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Friday, March 03, 2006

500th Post

It's been almost ten months since I started my blog and reached my 500th post. So instead of doing a post on one of the new anime this season, I'm doing something a little bit different. I did some statistics on the site and found some interesting things.

410 posts were episode or review covering 75 anime series
14 anime series has 10+ episode posts
Bleach has the highest number of episode posts (35 and still counting)
24 anime series have been completed
35 anime series are being currently watched without being blogged
14 anime series are currently being blogged
38,015 people have visited the blog since the end of May
1,100 people on average visited the blog a week

Also, I decided to quickly talked about some of the series being blogged at the moment.

Bleach - The current filler arc brings a feeling back to the beginning of the series where comedy and action mixed quite well; the current manga arc is quite interesting as well with the intensity increasing by the chapter; at one point, I thought the arc was getting quite boring but the author managed to make it interesting once again

Canvas Two - It's getting to the end of the series as Hiroki and Kiri are getting closer to being together but I get the feeling that Shin and Elis will try their best to stop the relationship as Shin wants Kiri while Elis wants Hiroki to herself

Kasimasi - The gender change is being pushed to the backburner as Hazumu is now confused to the girl that he wants to go out with; he has admit to his feelings to both Tomari and Yasuna but now he has to decide which girl to devote his time to

Mai Otome - Arika has doubts being an Otome now after the events of Erstin's death and her fight with a jealous Nina. She needs to remember her dream of stopping war and make sure that friends don't fight friends with the help of the exiled queen, Mashiro who will become a great queen once she's back into power. Also, the manga is completely different from the anime as it's more perverted than the anime. If you want some laughs and fanservice, read the manga. It won't disappointed.

The Law of Ueki - Team Ueki's battle with the Marilyn team is almost over with Mori needing to defeat Memory with her power of whatever it is. I'm interested with Ueki's battle with Aion in episode 40 as it should be good. Also, I read some of the manga which the art style is completely different from the anime. Click here for manga Ueki, Mori, and Sano. I'm not a fan of the manga's art style and prefer the anime so much better.

Trinity Blood - The series is coming to a close as Abel meets his eternal enemy Cain in Albion. I realized that Abel and Cain are related to the Bible's Cain and Abel which the series has a similar storyline between them. I feel that Abel has been casted aside lately with the focus being on Esther who unintentionally screws Abel in episode 22. The last two episodes should focus on Abel's past and why he does the things he do compared to more episodes about Esther.

That's the end of my rant about some series and the end of the 500th post. I probably do something very special for the 1 year anniversity of the blog which will be towards the end of May. Expect a post about Rescue Wings within the day or so.


  • At 6:05 PM, Anonymous Os said…

    Congratulations! Even with 5 guys, who know how long it'll take for us to reach 500.

  • At 7:38 PM, Blogger Asakomi said…


  • At 1:52 AM, Anonymous Stripey said…

    woah congrats! 500 in 10 months is a real feat. Keep up the good work :)

  • At 1:12 PM, Anonymous kawaii said…

    Congrats! Wow, you've posted A LOT. I haven't even gotten around to posting 300 yet (currently at 290), and I've had my blog for over 2 years now! That's quite a nice accomplishment. :)

  • At 6:54 PM, Anonymous Washi said…

    Nice work! That's a lot of posts!

    *wonders again where you find the time*

  • At 3:42 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    Thanks guys for the comments. I would like to say that I got a little bit over 2,300 people for this last week.


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