that the world will announce its end. Sophia asks if they could defeat the Shadow Angels while Apollo and the others see the trapped humans on the Tree of Life. The Commander mentioned that if humans died, the Shadow Angels will die as well which they lose their consiousness and freedom. Apollo and the others arrived at the base of the Tree of Life which they should not destroy as it would release massive amounts of energy and making the Earth a lifeless piece of rock. Glen is getting beaten by Moroho until he decides to release all of his energy which blows himself and Moroho. Sophia asks the Commander why he knows all of this and realizes that he was the forgotten third Element from 12,000 years ago whose name is lost in the Book of Holy Genesis. Silvia wakes up and reunites with Sirius. He mentions that he doesn't remember of his past life except for the pain from long ago and decides to have her watch the end of the humans.

Silvia arrives at a cage and sees the Tree of Life in the distance along with Apollo and the others. He tries to get to Silvia but was stopped by Sirius who becomes Kelbrim Mars while they merged into Solar Aquarion. They engaged in battle with each other and appeared to be evenly matched until Toma breaks them apart. He begins to trap Apollonius's spirit along with Solar Aquarion as he remembers the time that they hold hands together. Toma throws another spike at Aquarion and thought he stabbed Apollo but he caught it. Apollo remembers being Apollonius and notices Silvia in the distance. Ortha tells everyone that Siren's soul was split into two because of her sin which the halves reside in Silvia the light and Sirius the dark. Sirius thought he was the Wings of the Sun but Toma tells them that the Wings of the Sun is actually Aquarion. Apollonius was reborn as Aquarion which destroy Atlantis in a beautiful light. Ortha wraps around the cage and destroys it but didn't destroy Silvia who kills her with her own power. Toma forces Sirius to fire a spike at Silvia but he manages to force the spike into himself.

This episode had lots of revealations about Siren, Apollonius, and the whole world of Aquarion. I couldn't guess on most of these things but I did thought that Silvia was going to kill Ortha. I truly love this episode and the final episode of Aquarion will be great as well. Will Apollo and the Aquarion team will save the world from the Shadow Angels? Will Apollo and Silvia get to kiss? Will Tsugumi reveal that she's a lebsian? Well, I won't reveal the answers but the episode will or won't depending on the question.


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