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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ginban Kaleidoscope Review

I decided to the review without blogging the other episodes since I don't feel like catching up with 7 or so episodes all at once of the same series. Basically the plot of Ginban Kaleidoscope is about Sakurano Tazusa who's one of the top Japanese figure skaters. She gets an unexpected visitor inside of her body in the form of a Canadian ghost named Pete Pumps who died in a plane crush. He can't leave her body for 100 days because God told him that something is going on in Heaven and can't let him in at the moment.

The relationship between Tazusa and Pete starts off on the wrong foot as he drives her nuts as he could see, hear, and experience everything that she does. That means he sees her changing her clothes, taste what she eats, and even the things when going to the bathroom. Eventually, she found a way to torture him without being in pain herself which is eating tomatoes because he can't stand the taste of them. Tazusa manages to get used to Pete over time as he provided his help for dealing with the media as they give her a hard time for being a disgrace to Japanese figure skating. He even helps her with her school-work and coming up with her skating programs. Tazusa rarely show any emotion during her skating which Pete was able to help overcome that problem as well. When she talks to Pete, she talks out loud to him which gets her into trouble a lot especially with her coach,Takashima and her best friend, Mika as they get insulted by her when she's venting her anger on Pete at the time. There was a possible love interest that Tazusa had with a freelance photographer named Nitta who wants to write the story of Tazusa as a great Japanese figure skater.

Ginban does a great job developing the relationship between Tazusa and Pete and a lesser extent with Nitta but the other characters didn't get much time to develop. I would like to have an episode with the other figure skaters but due to the length of the series, I don't think that would have happen. The ending was fitting for the series even though Tazusa didn't exactly get the place she would have wanted but it was a good end for Tazusa who has grown so much at the end. The animation was a little below average and the music was ok with the ED as the only good piece of music out there. Overall, Ginban is a quick series to watch with decent amount of comedy and drama but doesn't give the supporting characters a chance to shine though. I'll give Ginban Kaleidoscope a 3 out of 5.


  • At 9:57 PM, Anonymous Sheyla Fae said…

    Moral of this story?

    Never fall in love with someone who's already dead... No matter how cute, sweet or charming he is lol

  • At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Cloud`Strife said…

    I Really Want This movie because
    Im a Stunt pilot 2 but not that
    professional, I want 2 be like
    pete pumpz ^^,I hope there`s
    a season 2,that pete will be stuck
    again in tazusa`s body for reason
    of love or pete ressurect and marry

  • At 12:16 PM, Anonymous steve said…

    Yah!!!i wish that there is a season 2
    i love this movie,,and also rec

  • At 2:59 AM, Anonymous tazusa secret admirer said…

    this anime is great.!
    i love it so much...

    how i wish that there is a season 2 of this anime...


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