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Monday, March 27, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 7

Yasuna calls Hazumu who then calls Ayuki, Asuta, and Tomari about going to the beach which Tomari was surprised that Yasuna wanted her to come. Hazumu leaves for the beach which his father tries to go with him but his mother managed to drag him back into the house. Asuta was depressed on the train ride there since he thought he was going to have a guy to guy experience with Hazumu but he remembered that he's a girl now who's having laughs with the other girls. Hazumu asks Asuta to sit with the others but he refuses his request and tries to pull him over but with no success. They arrived at the beach which Asuta gets some naughty thoughts from Hazumu's bikini. Suddenly, Jan huggles Hazumu who descended from the sky which everybody could see. Then Sora explains that Jan is his daughter which Namiko hear and ran away crying. Ayuki asks Sora if Jan was really his daughter which he admitted that she wasn't very easily. Jan knew everyone's names which she says that she watched them from the sky but Hazumu tells everyone that she's his relative. Namiko tells Jan that she should called her Mama if she wants as Hazumu asks about Sora's old-fashioned swimsuit. He decides to rip off the swimsuit which reveal something that should have been hidden in the first place. Hazumu and the others are playing in the beach and doing the various things that you would do at a beach. Asuta notices that Hazumu has finally become a girl in terms of personality. Hazumu sees Asuta alone and tells him that he's lacking energy which Hazumu's body causes Asuta to get some drinks. On his way back, he sees Hazumu being harassed by a couple of guys and steps in to protect him from them. He tells them that Hazumu is his girlfriend which makes the guys leave. Hazumu thanks Asuta for helping him out which he asks why he follow him because he thought he would need some help. Asuta apologizes to Hazumu for saying that he was his girlfriend as he likes Yasuna but he doesn't mind at all since it's him saying it. Sora and Jan were observing Asuta and Hazumu along with Tomari and Yasuna as they weren't saying anything until Tomari asks her why she invited her.

Asuta starts a fire for an oven as he gets excited about Hazumu being an apron while the other girls were embarrassed by his actions. Sora shows up in an apron but with nothing under it which everyone wasn't pleased at all. Hazumu asks where Namiko was which Jan says that she's going to prepare lunch. She was going to catch some fish for Sora but somehow, she manages to catch herself in the net and goes into the ocean. Hazumu and the others were preparing to cook out their meal which Hazumu is going to cut vegetables and asks Tomari for help but Ayuki mentions that she isn't good at Home-Ec. Jan wanted to help as well which Yasuna assigns her to wash the rice. Yasuna was looking for the curry cubes but Tomari dropped them. Tomari and Yasuna are going to get some curry cubes as Yasuna wanted to talk to Tomari anyway. Ayuki notices that things are moving between Yasuna and Tomari along with Hazumu and Asuta. Asuta thinks about the incident earlier today and drops some firewood as he tries to sort his feelings for Hazumu. He thinks that Hazumu can't choose between him and Yasuna and decides to go after Hazumu and talks to him about it. Yasuna answers Tomari's question about why she invited her to the beach which begins that she doesn't know anything about Hazumu. She wants to see and feel the same things that he likes and be able to like them herself. They see Asuta and Hazumu walking towards the beach which Asuta takes Hazumu to a cliff. He asks Hazumu what he thinks of him which he starts off with his faults in general. Then he says that Asuta didn't treat him different when he became a girl and started naming off his good qualities. Hazumu thinks of Asuta as his best friend not as a boyfriend and clarifies that he would be uncomfortable to say to a stranger that "I'm his girlfriend." Asuta says that he will be always his best friend and gets kick by Tomari and fell into the water. Everyone is gathered for some food which most people thought it was too spicy for their own taste except for Yasuna and Sora as she was the one who made it. On the train ride back, Tomari tells Yasuna that she loves Hazumu as well.

