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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 84

Suzuka is having a hard time making the sweater for Yamato. At school, Yamato is talking to Hattori which he won't help him for the time being but Hattori was talking to another girl at the time. Hattori mentions to the girl that he should spend Christmas at her place which Yamato took the idea as he thought Hattori was talking to him. After Hattori was done talking to the girl, he turned around to listen to Yamato's problems but he left already. Yamato is trying to find food and present ideas with no particular success while doing his job at the bathhouse. Saotome knocks on the door to tell him about the lack of hot water. He was about to fill the fuel for the hot water when Suzuka shows up to discuss their Christmas plans. He tells her about his idea to stay at home instead of going out which he's going to get a cake while she makes a meal. Suzuka wasn't too pleased with the idea as she can't cook to save her life which he mentions that she could try to cook a few dishes. She mentions that she's trying hard already and thinks that he's being lazy. He tries to approach her but trips on the step and almost knocks down Suzuka. Yamato tells her that he doesn't want to do the same thing like the other couples along with that she thought it would be mundane and boring. She asks him what's wrong doing it like the others since it's their first time and tells him to let go now since they cleared it up. Yamato tries to go for a kiss but she slaps him so hard that he gets knocked down to the floor. She apologizes for knocking him down but he thinks that excessive violence is her way to reject people. She tells him that she can't kiss today and be patient about it. Before she leaves, she tells him to plan their day at home. He turns up the heater a little bit much as he notices the pain from being slapped faded away but Saotome charges into the room and gives him a piece of her mind as he almost burns her to death.

Yamato and Suzuka's Christmas plans are set for the most part which only leaves the details that need to be setup. He tries to kiss Suzuka once again which she slapped him to the ground with just one. She wants to save it for that special day on the 21st. I found it funny how Yamato took Hattori's idea even though he wasn't talking to him at the time. The next chapter will introduce a new character into the mix but I won't say anymore about that.


  • At 4:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Is the suzka manga ongoing or completed? I just started recently reading the manga so I don't know. The last chapter I read was when Suzuka explained that she was going to America and Akitsuki said he was ok with that..please don't tell me it ended there...


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