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Friday, March 10, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 7

Some people were talking about a woman named Kurenai at a fancy party who almost lost everything but with her successor, she has regained her passion. Two girls approached Kurenai and her guest which one of them is the TV actress Kurushima Kaoruko. She praises Kurenai for playing as a female detective once again before both her and the other woman leaves. Kurenai tells her guest named Ayaka that she can't perform an embarrassing play. At their studio, Ayaka is having a hard time standing on her tip toes which Kurenai gives her a hard time unable to be a willow. Ayaka tries again and ends up following while the other actors feel sorry for her as she's being treated like crap even though she can be a future star. Later that night, Ayaka accesses Hell Correspondance to get revenge on Kurenai. A few moments later, Emma shows up and gives her the doll along with the warning that goes along with it. Ayaka did not like the compensation part of the revenge and decides not to use the doll at the time. She sits at a swing which she remembers the day when Kurenai saw her acting at a church and decided to adopt her that day. Then a couple of guys which one of them is called Takeshi approached Ayaka and decides to mess around with the doll. After she gets the doll back, Takeshi asks her if they could have her loan them 100,000 yen. She decides to use them to get back at Kurenai instead of Jigoku Shoujo. Kurenai just got home which Takeshi and the other guy attack her which she managed to defend against Takeshi and the other guy gets hit with an umbella by Ayaka. They run away while Emma's helpers were watching the whole thing. Kurenai notices that the guys were Ayaka's acquaintances which she makes up a story about them blackmailing her into doing this but she doesn't buy it. The next day, Emma gets some information about Kurenai's play which she wasn't going to do it until she found Ayaka. Kurenai plans on retiring after the play which Ayaka would be the successor to her studio which everyone would accept. Kurenai announces her partner for the next act which is not Ayaka but Kaoruko instead. Everyone in the studio is shocked by the news which makes Ayaka angry inside. She complains to Kurenai about it which she said that she's not good enough to act and tells her that the incident from last night cost her the role. Ayaka sees Kaoruko practiced which she decides to make her quit from any means necessary.

Ayaka calls Takeshi which he says that they didn't turned her in and asks her about the money. She tells them that she would double the amount if they do a favor for her in return. Kaoruko was putting on her shoes which was filled with tacks. Ayaka puts on an act trying to get the person who did it to admit it even though they did it for Ayaka. Kaoruko and Ayaka meet at a restaurant which she feels sorry for taking Ayaka's role while the helpers are spying on Ayaka. They were playing the crane game when Takeshi and the other guy shows up and take Kaoruko to a dark alleyway. They forced her to drink something that made her lose her voice. Kurenai tells Ayaka to assemble everyone in the stage which she was about to do when Kurenai asks her what the announcement is about. She tells Ayaka that the play is cancelled, the studio will disband, and she's going to disown Ayaka. She knows that she was the one who caused Kaoruko to lose her voice even though Ayaka tries to lie to you. Kurenai was about to leave the room when Ayaka calls her an old hag which she says that she could redeem herself if she repent her sins. Ayaka doesn't want to do that as she wanted to inherit Kurenai's studio and assets. Ayaka tries to use the doll to get revenge on Kurenai but the red string was gone. Emma tells her that someone else accessed Hell Correspondance last night who pulled the red string a moment ago. The person who pulled the string was Kaoruko who wants revenge on Ayaka for losing her voice. Ayaka demended answers from Emma but didn't get any as she is transported to a stage. Wanyuudou shines a spotlight on her and asks her to confess any sins that she may have or go to Hell. She decides to lie to him but another face on the back of her head says "Just kidding!" The other guy helper tells her to say the words from her hearts which she tries to do but the other face says that Kaoruko deserves the punishment. She becomes a geisha woman which two men in black robes rips out her arms and the helpers are tired of listening to her scripted words. She tells them that she doesn't care about the play as it's just a stepping stone to her for her fame and fortune. Ayaka decided to her acting talents to fool people and get the respect of people by becoming a great actress. Emma appears to Ayaka and ferries her to Hell. Kurenai decides to shut down the studio while Kaoruko has the mark while being unable to speak.

An interesting episode as the person who initially summoned Emma was the one ended up getting the revenge dealt on herself. This episode brings the point once again that Hell Correspondance can be only used for people who truly have a just reason for revenge. Ayaka's reasons for revenge was not just as she was just petty and couldn't wait to get the studio and fame she thought that she deserved. Ayaka thought she could lie to Kurenai who's a great actress herself. She have learned that she can't fool the master that well especially with her evil thoughts. The next episode has a girl named Tanuma Chie who wants revenge on a lover of her friend named Yuuko.


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