This episode is mostly an Asuta episode who decides to confess his feelings to Hazumu but doesn't as he doesn't see him as a lover but as his best friend. Yasuna and Tomari's interaction between each other has evolved from bitter love rivals to friendly love rivals. Not much really happened in this episode besides that and not much comedy except on Namiko and Sora's too much information outfits. The next episode seems to be an Ayuki episode which might be interesting to see as she been kinda of obsevering everyone but really haven't made an impact until now.

Canvas Two 22


Elis's injuries aren't that serious but she has to stay in the hospital for a couple days. Hiroki asks Elis if she wanted anything which she asks for a peach, colorful declarations, fluff her pillow, and some cute slippers. She notices the pine tree outside and wants to draw it since it's so beautiful to her. Tomoko hears about Elis's accident from Hagino and Sumire but declines to visit her with them since she has things to do. Kiri was in her office thinking about Elis when she gets a call from Hikori. Elis asks Hagino and Sumire about Tomoko as she was supposed to go shopping with her which they said that she couldn't come but she was worried. Kiri shows up and brought some gifts for her like flowers, drawing tools, towels, and a cake. Kiri and Hiroki stepped out of the room to get some water for the flowers while Elis decides to get some drinks for the others to go with the cake. Hikori thanks Kiri for her efforts which she blames herself for Elis's accident because she shook up her feelings. She starts to cry and apologizes to him about it which he embraced her. Elis sees them embracing each other which she falls to the floor and thought she has given up on Hiroki. Elis was painting into the night when Hiroki asks her to go to bed as she tries to use red but her vision begins to blur. Hiroki was reading a book in the room when Elis asks him to sleep with her because she won't be able to do it if she goes to France. Hiroki decides to sleep next to her which she makes his hand touch her face.

The next day, Hiroki sees Shouta running out of the school and Kiri meets up with him as she wanted to visit Elis but he tries to get her not to come. Kiri manages to tag along with Hiroki anyway with bringing some underwear to her. Shouta gives Elis a clay pot that he made and notices the vase which she says that it belong to her crush's girlfriend which she was implying Kiri. He decides to put the flowers in his pot and says that his feelings towards her won't change regardless if she likes someone else. He takes Kiri's vase to wash it as Elis tries to use red again which she remembers the accident and causes her to shake on her bed. Hiroki and Kiri showed up in her room and tells her not to take it too hard. Shouta comes back which they noticed he holding Kiri's vase which she tries to take back the vase. He thought it was Elis's crush girlfriend when he suddenly dropped it and helps Kiri to clean it up. Elis runs out of the room afterwards which she tries to figure out what to do. She goes outside and sees a bunch of kids help declarations on the Christmas tree which she sees Tomoko helping them. Tomoko explains to Elis that she has been sent around to many hospitals as a child to cure her condition. She's currently staying at this hospital for a checkup before surgery since she has a major problem with her heart. Tomoko was told that she should have the surgery abroad which Elis didn't realized that it was that serious. Tomoko notices that Elis has been painting from her hands which she explains that she has been trying to use red but still can't. Tomoko says that she has been running away since she's afraid to have the surgery because she thought there was no point to living a bit longer but she doesn't think that anymore as Elis and the others help her to feel better about herself. Before going back to help the kids, Tomoko says to Elis that as along you're alive that you can do anything. Hiroki sees off Kiri and Shouta before looking for Elis again and finds her outside. Elis tells him that she has no strong feelings towards him except for being a brother to her. The Christmas tree lights up which Elis finds the red on it to be beautiful.

This episode gave Elis what she needed to overcome her fear of red from Tomoko and her experiences of being sick all the time. It was interesting to hear Elis saying that Kiri's vase was her crush's girlfriend vase to Shouta instead of saying it was Kiri's. It would be easier to say it was Kiri's vase instead of the roundabout way that she did it. That scene should make Hiroki realized that Elis loved him more than a cousin but not much was expanded on that point. Kiri felt terrible about Elis's accident since she blamed herself for it which Elis didn't want her to show up at all but she played nice anyway when others were around. The next episode continues with the Christmas festivilites as Elis is out of the hospital and the cast is getting ready for the Christmas party.

