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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Bleach 70

Rukia and Ichigo tried to attack Goethe but they were saved by a bunch of snakes which were actually pipes. The guy Bount makes his appearance on the battlefield and wants Yoshi to go with him but she refuses. He uses his snake named Fredo to capture her as Ichigo thought they were companions. He gets attacked by a snake as the guy Bount takes Yoshi away and escapes. Sado and Orihime showed up a few seconds later which Kon tries to hug Rukia but gets stomped by her instead. Orihime hugs Rukia and notices that the dress Ishida made for her looks good on her along with talking about food. Rukia tells them that she's here to help out to eliminate Hollows even though she wanted to train more. Lilin asks who Rukia was which Rukia called her a lame stuffed-animal. She explains to Rukia that she didn't have a choice to take the form as she's acting as Ichigo's support. Ichigo explains to Rukia about Lilin and the other mod souls as Claude says that they don't know what are the Bounts' goals are. Rukia huggles Claude because of her obsession with rabbits which Kon didn't like at all. Yoshi and the guy Bount meets another Bount named Ji who notices her scratch on her neck which Utagawa gave her. She was about to attack Utagawa but Ji stops her and has Utagawa put her into a freezer.

Ichigo and the others went to his house to stay over for the night which he tells his dad not to interrupt them which he throws him. He thinks that this is a dream which he gets kick by Ichigo for it. They begin to plan how to deal with the Bounts since their powers are a mystery and can't talk to him. Ichigo asks Rukia if Soul Society knows anything about the Bount which she says they didn't her anything about them. Rukia gets a call from Renji that he's coming to her now which he breaks a window to enter Ichigo's house and lands on his dad. Ichigo and Renji begin to argue with each other as usual while Rukia thought something strange as 1 in 50,000 humans can see Shinigami which is odd considering 3 people in this area alone can see them. The next day, Rukia managed to convince all the students in the school that she has been with them for a while now which she used a tool to alter their memories. Ishida shows up and asks why Rukia was here but couldn't get an answer because of the others and managed to hide his surprise afterwards. Orihime shares her rice balls with custard inside of them which Rukia liked. Ichigo was laying on a tree which he thinks that the Soul Society incident never happened when Lilin tells them that she detects a Bount. Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, Sado, and Ishida go after the Bount. They thought that Bounts only go out night which they were wrong about that. They were in a such of hurry that they didn't notice Hanatarou on the sidewalk. Utagawa already fed one people and was about to feed on a woman when Ichigo and the others arrived and refused to answer Ichigo's questions. He asks Ichigo which soul tasted better, Death God or human before attacking them with Fredo. Then the ground starts to grow a blue which Ishida tells them to move away from the glow. The slashes on the ground turned into snakes which Fredo can turn things into snakes regardless if it touched it or not. It turned Orihime's strap into a snake which attacks Claude. Ichigo and the others were attacked by snakes which they managed to hold off except for Ishida who gets cornered by Utagawa. He attacks Ishida but Ichigo blocks the attack. Utawaga wants to get rid of Ishida first since he's the weakest and wants to taste a Quincy soul while Yoshi breaks out of the freezer.

Ichigo is reunited with Rukia who was assigned to help out with the Hollow attacks. She manages to pick up where she left off in her cover as a high student very well. The Bounts seem to have an agenda who are lead by Ji and don't even get along with each other. Yoshi was locked up for her stubboness as she and Utagawa don't like each other at all. Utagawa faces off against the combined forces of Ichigo, Rukia, Orihime, and Sado with Ishida being in support but without his powers, he becomes the first target of Utagawa. I think Utagawa's powers are limited to things that are narrow and thin like pipes and rope so he could turn into snakes. With Yoshi breaking out, I wonder what side is she's going to be on. The next episode continues with the battle along with some scenes in Soul Society.


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