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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Bleach 71

Utagawa is surrounded by Ichigo, Rukia, Sado, and Orihime but he wraps the woman with one of his snakes to improve his chances. He's planning to make the woman ugly along with injecting poison if they don't do what he says. Ishida decides to trade his life for the woman's which Utagawa accepts the deal and Ishida gets wrapped around by a snake. Rukia tells Ichigo that when Utagawa begins to eat Ishida's soul is the time to strike as Ishida becomes unconscious from being smacked onto the concrete very hard. Utagawa tastes some of Ishida's blood as entertainment when he gets attacked by Yoshi's Gaudre. She takes Ishida as her own and has Gaudre to distract them while she escapes with him. Lilin was able to track Yoshi down but Ichigo and the others had to deal with Utagawa before being able to track Yoshi. Freed creates a bunch of snakes which they were able to deal with at first but Freed creates more snakes. Those snakes were quickly defeated by Ururu's gun with Renji, Jino, and Tessai which Utagawa retreated soon afterwards. Lilin lost Yoshi's scent and unable to track her now. Meanwhile in Soul Society, Shunsui entered the Technology Development Center hoping to get some data on the Bount but Mayuri was around. He asks Shunsui what he wants which was information on the Bount which he was going to decide if he's going to get it since it was an old topic. Shunsui tries to sweet talk Mayuri but he tells him to go through official channels which may take three months to do. Before Shunsui left his office, he mentions that he has heard many bad things about Mayuri and wasn't going to tell him unless he went through official channels. These rumors made Mayuri mad and decided to delete the Bount data but couldn't since it has password protection on it.

Everyone is back at Urahara's store which they were all depressed about losing Ishida to Yoshi. Ichigo decides to head out to find Ishida but Urahara tells him to cool it since the Bounts may want them to be alone along with that they don't have no idea where to look. Also, the dolls are more powerful abilities compared to their Soul Slayer. Ichigo and the others sat back down which Ichigo made a fart sound when sat back down. It was a whoopie cushion that Kon placed on the seat which he tried to lighten the mood but Ichigo wasn't pleased and kick Kon out of the store. Meanwhile, Ishida wakes up in an abandoned building with Yoshi nearby who asks him if he's a Quincy which he said he was. She tells him that Quincy souls have a different smell compared to regular souls and that she knows he lost his powers and wants to know how he lost them. He says that he lost them because of lack of training and skill which she said that she should have look for another Quincy but he said there weren't any other Quincy. She gets closer to him which he was scared. Urahara decides Ichigo and the others that the reason for researching the Bount was that they possess a constituent that allows them to affect air space in large amounts. They could create a tunnel to connect two incompatible air spaces like between the living world and the Hollow world which Rukia draws a diagram of it. Hollows can't enter the living world easily which allows Death Gods to easily take out Hollows but if they could move easily, all the Death Gods in Soul Society wouldn't be able to defeat all of them. Urahara give the probability of this outcome is 50% as Tessai gets a call from Ishida who's in a hositpal. He tells them about what Yoshi said to him which she tells him that their clan had a rule that they couldn't feed on a living soul since they would gain powerful energy to affect air space. They knew by going to the world of the dead that it would destroy the balance but Jin decided to break this rule recently. She tried to feed on a living soul so she would be able to fight against Jin equally but she doesn't want to do that now. Yoshi tells him that he would be after him now and the outcome of the battle will depend on the Quincy which he blacked out before he could asked. Ichigo and the others leave Ishida to rest while they come up with a plan. Ishida rests on the bed which he remembers that Yoshi had a similar face to his mother. Utagawa asks Jin if it's ok to leave Yoshi alone but he has a plan set in motion with two guys.

So Yoshi has been trying to stop Jin's plan to create a tunnel between the living world and the Hollow world which she needs a Quincy soul to stop it but for what reason. Even the reason why the Bounts in the past consumed dead souls instead of living souls was explained. Someone in Soul Society has been hiding the information about the Bount as the files in the Central Library are gone along with the computer files that are sealed by a password that Mayuri was surprised by. Even though their plans are known, Ichigo and the gang still need a way to defeat them as they haven't been able to do much damage against them. The next episode has Ichigo and the gang protecting Ishida from the two guys at the end of the episode.


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