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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 82

Yamato apologizes to Suzuka for yesterday and admits that he didn't like the idea of her going off to train but she acted like that she was still mad. Miki asks Yamato what's wrong and if he wanted to talk about it but gets into an argument with Hattori soon after about how Yamato should proceed with Suzuka. Yamato asks Suzuka if she wanted to do something with him but she said that she needs to go somewhere else today. Miki and Hattori are shocked by Suzuka's attitude and tells Yamato to apologize to her. Later that night, Yamato was in his room when Suzuka stop by which they have an awkward exchange before she entered into the room. She makes Yamato to make some tea which he has no idea what she is thinking right now. She comes into the kitchen to see what's taking Yamato so long which he gets all snappy about it. They sit down at the table and drink the tea which Suzuka gets mad at Yamato for the tea being all cold along with that he should take off his school uniform while doing housework since it could be ripped. She tells him that he can't do anything right which he demended that she should say what's bothering her to his face. He gets up which she tells him to wait but he says that he's going to make her a new cup of tea and that after she's finished with it, leave his room. She embraces him which makes him drop the cup. She asks him why he's been so cold to her which he apologizes for worrying her. She tells him not to move and after their hearts beat a few times, she leaves Yamato's room in a mad dash. Yamato was thinking what Hattori said earlier which he bushed it off a moment later. Suzuka recieves a call from her sister which she tells her that she has the materials for the sweater. She mentions that she's secretly making a sweater for a guy who doesn't remember Christmas and thinks she's becoming more mature. Suzuka says that she's making it as a present for supporting her all this time and has a good idea about his size for it. Her sister mentions it's a month away until Christmas Break and asks about the background which is Yamato messing around with Gorou.

This chapter has Yamato and Suzuka acting coldly to each other which ended up with them having an embrace that managed to clear things up between the two of them for now. Suzuka is making a sweater for Yamato as a Christmas present and how he's been supporting her for all this time. I wonder when Yamato is going to realize that Suzuka will be gone for Christmas and what's he going to do about it.


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