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Friday, March 03, 2006

Ergo Proxy 1

A bunch of scientists tries to stop a subject from awakening but they were unable to do so. A girl with a mask tells some guy that the final briefing will begin soon. Some guy takes out a girl with a mask along with a machine. One of the scientists from earlier tells some woman that she failed which the woman tells her that Raul will handle it now. A girl named Rill talks to a guy named Iggy in a car about the constabulary trial from last night. He mentions that he sent them all the information about the auto-raves in the district and that Raul is the new Director General. Iggy says that a citizen was brutally murdered last night but it doesn't match the profile of an infected auto-rave. Rill shuts off Iggy's AI voice until they get to the AUTOREIV Control Facility and thinks about Rondo City. The city is the last paradise for humanity as the environment has been degenerating. A man tells Dorothy that he hasn't been able to confirm that the PK30 auto-rave is infected or not. She tells him that investigators from the government are coming today and shows him a report of infection rates. Rill tells them that to be a good citizen, you need to socialize. Iggy introduces Rill to Vincent Law who was the guy from earlier. Rill is directed towards the infected auto-rave who was killed by the bureau. Iggy examines the file on the auto-rave while Rill mentions that Cogito infected auto-raves can awaken themselves and cast off their human controls. She asks Vincent if they are still wearing that thing which he said yes. She tells him that things that smell of Moscow must be thrown away. Iggy completed his analysis of the file which they could determine where the auto-rave has been. He tells Rill that Vincent has been looking at her the entire time which she thinks that she might be in their way. The guy from earlier is investigating the immigration district research boundaries and the girl with a mask tells him that the armed forces are looking for the infected auto-rave. Rill and Iggy are at the immigration center which they find a guy with a companion type auto-rave. Then she finds the subject at the beginning of the episode but he ran away from her as the other auto-rave begins to pray. She destroys a machine while the girl auto-rave escapes down the stairs. She orders Iggy to chase after it while she tries to figure what was that subject.

Vincent examines an auto-rave that has no sign of infection which she is used to take care of children. The person who owns the auto-rave wants a refund but it's not infected so she's not entitled to a refund. Vincent reactiviates the auto-rave which she tells her not to put down immigrants. Raul talks to the old woman from earlier as she tells him that he has bad luck but fortunate because Proxy has awaken. They believe that the Proxy is in the immigrantion areas and that 41 people have been killed by auto-raves infected by the Cogito this year. The citizens are kept in the dark about the truth of the Proxy as they don't want to kill Proxy. Iggy tells Rill that the intelligence agency is trying to cover up something as the number of corpses are too small. She believes that the convict isn't an infected auto-rave but something else. Iggy examines a hand print which if they continue to investigate that they would break the law. Rill decides to leave the area because her grandfather would be mad at her. Vincent gets a call from Dorothy as the auto-rave was playing the piano. Raul asks a scientist about the Proxy which she doesn't know about the true purpose of the Proxy when he gets information about Rill. She returns home to relax and thinks about her encounter with the Proxy. Iggy drives past some guy on a motorcycle while Rill takes a shower. He realizes that something is wrong and goes back towards her place. Rill was about to take off her clothes when she sees "Awakening" on her mirror in blood. She gets attacked by an unknown enemy while the Proxy protects her (I think).

This series is rather confusing since there's no background information about the setting or the characters. Why do the Japanese have to feel the need to throw us into an unknown world without the proper information? It looks interesting which I will continue to watch it but I don't buy into the pre-existing hype about the series. I will not be blogging it but I'm sure there are a few bloggers out there will blog the series. The next episode has some truth that will revealed itself that nobody knew about ahead of time.


  • At 12:12 PM, Blogger Ransom said…

    The things said by a woman at the end of the pre-release indicate that both things that you see fighting are actually Proxys.

    And I agree with you, I would like to have some background to the story. But I hope they'll explain some things in the future.

    for what I have seen Rill grampa seems to be some high ranked guy in the goberment of the city.

  • At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    "Why do the Japanese have to feel the need to throw us into an unknown world without the proper information?"
    Why do Americans have to have everything spoon fed to them? And think that their way of storytelling is the "proper" way? If you can't handle it, don't watch it.

  • At 3:41 PM, Blogger Phoenix512 said…

    It doesn't hurt to have some background information. The Japanese can be confusing after a few episodes after that but I rather get setup with the story instead of being thrown into at the gate. I can handle it but it's rather annoying at times.

    Also why you did you post your comment as anonymous? Are you afraid that I would come to your site and make fun of you? I wouldn't do that but it makes me wonder about the lack of name though.

  • At 11:52 AM, Blogger Loki said…

    "Why do the Japanese have to feel the need to throw us into an unknown world without the proper information?"
    Well, why not? If some anime series doesn't have the answer to every question in the series it's fun to make up possible theories to answer these questions, which gives your brains a good workout :P Good examples include Serial Experiments Lain, EVA and Final Fantasy VIII.

    "Are you afraid that I would come to your site and make fun of you?" I'm afraid that's the sole reason for this guy (or gal). But anyway, I find Ergo Proxy quite interesting. I've read on Wikipedia that they do have Ergo aProxy comics on one of those serializing mags, does it mean they might turn it into volumes and hopefully publish it into English? I sure hope so! BTW, keep Blogging!


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