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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 8

A schoolgirl was waiting for the train to pass by which she sees Emma on the other side of the tracks. After the train goes by, she doesn't see Emma on the other side. At a cafe, a guy reads a magazine about Jigoku Shoujo which he tries to access the website but couldn't. A girl named Yamamoto Seira meets with him a moment later and doesn't order anything as she doesn't want to stay long. She gives him a handbag with lots of money in it for photos of her with another man and leaves the cafe. He tries to access the website since it's midnight but with no success which he thinks that it didn't work because he's going to be a reciepent of revenge. Around the same time, a girl sits on a park bench and submits Ishizu Gorou for revenge because he caused her friend's accident who's name is Yuuko. In Hell, Emma talks to her grandmother about a girl she met earlier today which she remember something memorable from her as she receives the request for revenge. The next day, the guy has breakfast with the girl that saw Emma at the tracks who's name is Tsugumi and asks her about Jigoku Shoujo as he wants to write an article about it. Tsugumi suddenly acts like Emma with her saying, "Would you like to try dying this once?" before breathing heavily. Meanwhile, the girl who asked Emma for revenge is wondering why she didn't do her job yet as Gorou is still alive and well. Tsugumi's father is at a cafe who's doing research on Jigoku Shoujo when the owner asks him about her. He says that she's in a bad mood which the owner suggests he should take her to an amusement park which he accepts the suggestion. Then he looks at the laptop to see a message about the girl who asked for revenge on Hell Correspondence but didn't get a reply and looks up GBC39 which was a hamburger chain and store #39. He goes to the place and thinks that it could be some other place as he passes by Emma. The revenge girl was sitting next to Yuuko as she remembers seeing Yuuko falling from a building and landed on top of a car which Gouru pushed her. She was on a bus crying which the driver told her it was the last stop and gets off the bus. She finds herself in Hell which Emma gives her the doll along with the conditions of the revenge which she didn't like at all. She wakes up on a bench with the doll.

Hajime tries to convince Tsugumi that he stop investigating Jigoku Shoujo but she knows that he hasn't as she viewed his browsing history. She was about to drink some milk when she sees GBC #39 from someone's point of view. The revenge girl named Tanuma enters the place and asks for Gouzu. Hajime and Tsugumi are on their way to GBC #39 which she insisted on going since she believes that he can't be able to see it. Tanuma and Gouzu talked in an alleyway which he tries to make some small talk about Yuuko and saying that she fell off by herself. Tanuma tells him to stop lying about Yuuko and knows about the money he stole from GBC. She wanted to report it to the police but didn't since Yuuko loved him and asked her not to do it. Yuuko tried to convince Gouzu to give back the money which she was going to meet him about it. Tanuma followed her on the day of the meeting and saw Gouzu pushing Yuuko off the building. He asks for evidence which she doesn't care and had an alibi for the day. She isn't going to the police and going to get revenge for Jigoku Shoujo which she shows him the doll. Tanuma wanted to know how he felt about pushing her off the building which he felt nothing at all for Yuuko. Gouzu tries to seduce Tanuma but it doesn't work which he tries to choke her. She goes for the string as Hajime shows up and tries to stop Gouzu but he runs away just after she pull the string. They hear a scream which Hajime sees Gouzu being sucked into a building. Gouzu leaves the building and runs on the streets until he sees a disfigured Yuuko who manages to push him off of a cliff before Emma sends him to Hell. Hajime, Tsugumi, and Tanuma were about to go home when the girls both see Emma in front of them except for Hajime. The next day, Tanuma sits next to Yuuko who shows her a picture of Gouzu and says that she loved him too.

This episode has two different tracks with Hajime researching Jigoku Shoujo which he has the company of Tsugumi who has a connection with Emma. I think those two characters will be back in future episodes as they never explain about Tsugumi's connection with Emma. The other track has Tanuma wanting revenge on Gouzu who pushed her best friend, Yuuko off a building to cover his ass for stealing money from GBC. The next episode has Kasuga Yuuka who wants revenge on the guy who destroyed his sister's dream of being a pastry chef.


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