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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Bleach 68-69

Ichigo, Ishida, Orihime, and Renji tried to figure out their next move to save Sado. Ichigo asks Orihime about the time when she was held captive which she remembers tea and Japanese pastries. Kon is angry that the mod souls made fun of him while Renji brings up the fact that they can't contact Urahara. They realized that they don't understand much about the mod souls. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Matsumoto tells Hitsugaya that Sui Fong went to the living world before the suspension of traffic occured and asks him what this means. He says that Yoruichi and Ukitake are planning something and asks her how she got this information from Oomaeda since she was supposed to file paperwork all day today. She tries to lie about it but was unable to do so and disappears. Back in the living world, a bunch of fireworks are set off which Ichigo receives a note from Lilin telling him to destroy the gate within 30 minutes. The gate appears and tries to suck them in but they head towards the gate. Meanwhile, Sui Fong and Yoruichi found some clothes with ash surrounding them with a trace of spirit particles on them. Sui Fong takes a sample of the particles and prepares it to send to Ukitake. Hitsugaya enters the 9th Squad's communication room where he sees Shunsui and Ukitake doing some work. Ukitake tells him that Sui Fong is about to send some data from the living world which the reason for cutting off traffic was to easily get data on foreign elements. Hitsugaya thinks that it might be related to Aizen but Ukitake doesn't know at this point. Ichigo and the others reached the gate which begins to suck everything in its path. It sucks up Kon first and then the mod souls begin to taunt Ichigo which he says who would lose to you. Lilin shows Urahara's hat to them showing them that they defeated Urahara. Ishida was sucked up next and Orihime was being sucked towards the gate but was saved by Ichigo. He throws Orihime to Renji as he tries to use his bankai on the gate but for some reason, he was unable to do so. All of them were sucked into the gate which they entered in a rocky area and managed to reunite with everyone. The mod souls make their appearance with Sado all tied up behind them which Lilin announces a challenge stage. A glass closure drops down on Sado which traps him and Lilin tells them that they have five minutes to save Sado from being drown in sand while fighting off Claude and Nova.

Ichigo and Renji head off to save Sado but Claude transforms into Ichigo and fights him while Renji fights Nova. Renji's attacks gets transported somewhere else and hits him instead. Sui Fong and Yoruichi encountered a woman who draws her victim like a siren which Yoruichi stops her from sucking his soul. She asks the woman who is she but she doesn't give an answer and runs away. Sui Fong and Yoruichi think what the woman is but it's the first time they seen one in person. Yoruichi orders Sui Fong to go back to Soul Society and report to Ukitake while he lifts the ban on the traffic from and to the living world. Ichigo and Renji are having a hard time dealing with Claude and Nova while the sand almost drowns Sado. They tried to use bankai to save Sado but Ichigo was unable to summon it. That didn't matter as the hourglass broke and Sado was suddenly saved. Ichigo asks Sado what happened to him while being captured which he said there was tea. Ichigo notices Urahara's hat and calls him out as he was the one who planned all of this. He appears just behind the mod souls which Ichigo figured it out just now. He realizes that the mod souls could have killed them at various times but they didn't as they just overwhelm them. Lilin mentions that she played shogi with Sado as well which she won all the games. Urahara gets his hat back and says that this was a game that tested physical strength, intellect, teamwork, ability to deal with changes, decision-making, the desire to help one's comrades, and to look back at oneself. Urahara asks him if he notices that he couldn't use bankai which he admits and tells him that he was a substitute Death God not a real one. He somehow was able to use it in Soul Society but recently, it doesn't come that easily. His current mentality of if things could get bad, I still have bankai doesn't apply anymore to him. Urahara mentions if they knew that Yoruichi and Sui Fong was investigating something which Ichigo says that they saw them rushing somewhere but didn't know what it was about. He tells them that some unfavorable phenomenon is occurring which Soul Society shut down traffic to figure it out. Renji asks him if it's related to Aizen but he doesn't think so as the Hougyoku requires a year of maturation to be effective. He admits that they aren't strong enough to do anything to Aizen at the moment and begs Ichigo to figure out to release his bankai once again. Urahara then tells Ichigo that he needs to use his head more when fighting opponents with abilities that he doesn't know. He praises Ishida for being able to have good decision-making even though he lost his powers which he tells them the truth about losing his powers in Soul Society. Ichigo yells at him for putting everyone in danger because he doesn't know when he could have been useful and didn't trust them to let them know about he losing his powers. Urahara says they should have dinner which Ichigo asks about the smashed town and his classmates. The smashed town was an illusion while their classmates were transported to the mountains. Yoruichi shows up suddenly which she needs to talk to everyone about the Bount.