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Paradise Kiss 12 and Review

Paradise Kiss is about a high school girl named Yukari who gets scouted by a member of the fashion group, ParaKiss to be a model for their dress in their school festival. Her contact with ParaKiss changes her life completely as she experiences things that she wouldn't have if she just continue studying for university exams like she did before meeting them. The members of ParaKiss consist of George, who's a guy bisexual with excellent talent in fashion design; Isabella, a guy crossdresser who designs the patterns for George's dresses; Arashi, a guy who looks like a punk rocker and does sewing with the dresses along with Mikawo who's in love with Arashi and the only girl in ParaKiss (besides Yukari).

Paradise Kiss is just not a show about fashion industry about relationships and following your dreams. Yukari led a mundane life of studying to get into a good university but she had no true dream as she just follow her mother's wishes. Her encounter with ParaKiss made her realized that there's more to life than studying. She slowly come into control of her life and becoming more independent with her choices in life. This new-found independence have given her an opportunity to have a relationship as well with George. Their relationship at first was that Yukari didn't like him at first but over time, George's charm managed to win over Yukari even though she did have a crush on a fellow classmate. It was a mature one as well as they did have sex with each other. Yukari even put up with his mother and other girls in his past along with personality quirks. The other members of ParaKiss are interesting as well with Isabella being so loyal to George since he helped him to feel good about himself and got him to being a crossdresser. Miwako is trying to follow in her older sister's path while Arashi is just doing his own thing with his music or sewing.

I really liked this series as it has strong character development and nice storyline. It has unique character design along with some good music as well. The ending did wrap-up things nicely except for a few mysteries which I won't say. The one thing I would say that Kaori's character was just put in and didn't have time to develop as she was introduced in episode 11. Her appearance was just not necessary and could spent her time with other things. Overall, Paradise Kiss is a nice, mature series with strong character development and storyline. I'll give it a 4.5 out of 5.

Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mai Otome 24

Nina puts on her Meister Otome outfit and sees her Coral uniform which makes her remember the first time she showed it to Sergay. He mentions that it look great on her and that he will have to send her off in a wedding dress someday which she says that she can't get married. She asks him if she could be his daughter forever which he accpeted. The various countries are moving their forces towards Windbloom as Natsuki and Nao are back in the city. Smith tells Nagi that King Sharuru and his Meister Rosary entered Windbloom to sign a treaty since they are afraid of the power of the Harmonium. The Cardair situation has Kazu being kidnapped from a hotel which Akane couldn't do anything at all as one of the Five Colums makes her appearance to her. Nagi doesn't seem to concern about Aries as he's hoping that Nina would take care of them. Hakura is asking Yukino why they can't get the Suzushiro out which she explains that the materials for it have stopped coming. Hakura was about to go nuts over the leaders of Remus when Sara Gallagher of the Five Column shows up. She's here to tell them that Zipangu has sent them a present to them. Maria and Yukariko meet with Laura Bianci and Rosary Crowdel and had some conversation between them. Rosary had to become an Otome again since Akane and Shiho didn't replace her. Laura and Rosary are placed under Nina's command as Laura doesn't want another city to be destroyed. Maria gives Nina a letter that Erstin which was addressed both to her and Arika. Tomoe asks Nina how great it feels to have two Meisters under her command along with control of the Harmonium which she says it's nothing as it's for Nagi's ideal vision of the world. Tomoe says that she's lying and begins to suggest how she control men which she gets slapped by Nina. She says to her that what does she know which Tomoe counters that she doesn't want to know from someone who kill her friends. Tomoe goes to see Shizuru who comforts her from the argument that she had with Nina earlier. Irina managed to get a letter to Shizuru along with preparing the lab for a plan which she reported to Natsuki. Miyu is at a volcano which she pulls out something for it while Rad is about to die from his injuries during the battle at Cardair but Youko shows up and wants to save Rad.

