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Friday, March 10, 2006

The Law of Ueki 40

Mori says she knows what her power is but she still needs to survive against Memory since Ueki didn't get Marylin's necklace which was the 10 point one on Marylin's team. If Memory gets Mori's necklace, they would win since it would a 12 to 3 victory for them. The ghosts appeared in front of God protesting for a raise who doesn't want to deal with them right now as he wants to see the fight. Memory tries to contact Marylin and Matthew and got no answer from them which she can't figure out what to do. Mori hears Sano's voice and tries to get him to come but was unable to do so. Then she sees Ueki carrying Marylin and tries to get his attention but he collapsed soon afterwards. Mori remembers when team Ueki were trying to figure her power which wasn't going so well as Rinko says that Sano can't remember what was the list of powers that Inumaru showed him long ago. Rinko tells Mori that she will go through the list and note in anything in common. Mori pulls out the note that Rinko made which a profiteer and mice has the common link of mass production. She tries to mass produce herself but was unable to do so and notices that there was a second note which Rinko said that after talking to Sano, the mass production link isn't right. Memory charges towards Mori but the floor collapses under Mori and gives her some time to escape. If Mori could run away from Memory for three more minutes, team Ueki would win but escaping from Memory is rather hard. God tries to fake sleep to get the ghosts to go away but they decide to throw God off the couch and yells ouch on the microphone. Mori thinks the ouch means that she has the ability to change her opponent into a mouse or a profiteer but neither of those ideas didn't work. She runs into a dead end which Memory pulls out the paper which shows the calculations on the probablitiy that Memory will win the battle which is 97%. Mori appears shocked at it but not at the probablitiy. Instead, she's confused about Memory Memory 0 part which is a mistake on Mori's part as it really means X Mori - Memory 0. Mori realizes something about the list of powers which she thought that Sano crossed something out but that wasn't true at all. Memory prepares to deal the final blow to Mori but suddenly, she has an unexpected feeling in her heart.

Memory tries to punch Mori in the face but wasn't able to do it. Mori takes off her glasses and moves them around with her arms which Memory followed them around. Mori's power is the ability to change the opponent into a glasses lover. She threatens Memory to break her glasses if she doesn't knock herself out which she tries to fight it off but it doesn't work as Mori was about to break her glasses. Memory knocks herself out into the wall as time expires and the victory goes to Team Ueki. Mori is celebrating the victory when the ghosts suddenly appeared. She thinks that they celberating her victory but they were actually celberating their new raises. Ueki wakes up in a hospital as he learns about Sano's Level Two and Mori discovering her power which she won't admitted what it is. Ueki asks where Rinko was which she's sulking in a locker on how useless she is. Marylin enters the room which she tells him even though he carried her without picking up the necklace that she won't quit the battle. She will fight not because she can which she tells what happened to her after waking up in the hostipal. She realizes that the people she wanted to come back were dead and fought just to survive. Memory and the others came into the room which Marylin apologized to them for wasting ten years of their lives because of her. Memory tells her that they decided that they want to enjoy the times with her. Marylin tells Ueki that they are fighting as companions and shakes Ueki's hand as she hopes that he makes it to the Fourth Round. It's the next day and Rinko is in better spirits with everyone is surprised of her act. They get to fight the Caption team in the next match if they win, they would move on to the Fourth Round. On their way to the match, they encountered Anon who manages to knock out Mori, Souya, and Rinko with ease. Sano and Ueki both attacked Anon with 10 Boomerang Cutters and Ressen but Anon was able to avoid it using Ressen as a shield against the Boomerang Cutters. Ueki tries to escape from Anon with Raika but he used his own version of Raika to catch up to Ueki and knocks both Ueki and Sano out. Anon tells them that he can used Robert's fantasy power and his Sacred Treasures and calls himself Hellion Anon. Ueki realizes that he needs to get Level Two very soon or he won't be able fight against Anon. Since Team Ueki didn't show up on time, the Caption team gets the victory. Rihou asks Anon about his shoulder wound which he got from Ueki's Ressen attack. Anon took out Ueki's team as he doesn't want them to fight the weak Caption team as he wants to test them against the Barrow team who are on Anon's side.

This episode concludes the Marylin battle as Mori manages to use her power to make her opponent into a glasses lover on Memory to get the victory for Team Ueki. I waited for Mori to discover her power for quite some time which it's bizarre but it fits in the Ueki universe. Even though it's silly but it's very powerful which Anon realized. He even takes them out so they would face the Barrow with all of their strength. I think even Anon didn't do that they would try hard against them because Ueki isn't the type to go soft on opponents. The next episode should be interesting as Ueki trains for Level Two and possibly the return of his real father into the mix.


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