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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Trinity Blood 21

Mary reads off the list of demands that Vanessa wrote out to the Albion government. They demand independence, the safety of all Methuselahs living in the Ghetto, relocation assistance to the Empire, and the fact of their involvement to prosperity of Albion must be announced to the world. Albion would be scorned if the Methuselah involvement was made public but they have a chance to avoid this if they can get to the Pope first. They never realized that the late Queen's death would create this void between the terrans and Methuselahs of Albion. Mary promises Virgil that she will protect Albion until they find the star. Virgil sees intruders from a passageway that only people within the Walsh family should know about and realizes they are from the Vatican. Petros and Paula split off from the others while they do the same as well. Vanessa's forces are still trying to find the Pope when they detect Petros and Paula. Virgil tries to contact Vanessa for negotation talks but she tells him to go away (in a nasty way though.) Meanwhile, the Pope is lost in the Ghetto and faints when a young girl approaches him. He wakes up in a bed with the same girl named Angelica scaring him again. A couple of adults told him that they didn't mean to scare him and makes Angelica apologized which she does. A girl gives him a cup of coffee which he was still scared. They know that he's the Pope and that they are all Methuselahs. They make the machines and medicine for Terrans and aren't part of the rebellion. The guy understands Vanessa's point of view as they don't wanted to be caged and exploited which they are born to make the machines for the Terrans. The girl and the guy mentions how they are afraid of being attacked and that it would start a war which will end with one race being killed off from the Earth. The Pope drinks the coffee while Esther gets captured by Dietrich.

Dietrich leaves Esther and tells her that the Orden is going to end the world with an angel from the heavens and has already prepared for the party. Before leaving, he mentions that Esther could be a star of hope as her name means star in the old tongue. Angelica wants the Pope to bless her pet rabbit so it would get better. She thinks that the Pope is the world's greatest person which he doesn't think that at all as he gets scolded and pick on. She will scolded the others as he was chosen by God which makes him bless the rabbit. Angelica takes the Pope to her secret place which she shows him an anicent rocket. She tells him that Virgil knows about it and made her not to reveal it to anyone. Vanessa suddenly appears and captures the Pope. Angelica tries to get Vanessa to release him but she throws her aside which makes him go willing with Vanessa. Leon heards that the Pope has been captured when Peter and Wendy appeared. They tell him the location of the rebel hideout which settles any debts they have and enjoying their new live here until the rebellion happened. Leon tries to promise them that he will try to spare the innocent Methuselah's lives. He tells Kate about the new information when he heard Wendy's scream as a group of Autojaegars attack them. Leon deals with them as he couldn't face his daughter if he couldn't protect them. An Autojaegar comes towards the tied up Esther but was killed by Abel. He directs Esther to an elevator that leads up to the palace and she enters it.

I find it interesting that the guy was talking about how they were caged and didn't have a choice about their fate which made me think that the Pope was like them. He didn't have the choice to become Pope or not and how his freedom to do anything he wanted was taken away with official duties. This episode was mostly about the Pope and his character. He started off being scared of a little girl but towards the end of the episode, he decided to forsake his own safety to protect Angelica. I think Dietrich is heading towards the rocket in order to use it in the Orden's plans to destroy the world. The next episode of the The Throne of Roses arc is the Lord of Abyss.


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