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Saturday, February 11, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 83

Yamato is preparing Saotome's sake which she bribed him into doing by not sending certain pictures to Suzuka. Saotome gets drunk off of sake in Yamato's room as usual but Megumi isn't drinking for once. Megumi is actually happy that she managed to make up with her boyfriend and even spending Christmas together. Saotome says that she would go out with the guy who buys her the most presents for her birthday and then says that love isn't measured by material things. Yamato says that people buy presents at the same stores and doesn't see the point to it. Megumi tells Yamato that he should get a gift for Suzuka even though he thinks that she isn't into material gain. Megumi says that holidays and events are special things to them and want to spend them with the ones they treasured most. Yamato finally realizes the reason why Suzuka was acting so hurt. He tries to ask Suzuka plans for Christmas which he finally realized that she has the training to go to.

The next day, Yamato asks Miyamoto if he could join the training program as well so he could get better which he got an unusual reaction from Miyamoto. He never thought that Yamato would be so into track and questioned his motives since day one but he can't help him with the training camp. He would make up a training schedule for Yamato to do that will be like the one at the camp which Yamato decides not to do and runs off. Later that day, Yamato decides to meet with Suzuka at Tateyama on Christmas Eve when Suzuka shows up. As they were walking home together, Yamato asks Suzuka her training schedule which she tells him that she practices from 9 AM to 6 PM. She asks him why he's so interested in going to the training camp
which he tells her that he doesn't want to fall behind of his training. Then he tells her that he wants to be with her to spend Christmas together. He wants to meet with her on Christmas Eve but she tells him that she's free on the 21st. He agrees to the date which she holds his hand and tells him not to get sick on that day. They are happy that they are able to be together for the holidays.

Yamato finally realizes the importance of the holidays and what they mean to girls. He tries to join the training camp under the interests of improving himself but was unsuccessful. Then he manages to setup a date with Suzuka to meet on the 21st for the holidays. It looks like their relationship is getting better at the moment. Let's see how their date will turn out though.


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