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Saturday, March 11, 2006

Canvas Two 21

Elis was hanging up some decorations for the Christmas tree when she got hungry and tries to call Hiroki to find out where he is but was unable to reach him. She gets mad at him for telling her to call if she's going to be late but he doesn't do the same. She goes into his room and finds a teaching magazine which she found boring. Suddenly her phone rings which she answered. It was Hiroki who tells her that he's going to be out late and get her own dinner as he's with Kiri. Elis decides to get sushi which he tells her to go to sleep as well. Hiroki tells Kiri that Elis needs to do things by herself more and can't relied on him all the time. Kiri talks to Shie about her night out with Hiroki which Shie tells her to relax. Hiroki comes home and begins to see a life with Kiri around the house. He notices that Elis didn't have sushi which he wonders what would happen to Elis. The next day, Hiroki goes ahead of Elis who tells her to lock the door on the way out. Sumire was singing on the rooftop when Elis was sitting on the bench and asks her if it was good or not which she said it was good. Elis mentions to her where and what she's going to do for Christmas which Sumire ask for specifics. Elis tells her that last night the TV came on by itself because Hiroki set it to record something which Sumire ask her what type of program it was. She tells her that the program was about the future of education which Sumire thought he was recording some ecchi show. Sumire thought it was a good thing that he wants to improve so much for his students but Elis thinks otherwise as it's going away from the Hiroki that she knew in the past. Elis tells her that the Hiroki that she knows is irresponsible and mischievous. Kiri asks Hiroki about what they should for Christmas which he said that they should dress up as Santa or have a food eating contest with Christmas cakes. She asks him what he did for Christmas in the past which he didn't go into the city because it was crowded, noisy, and didn't want to add additional work at the end of the year. She was disappointed in his answer but he said that he was mostly doing it for Elis which she said that he was being a nice brother for Elis. Elis tells Sumire about something her grandmother said which was "A painting that an artist has drawn eloquently describes his heart better than anything." She was able to understand Hiroki's emotions through his paintings but now since he doesn't draw anymore, she thinks he's a different person now and can't figure him out. Elis asks Sumire if it's selfish for her to have Hiroki draw once again which she said it isn't selfish but she says that Elis is worried about Hiroki becoming a teacher and only another teacher could understand him. Elis mentions that she's looking forward to the choir singing at the Christmas party and was about to run off when Sumire says thanks for her help with being to sing with people and wants to help her in return for it. Elis tells thanks for the offer but doesn't need it as she brought too much grief to him and doesn't want to force her selfish feelings on him. She walks down the stairs to the hall to see Tomoko on her knees and breathing heavily.

Elis asks Tomoko if she wanted to go to the nurse's office which Tomoko stops her as it's something that the nurse can't handle and that she's feeling better as she drank her medicine. She helps Tomoko walking down the hall which Tomoko mentions that her attacks are getting more frequent lately. They noticed a flier for the Christmas party which Tomoko was holding her heart for a few seconds before the bell rang. She asks Elis that they should go Christmas shopping which she agrees to. The head of the choir asks Sumire to sing a solo for the Christmas Party which she agrees to. Then she tells Hagino about the news which she's neverous about it. Hiroki joins the conversation as he asks them what they do for Christmas which Hagino says that he must be looking for the white Christmas that couples spend together. Sumire remembers the discussion that she had Elis and tells Hiroki the things that he mention earlier to Kiri. Hiroki gives Sumire some luck at the party before leaving but Sumire catches up to him and asks him to give her a reward if she does well at the party. Hiroki asks Kiri if she wants to see the snow with him which she accepts his offer. Sumire wanted Hiroki to give her a painting by him which she wants Elis not be lonely anymore. He tells her that Elis is doing fine without him which she calls him a liar. Takeuchi asks Elis why she isn't going home which she said there's nothing to do at home and decides to stay with her. Takeuchi looks at Elis's painting which the boy is lonely and doesn't know what home he should go to. Hiroki talks to Kiri about Elis wanting him to draw again which she asked if he bothered by Shin which he isn't. Hiroki says that it's not he doesn't want to draw but he can't find a subject to draw. Kiri was walking around the city when she meets up with Elis. She tells Kiri that she was at the art club all that time which Kiri says that she's been reaching towards her goal while Hiroki is lost. She waits patiently for the time when Hiroki can draw once again while Elis tells her that she's lost as well. Kiri tells her that she confessed to Hiroki once again which Elis decides to give Christmas advice to Kiri. She tells him that he has made plans with her for Christmas which Elis was impressed by him. Elis realizes that she can't fawn Hiroki anymore and needs to care of herself. She was in a state of daze which she gets run over by a car. Hiroki drops a plate at that same moment when his cell phone rings.

I'm surprised that they didn't show what happened with Kiri and Hiroki on the rooftop. It looks like that they are advancing their relationship which they are going to spend Christmas together. Most of the episode deals with Elis and how she handle the recent developments. She still has that selfishness inside of her as she's afraid of losing Hiroki to Kiri. She could understand him when he was able to draw but with his career path of being a teacher, she feels that she doesn't understand him at all. Elis feels that she has become lost in trying to figure out where she belongs in general. After talking to Kiri on the street, she realizes that Hiroki is moving on with his life with Kiri while she needs to get over him. The next episode has the aftermath of Elis's accident with the various characters dealing with it.


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