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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 81

Yamato and Suzuka are walking together on a cold day which he suggests that they should have BBQ. He notices that Suzuka wasn't exactly paying attention to him which she tells him that she still has some activities to do and can't have BBQ because of it. During track practice, he tries to get her to talk about her odd mood which she says it's nothing and leaves. Then he tries to have Miki tell him what's wrong with Suzuka but she wasn't in the best of moods at first. After she hears that he wasn't able to call Suzuka by her first name, her mood suddenly changes and tells him that day is coming up. Before he could get anything else, Ironman chokes him for not showing up within 30 seconds. Yamato walks home by himself and meets up with Megumi along the way as she had to walk back home by herself since Saotome couldn't finish her paper in time. They ended up at a restrauant which Megumi decides to go on a drinking binge even though Yamato told her not to. She tells him that she was dumped in an angry voice and that she won't trust men like him ever again. She asks Yamato if he and Suzuka have kissed a few times yet which he said no. She realizes that Yamato is a late bloomer and hasn't tried much to improve his relationship. Megumi continues to deduce Yamato's shortcomings correctly like not having a serious conversation about their relationship. He ponders about Megumi's words when he sees Suzuka and Miyomoto talking to each other in a serious manner. Miyomoto leaves Suzuka as he tells her to cheer up and act like the Suzuka that he knows. Yamato decides to ask Suzuka what she and Miyomoto were talking about just now which she doesn't want to get into it. Yamato becomes annoyed at her as she doesn't seem want to have a serious conversation with him at the moment. Suzuka finally tells him that she has been selected for some special training at an university and thought that he would be worried for her. Yamato doesn't seem to be concerned about it until she tells him that she has to live there for three days beginning December 22. Suzuka becomes annoyed at Yamato at his careless attitude about the entire thing and leaves him all confused. Meanwhile, Megumi is still at the bar all drunken and angry.

Yamato and Suzuka has a new problem to deal with as Suzuka has special training at an university beginning December 22. It seems that Yamato doesn't realized that the training goes through Christmas Eve which she was probably most concerned about. Also, it was nice to see Megumi to shine a little bit as she basically guess all of Yamato's shortcomings as a man while in her drunken mood. The next chapter will have Suzuka and Yamato trying to deal with this new problem in their lives.


  • At 2:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    yo, erm... I really like this story, Suzuka piss me off a little, but heck... Anyway, where did you read the mangas? did you d/l it? where? I would like to be you aqquintace, please e-mail me at


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