Nina reads the letter that Erstin wrote before she died which she didn't plan to make friends as she knew that one day she would die. She wanted to stay with Arika and Nina forever but she couldn't fight against her fate as a Slave Master. After reading the letter, Nina cried over the fact that she killed both "Arika" and Erstin which Sergay comforted her. Sergay wants Nina to stop playing the Harmonium as he can't stand by seeing her suffered because of it. Nina decides to strip in front Sergay so he would take her qualification as an Otome which he goes to her and kisses her. Natsuki asks Nao what she thinks about the Otome which she answers that they are a necessitary. Natsuki gives Nao the Wired Spinel gem and says that she's grateful to her and couldn't get that far without her. Sergay leaves the sleeping Nina and heads to Rena's coffin. He joined Nagi's cause because he made it seem that nothing was out of reach which he killed the previous leader of Artai. Sergay was about to shoot the coffin when Smith showed up and tries to stop him. Sergay manages to kill Smith but before he could shoot the coffin, Nagi shoots him in the back. Nina wakes up to hear about Sergay being shot as Nagi tells her that he had a gun battle with Smith and that he will die soon from his brain injuries. Nagi tells her that she could used the Harmonium to stop Sergay from dying. Natsuki and the forces of good begin their strike to free Windbloom from Nagi while Nina decides to screw the world to save Sergay. Arika and Mashiso are going to Windbloom to reclaim the country from Nagi which Mai, Mikoto, and Miyu see them off.

This episode setups the battle to reclaim Windbloom from Nagi as Natsuki and Nao are working underground in the city while Haruka controls the military forces at the outside of the city. Arika and Mashiso have learned the final things that they need to be successful in this mission from Mai and Mikoto while Miyu has her own plans for the final battle. Nina had the most development in this episode as she finally get to Sergay to see her as a woman which makes Sergay to try to take out Rena and the Harmonium but Nagi stopped those plans. He even got more control over Nina by shooting him in the back. It looks like Erstin's letter went to waste as she can't see past Sergay. Her love for him is strong that she can't think rationally at all. Well, the last two episodes of Otome are going to be aired back to back as the battle to retake Windbloom is under way with various characters doing their roles of it.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mai Otome 23

Natsuki and Nao are going through the Sprites' Forest to get to Cardair quickly because of the Aswad attack. The Mikoto cat lookalike exits the car before it pummels down a cliff which Nao managed to save herself along with Natsuki. They see a shadow in the sky which is actually Arika and Mashiso doing shadow puppets. The real Mikoto tells Mashiso that she's always been angry and has been watching her for a long time. Mai uses her robe powers do some cooking with Miyu helping out. Mashiso asks Mikoto where are they which is the Black Valley, the lost homeland of the Aswad. Mikoto and Arika were too busy eating and wanting seconds to answer or ask any questions which Mashiso decided to eat with them before asking more questions. Mai introduces herself along with Mikoto who's the Cat Goddess. Arika realizes that Mai is the Fire Stirring Ruby who was torn between dreams and duty. Miyu explains that the Black Valley is the place where the lost technology was created including the Harmonium but now, it's sealed between dimensions due to the power of the Harmonium. Yukino has Haruka to go to every country for an emergency meeting at Aries. Miyu explains the functions of the Harmonium which has the ability to break down higher order matter and absorb it including dimensions. She mentions that the song, protector, and conductor are united which Nina managed to defeat Mikoto's shadow. The conductor role is basically someone who has the bloodline of Wind Bloom which means that Nina is the true heir of Wind Bloom. Nagi tells Sergay about Nina's true bloodlines and becomes informed of the meeting at Aries. Sergay asks Nagi about the founder of the Valkyries which he comfirms to be Rena. Miyu was able to find Rena's daughter 15 years ago and gave it to Rena's mother which the baby was Arika. Miyu was able to find Rena's GEM on the Artai black market and took it to her mother. She protects Arika because she's a descendant of Alyssa. Mikoto goes off to retreive the prey she caught in one of her traps while Mai and Arika get some water. Mashiso asks Miyu about her bloodlines which she doesn't know much and mentions about the Mashiso diamond which belongs to Fumi. She mentions that will is what determines people not bloodlines. Arika asks Mai why she became an Otome which she answered that she wanted to help out her younger brother and then asks her what's an Otome. Mai tells her that she doesn't know and that she will understand it one day. She tells her that it's good to hear others' opinions but in the end, it's yourself that decides in the end. Natsuki and Nao were the ones who got caught in Mikoto's trap and brought them to the Black Valley for an reunion of sorts.

