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Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 6

A mother and her daughter were walking home together which the mother noticed something odd with one of the neighbors. Then they saw a guy leaving the house which the mother didn't look at him. The mother was all silent when they were making some dessert when the doorbell rang. It was the guy from earlier today who gives her cherries and a message from Todaka which she says that she will be sorry if she tells anyone about it. Emma plays around with a cherry while the mother threw them away. The daughter asks why she threw them away which she yelled at her that it's not any of your business. The next day, the mother named Yasuda was taking out the trash when she met with Todaka and two women from the neighborhood. Todaka asks her if she ate the cherries which she lied to her and then asked how they tasted. Yasuda tells her that they tasted delicious which was another lie. Todaka says if they did the job of removing the gyoza's aftertaste which Yasuda was surprised from it. Todaka said that she smell it from her house last night which the other two women mentioned that she should be careful with garlic since the space is so might tighter compared to the rural areas. Then Todaka says that Yasuda's daughter is in the same class as her daughter is which worries Yasuda greatly. The other two women tell Yasuda that if she angers Todaka, she will have a hard time sleeping through the night because her husband, Okugata is autocratic. While at school, Todaka's daughter named Yuria says that something stinks of gyoza which she was referring to Yasuda's daughter and freaks her out as she sees the evil gaze of her and her two friends pointing at her. Yasuda's daughter ask Yasuda if she did something to Yuria which she ask why after dropping her fork. She mentions that Yuria said that she smell like gyoza and suddenly the doorbell rings which is their dad. He tells her that his boss was accusing him of things that weren't true and ask her if she did something to Todaka. She tells him that it's her fault for this which he is mad at her for doing something to them. He begs her not to fight with them because it would make his relationship with his boss bad. The next day, Todaka calls Yasuda to tell her that someone is coming over to her house and don't pretend that she's out. After talking to Todaka, Yasuda's doorbell rang which was the guy and begins to shout things out while trying to open the door. Yasuda's daughter was coming home from school when one of Yuria's friends tells her that something happened at her house as her mother committed adultry. She ran to the house to see the door opened and sees her mother unconcious due to the gas being on. Yasuda's daughter realized that it was Todaka was at fault for her mother being like this. A few hours later, Yasuda's daughter accessed Hell's Correspondance to take revenge on Todaka.

Okugata gives Yuria her birthday present which Todaka asks him for her birthday present even though it's a long time away while Yasuda's daughter was outside of their house with an angry look. Emma appears to her which she asks her what happened to between Todaka and Yasuda as she is suffering from her malice. Emma tells her that she can't save her and can only perform revenge. She gives her the doll along with the conditions of using it and shows what happened between Todaka and Yasuda. Yasuda looked at Todaka's window to see that she was cheating on her husband with the guy. Then Todaka took pictures of Yasuda being forced by that guy which she uses the pictures as a bribe along with threatening her daughter into doing something indecent. She asks Emma why her mother is still being tortured by this which she didn't have an answer for her. She comes back home to see that her father is mad at Yasuda for being fired because of the rumor that she had sex with a young man in the house. Yasuda realized that her husband doesn't really cared about her and only his work as he slaps her. Yasuda's daughter decided to pull the red string on the doll after seeing her family ruined by Todaka. Emma sets off for another revenge as the other guy helper plays the role of Todaka's latest cheater. Then Okugata shows up and asks Todaka what's going on as she tries to place the blame on the guy but he wouldn't believe her. Then she was surround by Okugata copies and various people including Yuria who is sadden by her mother's actions. Everyone disappeared except for Yuria who was actually Emma which she sends her to Hell. Yasuda's daughter wonder if she did the right thing on that day as Yuria was given trouble by the neighborhood women but Yasuda tells them to stop it. Yasuda was happy now that Todaka is gone even though her daughter will have to pay the price for her happiness one day.

This episode was good as it reminded me of HYD with the rich people abusing their power on a middle class family since one of the family members did something they shouldn't have to them. Todaka got what she deserved as she put Yasuda through hell in order for her to cover up her secret affairs with random men. Also Yasuda's husband was a jerk as he didn't care what happened to her and just want not to anger Todaka. I hoped that she would divorce him after his slapping act on her and didn't take her side during the crisis. The next episode has Kurenai Ayaka as she wants revenge on her acting teacher who destroy her career as an actress.

Also, I would like to mention that I read the first chapter of Jigoku Shoujo and the art style is so different from the anime. If you want to know what the art style looks like, click here. I'm glad that they didn't use the manga art style for the anime because it would ruin the entire experience.


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