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Monday, March 27, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 7

Yasuna calls Hazumu who then calls Ayuki, Asuta, and Tomari about going to the beach which Tomari was surprised that Yasuna wanted her to come. Hazumu leaves for the beach which his father tries to go with him but his mother managed to drag him back into the house. Asuta was depressed on the train ride there since he thought he was going to have a guy to guy experience with Hazumu but he remembered that he's a girl now who's having laughs with the other girls. Hazumu asks Asuta to sit with the others but he refuses his request and tries to pull him over but with no success. They arrived at the beach which Asuta gets some naughty thoughts from Hazumu's bikini. Suddenly, Jan huggles Hazumu who descended from the sky which everybody could see. Then Sora explains that Jan is his daughter which Namiko hear and ran away crying. Ayuki asks Sora if Jan was really his daughter which he admitted that she wasn't very easily. Jan knew everyone's names which she says that she watched them from the sky but Hazumu tells everyone that she's his relative. Namiko tells Jan that she should called her Mama if she wants as Hazumu asks about Sora's old-fashioned swimsuit. He decides to rip off the swimsuit which reveal something that should have been hidden in the first place. Hazumu and the others are playing in the beach and doing the various things that you would do at a beach. Asuta notices that Hazumu has finally become a girl in terms of personality. Hazumu sees Asuta alone and tells him that he's lacking energy which Hazumu's body causes Asuta to get some drinks. On his way back, he sees Hazumu being harassed by a couple of guys and steps in to protect him from them. He tells them that Hazumu is his girlfriend which makes the guys leave. Hazumu thanks Asuta for helping him out which he asks why he follow him because he thought he would need some help. Asuta apologizes to Hazumu for saying that he was his girlfriend as he likes Yasuna but he doesn't mind at all since it's him saying it. Sora and Jan were observing Asuta and Hazumu along with Tomari and Yasuna as they weren't saying anything until Tomari asks her why she invited her.

Asuta starts a fire for an oven as he gets excited about Hazumu being an apron while the other girls were embarrassed by his actions. Sora shows up in an apron but with nothing under it which everyone wasn't pleased at all. Hazumu asks where Namiko was which Jan says that she's going to prepare lunch. She was going to catch some fish for Sora but somehow, she manages to catch herself in the net and goes into the ocean. Hazumu and the others were preparing to cook out their meal which Hazumu is going to cut vegetables and asks Tomari for help but Ayuki mentions that she isn't good at Home-Ec. Jan wanted to help as well which Yasuna assigns her to wash the rice. Yasuna was looking for the curry cubes but Tomari dropped them. Tomari and Yasuna are going to get some curry cubes as Yasuna wanted to talk to Tomari anyway. Ayuki notices that things are moving between Yasuna and Tomari along with Hazumu and Asuta. Asuta thinks about the incident earlier today and drops some firewood as he tries to sort his feelings for Hazumu. He thinks that Hazumu can't choose between him and Yasuna and decides to go after Hazumu and talks to him about it. Yasuna answers Tomari's question about why she invited her to the beach which begins that she doesn't know anything about Hazumu. She wants to see and feel the same things that he likes and be able to like them herself. They see Asuta and Hazumu walking towards the beach which Asuta takes Hazumu to a cliff. He asks Hazumu what he thinks of him which he starts off with his faults in general. Then he says that Asuta didn't treat him different when he became a girl and started naming off his good qualities. Hazumu thinks of Asuta as his best friend not as a boyfriend and clarifies that he would be uncomfortable to say to a stranger that "I'm his girlfriend." Asuta says that he will be always his best friend and gets kick by Tomari and fell into the water. Everyone is gathered for some food which most people thought it was too spicy for their own taste except for Yasuna and Sora as she was the one who made it. On the train ride back, Tomari tells Yasuna that she loves Hazumu as well.

This episode is mostly an Asuta episode who decides to confess his feelings to Hazumu but doesn't as he doesn't see him as a lover but as his best friend. Yasuna and Tomari's interaction between each other has evolved from bitter love rivals to friendly love rivals. Not much really happened in this episode besides that and not much comedy except on Namiko and Sora's too much information outfits. The next episode seems to be an Ayuki episode which might be interesting to see as she been kinda of obsevering everyone but really haven't made an impact until now.


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