They sit around upstairs and being silent for a few seconds before Urahara talks about the Bount. He tells them that he studied them while in Soul Society which they are humans that have the ability to absorb human souls which they could live forever if kept feeding on them and were called vampires in earlier times. Yoruichi mentions that Bount usually feeds on human souls when they are in the process of soul burial but when she and Sui Fong encountered the woman, she was feeding on a live human soul. When a live human soul is taken away, the human body dies as well. Urahara has Lilin assigned to Ichigo along with Sado and Orihime as support as he put a spirit particle sensor to the mod souls. He's going to use Ichigo, Sado, and Orihime as bait to catch the Bount which Ishida wanted to join as well but he wouldn't make good bait as he lost his powers. Urahara assigns Claude to Orihime, Nova to Sado, and Lilin to Ichigo along with them to disguise themselves as plush toys. Yoruichi asks Urahara about the sensor which she suspects that he knew that a Bount was coming. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Ukitake and Hitsugaya were at the Central Library which they noticed something odd. Nanao tells Shunsui that he's needed by Ukitake at the Central Library which the documents for their investigation have disappeared. Sado is at an arcade to get a plushie for Nova which he got a catcus one. He puts the pill into the plushie which they don't speak at all until Kon shows up as he tells them about his story at Ichigo's house. Lilin complains to Ichigo about the choice of plushies which he asks her what type of plushie she wants. She tells him all these qualities that it should have which just annoys him and throws a plushie at her. She accidently steps on the badge which forces out the pill and goes into the plushie that he threw at her. Lilin is mad at him since she can't change her form now. Kon shows up and makes fun of her which she beats the crap out of him. Nova gives some tea as Kon says that he would rather go to Orihime instead and decides that they should checked on Orihime. They arrived at Orihime's place which they heard a scream and Kon decides to enter her room anyway. Orihime was screaming because how cute that Claude ended up as a rabbit. Both Claude and Nova sense the signature of a Bount.

The woman Bount summons another victim with her siren song when Lilin sensed it from afar. The woman Bount takes a bite of the victim when Ichigo shows up to save her. The woman Bount runs away by throwing the victim at him which he chases after her since the victim is only unconscious. Sado and Orihime are close to the Bount as well while continues to pursue the woman Bount. Ichigo asks her what's her goal which she said it's too complex for his mind to handle. Even though she doesn't want to fight, she summons Goethe which is a fire creature. The woman Bount named Yoshi orders Goethe to kill Ichigo. He attacks Ichigo which he counterattack with a slash but it manages to put itself back to together. Sado and Orihime find a body that decayed into ash in a warehouse. Suddenly, a guy Bount appears in front of them which he just finished feeding on that guy. He wanted to eat them as well but he was full and ran off. Ichigo continues to fight with Goethe with making no progress to defeating him. Lilin tells him to be calm and collective while finding a weakness in the opponent. Ichigo stabs Goethe's heart which he thought that he defeated him but that's not the case as he gets slammed into a wall. He's unable to move because of the support beams trapping him but he saved from a fiery death from a familiar girl named Rukia.

These episodes ended the mod soul part of the story as they were working for Urahara to test Ichigo and the others. That's why their plan didn't have a set goal as it was a game for Ichigo and the others to play and test their abilities. Also, I liked it how they limited Ichigo from using bankai so he won't be so powerful to take on the enemy along with the plot device that Aizen needs a year before he could move. So that means they bought some time for the manga to catch up. I should mention that the manga doesn't limits Ichigo's bankai since he would seriously in trouble without it. It seems that Soul Society weren't focusing on the mod souls but the new threat with the Bounts who are soul sucking vampires. There's the woman Bount named Yoshi and a guy one. I think there's a third Bount who's in the ED sequence. The Bounts doesn't seem to be working together at the moment but who knows since there isn't enough information to make that determination. I think Ichigo wishes that he had Nova as his partner instead of Lilin or Kon since he doesn't talk at all. The next episode has Rukia facing off against Yoshi and Goethe and including her return to the school.


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