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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Canvas Two 19

Hiroki and Kiri are on a train which Kiri is practicing a speech while Hiroki tries to get her to eat some lunch. Saginomiya has Kiri and Hiroki to go to a training conference for first-year teachers which Kiri needs to present a five-minute report with Hiroki just observing. Kiri doesn't like the idea of doing a report since she isn't good at writing essays. She was about to call Shie for help when Shin calls her about doing something for the weekend. She rejects his request as she writes her essay for the conference. Kiri mentions to Hiroki that she didn't get much sleep as she ate both of the lunches. Hiroki tries to cheer Kiri on but she didn't want it as it would forget her speech. He gets a call from Elis who asks him if they are at the place yet which he is and asks if he's going to be back at nightfall which they are. He hangs up in order to help Kiri be calm for her speech. Kiri managed to get through the speech just fine and as they leave the conference, Hiroki's stomach growled. Kiri suggests that they go out to somewhere to eat since they have time before they have to get back to the train. She calls Shie outside of the restraurant to say thanks for her help for the speech. Shie asks if they are going to stay overnight which Kiri say they aren't but Shie tells her it's her chance given by God. She mentions that she should grab the chance while it's there. After Shie gets done talking to Kiri, she turns her attention to Hagino who cowering at the moment. Kiri goes back into the restraurant and eats with Hiroki but she's unable to eat as she thinks about Shie's words. Hiroki and Kiri get into a traffic jam while trying to get to the train station but end up missing the train for tonight. So they tried to find a hotel room for the night but they didn't have much success in finding a room. In the end, they went to the Hotel Oboro which Hiroki calls it cheap and crappy. They argued with each other until the door opened which there was an old lady greeting them. She directs them to a room that that has the beds together.

Hiroki asks the old lady if they could have seperate rooms which she accepts as she thought they were husband and wife and that there isn't any other guests staying together. Kiri was hungry so the old lady is going to prepare dinner while Hiroki goes to the hot spring. Kiri was about to turn a doll around when her phone rings which she gets scared by it. She answers the phone which it was Shie. She's happy that Kiri and Hiroki are staying overnight but Kiri wasn't as the place freaks her out. Shie mentions that Kiri has been the little coward while she thinks the place is perfect for a horror movie which Shie suggests that she should hold on to Hiroki and hangs up on her. The old lady scared Kiri with her sudden appearance which she tells her that the tea is ready. Kiri tries to take a bath and gets scared of some water dripping from the ceiling and rushes to Hiroki. So she has Hiroki staying outside of the bath which he remembered that he need to call Elis but he stays under Kiri's request. She asks him if it's the first time that they went to a hot springs together which is correct and asks if they will return one day. He asks her if she's scared which she replies that she's not as along that he's around. Hiroki was about to say something to Kiri when his phone rings which was Elis. She gets mad at him for not calling her about staying overnight. She asks if he is sleeping in the same room as Kiri which he says that he isn't. After talking to Elis, they planned to leave for the train at seven in the morning and Hiroki leaves the room. Kiri tries to call Shie after he left but got no answer. Kiri tries to sleep in her room but ends getting scared easily and screamed. Hiroki rushes to the room which Kiri cries on Hiroki and decides to take the doll to his room. She wants him to stay which Hiroki uses the doll to scare her even more but she throws a pillow at him. He goes back to Kiri's room after putting the doll in his room to see that she's asleep. Her phone rings which Hiroki answers it. Shie talks to Hiroki about Kiri and how she wants him. She also mentions that he wants her as well and that Kiri is crazy about her. She tells him to take care and accept Kiri before she hangs up on him. Shie covers up a sleeping Hagino while Hiroki stands by a sleeping Kiri. The next day, Kiri wakes up to see a sleeping Hiroki next to her which she was really happy about. They leave the hotel which the old's lady granddaughter was the one who scared Kiri last night.

This episode was a good one as Kiri and Hiroki are closer to accept each other as boyfriend and girlfriend as Shie had to tell Hiroki about Kiri's feelings towards him. Kiri being scared was funny for me along with Hagino cowering over Shie. I just have an odd sense of humor about that. The next episode will be interesting as Shin tries to win Kiri's heart as they go out on a date.


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