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Monday, March 27, 2006

Canvas Two 22


Elis's injuries aren't that serious but she has to stay in the hospital for a couple days. Hiroki asks Elis if she wanted anything which she asks for a peach, colorful declarations, fluff her pillow, and some cute slippers. She notices the pine tree outside and wants to draw it since it's so beautiful to her. Tomoko hears about Elis's accident from Hagino and Sumire but declines to visit her with them since she has things to do. Kiri was in her office thinking about Elis when she gets a call from Hikori. Elis asks Hagino and Sumire about Tomoko as she was supposed to go shopping with her which they said that she couldn't come but she was worried. Kiri shows up and brought some gifts for her like flowers, drawing tools, towels, and a cake. Kiri and Hiroki stepped out of the room to get some water for the flowers while Elis decides to get some drinks for the others to go with the cake. Hikori thanks Kiri for her efforts which she blames herself for Elis's accident because she shook up her feelings. She starts to cry and apologizes to him about it which he embraced her. Elis sees them embracing each other which she falls to the floor and thought she has given up on Hiroki. Elis was painting into the night when Hiroki asks her to go to bed as she tries to use red but her vision begins to blur. Hiroki was reading a book in the room when Elis asks him to sleep with her because she won't be able to do it if she goes to France. Hiroki decides to sleep next to her which she makes his hand touch her face.

The next day, Hiroki sees Shouta running out of the school and Kiri meets up with him as she wanted to visit Elis but he tries to get her not to come. Kiri manages to tag along with Hiroki anyway with bringing some underwear to her. Shouta gives Elis a clay pot that he made and notices the vase which she says that it belong to her crush's girlfriend which she was implying Kiri. He decides to put the flowers in his pot and says that his feelings towards her won't change regardless if she likes someone else. He takes Kiri's vase to wash it as Elis tries to use red again which she remembers the accident and causes her to shake on her bed. Hiroki and Kiri showed up in her room and tells her not to take it too hard. Shouta comes back which they noticed he holding Kiri's vase which she tries to take back the vase. He thought it was Elis's crush girlfriend when he suddenly dropped it and helps Kiri to clean it up. Elis runs out of the room afterwards which she tries to figure out what to do. She goes outside and sees a bunch of kids help declarations on the Christmas tree which she sees Tomoko helping them. Tomoko explains to Elis that she has been sent around to many hospitals as a child to cure her condition. She's currently staying at this hospital for a checkup before surgery since she has a major problem with her heart. Tomoko was told that she should have the surgery abroad which Elis didn't realized that it was that serious. Tomoko notices that Elis has been painting from her hands which she explains that she has been trying to use red but still can't. Tomoko says that she has been running away since she's afraid to have the surgery because she thought there was no point to living a bit longer but she doesn't think that anymore as Elis and the others help her to feel better about herself. Before going back to help the kids, Tomoko says to Elis that as along you're alive that you can do anything. Hiroki sees off Kiri and Shouta before looking for Elis again and finds her outside. Elis tells him that she has no strong feelings towards him except for being a brother to her. The Christmas tree lights up which Elis finds the red on it to be beautiful.

This episode gave Elis what she needed to overcome her fear of red from Tomoko and her experiences of being sick all the time. It was interesting to hear Elis saying that Kiri's vase was her crush's girlfriend vase to Shouta instead of saying it was Kiri's. It would be easier to say it was Kiri's vase instead of the roundabout way that she did it. That scene should make Hiroki realized that Elis loved him more than a cousin but not much was expanded on that point. Kiri felt terrible about Elis's accident since she blamed herself for it which Elis didn't want her to show up at all but she played nice anyway when others were around. The next episode continues with the Christmas festivilites as Elis is out of the hospital and the cast is getting ready for the Christmas party.


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