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Saturday, March 11, 2006

The Law of Ueki 41

The Marliyn team was facing off against the Barrow team which Marliyn decides to forefit the match since they couldn't beat them without sacrificing a couple of their teammates which she refuses to do so. Mori is complaining to God's Assistant about Robert really being Anon which he caused them to be late for the match along with the information about him being a Hellion. He doesn't believe her since there's an agreement between Heaven and Hell that doesn't allow Hellions to go into Heaven. Sano asks what Mori's power is so he could make up a plan for the next round which she tells them. Sano is laughing at the whole thing and decides to use Souya as a test subject for Mori's power but she wasn't able to do it. Rinko asks her what were the conditions of her power which she didn't know and made everyone depressed. One of the Heaven guys is mad at Team Ueki for not showing up against the Caption team and lost lots of money because of it and wants to get revenge on them. Ueki's real father was sitting on a bench and was drinking when a dog follows him. Ueki is sitting at home while thinking about finding a way to beat Anon. He remembers God's assistant telling the team that they could go back home once during Round Three which they all took. Ueki's sister made him some lunch while worrying about his injuries and asks him about Tenko. He tells her that it's a rare thing which he made Tenko to show himself which she found him cute. His father suddenly walked into the room which he screams "Reality is stranger than fiction" when he saw Tenko. He examines Tenko very violently as he asks Ueki to tell him some memories from camping. Tenko asks Ueki if he told them the truth about his Heavenly existance which he hasn't. While taking a bath, Tenko asks Ueki that they should know the truth about him which he decides when both of them entered the bath. He tells them the entire story which they accepted it rather easily. His father asks him if they play catch which he accepts. He asks Ueki some questions like if he likes indoors or outdoors or Japanese or Chinese food for instance. Then he asks him if he likes the real thing or some fake which he says that he likes the real thing. His father wasn't able to catch the ball afterwards after hearing the answer. His father and sister see Ueki off as God's Assistant takes Team Ueki back to Heaven. Ueki was walking alone during the night when he sees his father leapt in front of him.

Ueki's real father is being treated by Team Ueki while asking himself how he got into this situation. Ueki thought that he saved the dog from being run over by a car and takes him to the others. Ueki asks him what's wrong many times which he got angry at him but Ueki completely misread the situation. They have him do things for them while Mori cooked them squid which is good somehow. He takes them to a hot spring while thinking the question why he is with Ueki after swearing that he wouldn't interact with others. He was beginning to think how much he was enjoying his time with Ueki and asks him the question about the real and fake to him. Ueki said that he would chose the real one and mentions how his other father asked him the same thing which he said that the fake father is the real father to him. Ueki's real father decided to leave the spring which Ueki said to head back so they could enjoy some milk together. He notices the guy from earlier who wanted revenge on Team Ueki which he was trying to shoot Kurogane at Ueki but his real father blocked the shot and managed to chase them away. He remembers the day when he sent Ueki to the Human world which he cried while doing it. Ueki meets up his real father at a bench which he tells Ueki about how to reach Level Two. Team Ueki faces off against the Barrow team in a series of one-on-one battles which the first team with three wins is the winner of the match. There are anti-power areas in the arena but they can't stay in that area for more than 10 seconds or they would lose the fight.

This episode gave a break from all the fighting in the previous episode as Ueki meets with his adoptive family and tells them the truth of his origins. They took it rather well since they have weird personalities but his adoptive father asked him if he prefer real or fake things. This question has different answers depending on what you are talking about. Usually you would take the real thing over the fake but when asking about people, sometimes the fake one is better than the real one. Ueki also meets his real father in this episode which he doesn't know that the old man he met was his real father. He told Ueki on how to reach Level Two which we don't know if he managed to reach it or not. The next episode has Rinko facing off against one of the members of the Barrow Team who are all Heavenly Beings.


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