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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Bleach 72

The nurse shows Ichida the shower, sink, and refrigerator as she mentions that he's the only patient on the 9th floor and the nurse's station is on the 8th floor. After the nurse leaves, Ichigo is glad that they have the entire floor so they could protect Ishida and not worried about the other patients on the floor. Ishida thinks that his father did this since he owns the hospital. Ichigo and the others leave Ishida alone to rest as they will guard him tonight. Renji and Sato were wondering why the Bount need a Quincy while Kon and Lilin argued for a little bit before she punches him. Hanatarou is currently working at a 7/11 and was admiring the microwave when a fireball impacts next to the store. The store manager has him to check out the scene which Ganju emerges from the crater. They have a nice reunion hug before they left the scene to avoid the police. Orihime, Renji, and Sado were bored from guard duty as nothing is happening at the moment while the two mysterious men are about to make their move. Ichigo and Rukia are in Ishida's room when she decides to say thank you which Ichigo calls her weird for it. They begin to argue with each other in front of the resting Ishida before shutting up. Rukia decides to turn off the dripping faucet but she wasn't able to turn it off. Ichigo tries to help her but she refuses the help as the water continued to fill up the sink which Renji and Orihime found a couple of buckets to deal with the overflow. Orihime notices a sound coming from the shower which she decides to open the door and water comes out of the room as the shower continues to spit out water. The water from the sink begins to move by itself which Lilin was able to detect the Bount's doll. The doll made their appearance and surround Ishida with water as Sado tries to free him but couldn't. Ichigo becomes a Death God and frees Ishida along with slicing another water creature. They left the room as the water doll began to move again.

They were running in the hallways when the water doll attack them which they managed to take care of before going down to the 8th floor. After arriving at the 8th floor, they were attacked once again with Ishida and Sado being trapped by the water doll. Ichigo and Renji kept freeing them but the water doll kept trapping them. Rukia finally manages to free them with a fire demon magic which sets off the fire alarm. The nurses evacutated the patients from the hospital as Ichigo and the others planned to escape to the elevators which Ichigo manages to leave them to a dead-end. They continued to run around in the 8th floor until they encountered the two water Bounts which their dolls are named Gyuru and Ginta and order them to attack. Ichigo and the others decided to run away and asked Nova to teleport Ishida but he can only send him two meters ahead. They reached the elevators but the water dolls poured out of one of them. Renji and Rukia tried to use fire magic to defeat them but it wasn't enough. Ichigo decides to use a lighter and an oxygen tank which defeats the doll along with blowing up the 8th floor. The Bounts continued to get water for their doll to use as Ichigo and Renji stay behind while the others are going down the elevator to the 1st floor. Ichigo and Renki managed to distract the water dolls long enough for the others to reach the 1st floor and escaped through the other elevator shaft. Ichigo was wondering why everyone was so silent outside when he notices that it's raining outside.

This episode was action as Ichigo and the others were trying to escape from the Bounts' water dolls. Ichigo proves once again that he doesn't think as he just does things. They should noticed the cap in the water doll by now as it's the brain center of the entire thing. I don't like Ganju's appearance in the human world along with Hanatarou being there as they were just put there for some comedy. Next episode is going to be a one-hour special as Ichigo and the others faced off against the two Bounts and their water dolls.


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