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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Canvas Two 20

Shie asks Kiri about her time with Hiroki alone in the hotel which she said that nothing really happened and that they talked about work, food, and what's on TV. Shie gets mad at her since they acted like elementary school kids and should talk about something more erotic. She tells Kiri that if she doesn't make a move soon, they would be stuck as childhood friends forever. Takeuchi talks to Elis on the roof who's trying to think of a composition that has red as the main color. She tells her that she can't wait for her to produce a piece with all of her talent and that Saginomiya wanted to see her. Saginomiya tells Elis that they need to process the paperwork for her to go to France soon and asks her if she's looking forward to going to Paris which she tells her that she is. Hiroki and Kiri both recevied an invitiation for the opening of Shin's galley which Kiri tells Shin that she's going. Elis feeds Hiroki some omelet rice which he notices that she's been improving and growing up lately. The next day, Kiri and Hiroki sit together for lunch which he talks about work, food, and what's on TV. She gets rather angry at him and tells him to talk about something before she leaves the table. Hiroki was going to ask if she was going to Shin's gallery opening but doesn't ask it at the moment while Kiri thinks that nothing has changed between them. Takeuchi was organizating a group to go to the gallery opening when she asked Elis if Hiroki received an invitiation to it which she doesn't know. Hiroki shows up which Takeuchi asks him if he could babysit everyone which he agrees. While walking home, Elis asks Hiroki if he got the invititation for it which he tells her that he was hesitating in going or not. He decided that Elis is working so hard that he needs to get some things out of his way which she thinks that he could draw again once those things are dealt with. At the gallery opening, Kiri gives Shin some flowers for the opening when Hiroki and the art club shows up. Hiroki and Kiri are looking at the paintings which he mentions that he was going to file a complaint about Shin stealing his composition but he's glad that he didn't. He says that all the paintings seen here are from an artist that went through a lot of pain to produce his own work. He calls Shin amazing while he's been idly standing by but Kiri doesn't see it that way as he decided to be a teacher on his own. Later that night, Shin calls Kiri which he asks about Hiroki which she said that he was touched by his paintings. He asks her if they could have a meal together with just him and her.

Kiri tells Shie that she accepted Shin's offer for a meal which Shie thinks it is a date but Kiri doesn't think so. Shie tells her that Shin isn't absent-minded as Hiroki and tells her to go after Shin instead of Hiroki along with that to ask him if he could draw covers for her books. Kiri gets mad at her for saying that and defends Hiroki which Shie wanted her to get her to admit her true feelings. Kiri and Hiroki sat together at lunch which she asks what's wrong with him and he says that she would get mad at him. He tries to give her some of his fried chicken and talks about TV which she got mad at him. She tells him that Shin asked her out for food on Sunday which he asked what they are going to have to eat which Kiri got mad at him again. Hiroki sits at his office when Hagino shows up and tells him about the royalities she got which she wanted to take him out to eat. Hiroki refused her offer as she mentions that Kiri is going out with Shin and Elis going to France. He asks Hagino about Kiri telling him that she's having a meal with Shin alone and thinks that she's not interested in him anymore. Hagino sets him straight as she wants him to tell her his true feelings. Then she tries to get Hiroki go out with her but he rejects her. Hiroki sits alone on a bench and thinks that he doesn't deserve Kiri yet. Kiri and Shin are at a bar which she mentions that the roast chicken is good which Hiroki liked. He asked how her job is going which she said it's lot of work but her students makes it good and talks about Hiroki being the same way. Then they talked about if they have been back home which she mentions Hiroki's trip with Elis back in the fall. He notices that Kiri talks about Hiroki all the time which she talks about how he changed his art style from high school and now along with Hiroki's comments. Shin realizes that Kiri has eyes for Hiroki and was going to say more but he will talk about that later as their food arrives. Kiri sends Hiroki a text message about the food being delicous at the bar. Kiri and Shin were heading towards Kiri's apartment when he suggested that they take a detour while Hiroki decides that he needs to move forward. Shin talks to Kiri about the time when they went to the sketching trip and that he wanted to confess his feelings to her. He tries to kiss Kiri but she pushes him away. He realizes that she would reject him but he wanted to tell her his feelings anyway. She finally realized that he knew about her getting rejected by Hiroki back in high school. He tells her that it's her turn and gives her a shove in the back before walking away. Kiri looks at a painting from the past in her room. The next day, Hiroki and Kiri meet each other in the hall which she tells him to come to the rooftop in the evening. Hiroki meets with Kiri on the rooftop which she tells him that Shin gave her a shove in the back and confesses her love to Hiroki.

It's getting down to the end as Elis, Hiroki, and Kiri are trying to move forward with their lives. Elis is trying to use red in her painting along with thinking about going to France. Hiroki is trying to move forward with his career as a teacher and artist along with his relationship to Kiri. Kiri decides to confess her feelings to Hiroki once again as Hiroki thinks that he doesn't deserve her. They all have major decisions to make pretty soon which will affect their futures in a good or bad way. The next episode will deal with the aftermath of Kiri's confession and maybe some developments on the Elis front.


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