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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Yakitate Japan 54

Manga Chapters 127-130

Kawachi thinks that St. Pierre is insulting them with just sending one member of CMAP named Tsubodzuka Takumi to face against them in the first battle. Kuro-yan tells Kawachi to shut up and pay attention to the rules of the Yakitate 9. Basically, each panel has a name of a city which they have a bread battle with the city's speciality products. Who ever wins the battle gets that panel and who ever wins the most panels wins the entire thing. Kuro-yan reveals the center panel which is the city of Ooma. While on a train, Kanmuri gives the background information on CMAP which stands for Cooking Meal Assemble People. The name basically means people who assembled to cook and taste. They are Japan's supreme group of idol cooks. Kawachi thinks being too strong is a bad thing but Kanmuri and Azuma agreed that he fails as a person. Azuma asks Kanmuri what product they should based their bread on which he mentions Super Tuna. Ooma is a harbor town that produces high quality seafood which their tuna is well known and goes up to 20,000 yen per kilogram at Tsukiji. Kanmuri believes that they can't win with Super Tuna since it's so expensive for the locals and tourists. They arrived at their lodgings in Ooma which is a dump because they have to save their money since they have to pay for their lodging, the enemy's team's lodging, Kuro-yan's lodging, and the staff's lodging along with food and transportation expenses. St. Pierre will only pay for the ingredients for the bread. Kawachi wonder why they accepted those conditions which Kanmuri yell him about they got carried away with Kirisaki's challenge. Meanwhile, Yukino along with the production crew, Takumi, and Kuro-yan are eating at a sushi place which Yukino tells them to eat lots. She notices that Takumi wasn't eating the sushi as he calls the tuna negative which Yukino was annoyed at him for saying that. Takumi asks the chef to switch places with him while Yukino tries to get him to stand down but the chef accepts his request. Takumi manages to do 50 pieces of ootoro very quickly while the chef mentions that he has never done it that fast in his 30 years of being a chef. Takumi says to the chef that this is real toro which he doesn't believe him but when he tastes it. He gives a reaction that has him dancing in a suit with tuna dancing in the foreground. Kuro-yan realizes that Takumi cut with the grain instead of the chef who went against the grain. Then he tells the chef to eat the sinew of the muscle which most people don't usually eat. He tastes it which he found good to eat and gets called a robot by Kuro-yan for his way of doing toro. One of the staff wanted some more but the chef stops him as he won't have enough until August. Yuniko thought they could catch more but he explains that they catch the tuna in the summer since they get fat in the cold. The hotels and stops store the tuna in the freezers and used that tuna in February to April. If he would run out, he would ask a hotel for some which they don't have any left, then they can't do anything about it. Kuro-yan tells both teams that the bread must contain a speciality item of the city in it and could have items near the city and prefecture which they would gain points for. The main goal is to create a bread that would be loved both by tourists and locals. They have three days to make the bread. Kawachi can't think of any ideas for the tuna which Kanmuri suggests that they should get some super tuna first. They soon find that all of the tuna is gone in Ooma which they soon find out that Yuniko brought all of it. Azuma asks Kanmuri when most tourists come to Ooma which is the end of April until Golden Week in May. Azuma suggests that they shouldn't use the tuna as a template for their bread as it isn't really fresh. Before they could come up with ideas, Yukino shows up and gloats how super tuna is delicious until Kawachi asks why she's here. She wanted to share some tuna with them which she gives some tuna eyeballs before leaving. Kanmuri, Kawachi, and Azuma go to a fishery and find some sea urchins which is good for Golden Week and cheap. Ooma's sea urchin is the purple kind which has white roe. The whiter the roe is, the sweeter it is. Kawachi didn't know about it compared to Kanmuri and Azuma which Azuma knew from the rice business. Azuma is going to make a chawanmushi bread which chawanmushi is a savory egg custard. He asks Kawachi make to some French bread that both Kanmuri and Kawachi objected to until Azuma tells them that the bread needs to taste bad. Kanmuri falls down while Kawachi is disappointed.

Kanmuri shows Azuma and Kawachi the trailer that they used for the bread battles in the Yakitate 9 which cost 50 million yen. Kanmuri is surprised at how well Kawachi made his bread while Azuma cries on Kawachi for not making it crappy as he wants it to be sticky. Kawachi said that he made to Azuma's specifications which Kanmuri realizes Azuma's intentions. He tells Kawachi to make it again and add some water to it this time. It's the day of the match which Tsukino and the Manager talked to Azuma before it started. Azuma tells them that Kanmuri managed to get a secret weapon while Kawachi made some bad French bread which surprises Tsukino. Kuro-yan was about to start the match when Takumi interrupts him with a request to use his own personal oven which he agrees. Before he could continue, Azuma asks Kuro-yan if he could use an Ooma garbage bag which he didn't care and then realized that he might be planning something weird. Kawachi is disappointed that Azuma wanted bad French bread which was hard for him since he had the Solar Gauntlets and learned better techniques. He doesn't know the reason why he need to make bad French bread along with the garbage bag. Takumi has two types of dough: pie and choux creme which is going to make a high quality pastry. Takumi goes over to the Pantasia trailer and says that their bread is negative and tells them to give up. Kawachi's bad French bread is finished which Azuma takes it and puts it in the garbage bag.

This episode covers the pre-battle and the beginning part of the first round of the Yakitate 9. Yukino is already trying to ruin the chances of the Pantasia team with buying all the super tuna in the entire area. Takumi is a capable baker even though he's an idol while Kawachi is reduced to making crappy bread. The Kawachi fans are going to be sad as he becomes the clown of the show again. Besides the whole Yakitate 25 and Yakitate 9 difference, the differences in the manga was that Team Pantasia had a conversation with Tsukino and the Manager about CMAP which continue to the train scene and Kawachi suggesting abalone instead of super tuna which Kanmuri shot down that idea. Also, there's a new OP and ED sequence to go along with the Yakitate 9 arc which shows the members of CMAP, a Panda, and a couple of ninjas (I do know who the ninjas are but they are pretty recognizable). The next episode will have Kuro-yan tasting each team's bread with some crazy reactions as usual.


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