The girls have a talk at a hot springs which Natsuki asks Mai what happened to her since she left before graduation and left a letter behind. Mai left the school to go on vacation to think about some things and got caught up in the same trap that Natsuki and Nao were in. Mai's master is Mikoto since she ate the Gem on accident and can activiate it from within. Miyu mentions that she's able to do that because she's the Crystal Princess who is an Otome that maintains the world with high restrictions along with the power to materialize higher order matter, type two. Mikoto is the last remaining genuine materializers. Miyu follows Alyssa's will and watches the world's future under the guidence of the star of the Otome. Yohko gives Irina a book before she leaves on a journey. Nina talks to Sergay how she hates Arika even though she didn't mind being hated which he tells her that she's been following orders and the blame goes to him and Nagi. Nina gets a page to meet with Nagi and wants to help achieve Sergay and Nagi's wish regardless if she has to kill Arika to do it. Natsuki tells Mai that Shizuru is currently captured. Mashiso tells to Arika about how she's just some replacement and thinks that Nagi uniting the world isn't such a bad thing which Arika thinks differently. Yukino and the other leaders see the power of the Harmonium attacking the Albright Base. Arika noticed that Nina was crying at the Dragon's Grave not only because of Sergay but how things looked. Arika doesn't understand lots of things but she knows that Nagi is wrong for using Nina in that way. Mikoto and the others are watching the destruction that Nina is causing with the Harmonium as Nagi is trying to start a war. Natsuki and Nao are planning to go back to Gardenrobe which Arika and Mashiso wanted to go but Natsuki tells them that they have to stay here since she will die. Mai suggests that Arika can beat Mikoto in combat that she can go which Natsuki asks if this is the right thing to do. Mai says that she couldn't beat Mikoto even with her robe which Natsuki still doubts. Arika tries to attack Mikoto but she gets knock to the ground. She tries to attack her again but she gets smacked into a wall and asks her to teach her how to fight. Miyu asks Mashiso if she can accomplish her goals which she doesn't know if she can do it which Miyu tells her that she must learn to be the type of queen that Arika respects. Natsuki tells Mashiso that she can learn from Mai since she is Princess Mai of the Zipangu.

We finally get some answers in this episode like who's the true princess which is Nina. Speaking of Nina, it seems that all she wants is to please Sergay and Nagi to a certain extent. She doesn't have any personal desires except for Sergay to see her not as his daughter but as a woman. She even admits that having friends was worthless which she's wiling to kill Arika so easily. She's really a tragic character who has nothing at all except for pain and suffering. It's great to see Mai and Mikoto once again and I'm hoping to see them kicking some ass in the final three episodes. It really seems that the Otome universe is connected with the Hime universe as Miyu continues to further this theory with the Crystal Princess and Alyssa's descendant. The next episode has Arika training with Mikoto along with Mai and Nina trying to get Sergay to see her as a woman by any means necessary.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 8

