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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Trinity Blood 20

Abel closes up some thing in the middle of nowhere while people gather around at some church to mourn the death of the Queen Bridget II of Albion. A guy remembers the Queen's last words during the funeral with Esther and the Pope in attendance. Catherina, her advisor, and Kate have a discussion of the current affairs of Albion which the Queen's only son was assassinated 15 years ago. She didn't have an official successor to the throne before she died which only leaves two people who have a claim to the throne, Ireland's Duchess Erin and Germany's Ludwig II. The Vatican doesn't want either of them to become the new head of Albion because it would screwed with the balance of the world. Albion wants to close the gap between them and the Vatican as Albion preserves Lost Technology. Kate believes that being allies with Albion would be hard. Catherina wanted to go to Albion but she has to make sure that the negotiations between the Empire and the Vatican succeed. Seth has sent Ion on a mission which Milfa thought she never saw the day where they have a peace agreement with the Vatican. Seth thinks it might be a short lived peace but she's going to work hard because of Abel as she expects that guy to show up soon. Esther and the Pope talked to Colonel Spencer as she wants to strengthen the ties between Albion and the Vatican. The Pope touched a device that acts like a tour guide for places which Spencer suggested that they should see the place where they developed their Lost Technology. The guy from earlier is called the Count of Manchester, Virgil Walsh and greets Spencer, Esther, and the Pope to the Ghetto which is the underground factory that makes the Lost Technology.

Virgil takes them around the Ghetto and shows them the room where they produced computer chips which they get shipped to above ground to combine with cases and devices for various uses. They could even analyze, recreate, and create new logistics programs. Esther mentions that their technology rivals that of the Methuselahs which Virgil was confused but she quickly went to another question. The factory is underground because they don't want to have unnecessary chaos and tension and that they want to be left alone and want nothing in return. Virgil knows about Esther through her battles at Istvan and Carthago and thinks she can understand the conditions of Albion. Suddenly, there were multiple explosions which two guys and a girl entered the control room. They tried to kidnap the Pope which the girl was called Vanessa who is Virgil's brother. Esther takes the Pope to safety while Vanessa wants to go to above ground. Virgil tries to stop Vanessa with his abilities but she ran away before he could do anything. Catherina talks to Fransciso who doesn't want peace between the Empire and the Vatican as they are monsters to him when they heard of news about the attack on the Ghetto. They know that vampires are attacking the Ghetto which Fransciso wants to use extreme force to kill them which Catherina doesn't want the Pope to be sacrificed. Her advisor tells Catherina that William and Abel are already at Albion while Leon is en route. Catherina tells Kate to send an emergency transimission to Albion to contact Paula who is trying to get into the Ghetto. Catherina tells her that she must cooperate with the AX agents in Albion in order to save the Pope from the vampires. They are using the Queen's death as a way to gain their freedom and that Fransciso is willing to give up the Pope just to use force on Albion. She wants the Pope to be rescued at all costs. The Pope is crying in the smoke as he can't find anyone as Esther tries to find him. William and Leon meet up with Abel which they tell him about the current situation as Leon mentions that the faerie kids' foster parents kidnapped the Pope and Esther. William notices Paula and Petros walking towards them which they tell them that they will be working together for this mission. Abel knows of another way to enter the Ghetto since the Albion army is blocking the main entrance.

This episode is setting up the last few episodes of Trinity Blood as Abel was doing some mysterious things. I think Ion and Ast will join in the action of trying to save the Pope and Esther from Vanessa. I wonder how this series will end as the Orden hasn't made its move yet along with Abel's lack of development. The next episode in the Throne of Roses arc is the Refuge.


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