A schoolgirl was waiting for the train to pass by which she sees Emma on the other side of the tracks. After the train goes by, she doesn't see Emma on the other side. At a cafe, a guy reads a magazine about Jigoku Shoujo which he tries to access the website but couldn't. A girl named Yamamoto Seira meets with him a moment later and doesn't order anything as she doesn't want to stay long. She gives him a handbag with lots of money in it for photos of her with another man and leaves the cafe. He tries to access the website since it's midnight but with no success which he thinks that it didn't work because he's going to be a reciepent of revenge. Around the same time, a girl sits on a park bench and submits Ishizu Gorou for revenge because he caused her friend's accident who's name is Yuuko. In Hell, Emma talks to her grandmother about a girl she met earlier today which she remember something memorable from her as she receives the request for revenge. The next day, the guy has breakfast with the girl that saw Emma at the tracks who's name is Tsugumi and asks her about Jigoku Shoujo as he wants to write an article about it. Tsugumi suddenly acts like Emma with her saying, "Would you like to try dying this once?" before breathing heavily. Meanwhile, the girl who asked Emma for revenge is wondering why she didn't do her job yet as Gorou is still alive and well. Tsugumi's father is at a cafe who's doing research on Jigoku Shoujo when the owner asks him about her. He says that she's in a bad mood which the owner suggests he should take her to an amusement park which he accepts the suggestion. Then he looks at the laptop to see a message about the girl who asked for revenge on Hell Correspondence but didn't get a reply and looks up GBC39 which was a hamburger chain and store #39. He goes to the place and thinks that it could be some other place as he passes by Emma. The revenge girl was sitting next to Yuuko as she remembers seeing Yuuko falling from a building and landed on top of a car which Gouru pushed her. She was on a bus crying which the driver told her it was the last stop and gets off the bus. She finds herself in Hell which Emma gives her the doll along with the conditions of the revenge which she didn't like at all. She wakes up on a bench with the doll.

Hajime tries to convince Tsugumi that he stop investigating Jigoku Shoujo but she knows that he hasn't as she viewed his browsing history. She was about to drink some milk when she sees GBC #39 from someone's point of view. The revenge girl named Tanuma enters the place and asks for Gouzu. Hajime and Tsugumi are on their way to GBC #39 which she insisted on going since she believes that he can't be able to see it. Tanuma and Gouzu talked in an alleyway which he tries to make some small talk about Yuuko and saying that she fell off by herself. Tanuma tells him to stop lying about Yuuko and knows about the money he stole from GBC. She wanted to report it to the police but didn't since Yuuko loved him and asked her not to do it. Yuuko tried to convince Gouzu to give back the money which she was going to meet him about it. Tanuma followed her on the day of the meeting and saw Gouzu pushing Yuuko off the building. He asks for evidence which she doesn't care and had an alibi for the day. She isn't going to the police and going to get revenge for Jigoku Shoujo which she shows him the doll. Tanuma wanted to know how he felt about pushing her off the building which he felt nothing at all for Yuuko. Gouzu tries to seduce Tanuma but it doesn't work which he tries to choke her. She goes for the string as Hajime shows up and tries to stop Gouzu but he runs away just after she pull the string. They hear a scream which Hajime sees Gouzu being sucked into a building. Gouzu leaves the building and runs on the streets until he sees a disfigured Yuuko who manages to push him off of a cliff before Emma sends him to Hell. Hajime, Tsugumi, and Tanuma were about to go home when the girls both see Emma in front of them except for Hajime. The next day, Tanuma sits next to Yuuko who shows her a picture of Gouzu and says that she loved him too.

This episode has two different tracks with Hajime researching Jigoku Shoujo which he has the company of Tsugumi who has a connection with Emma. I think those two characters will be back in future episodes as they never explain about Tsugumi's connection with Emma. The other track has Tanuma wanting revenge on Gouzu who pushed her best friend, Yuuko off a building to cover his ass for stealing money from GBC. The next episode has Kasuga Yuuka who wants revenge on the guy who destroyed his sister's dream of being a pastry chef.