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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Law of Ueki 42

Mori is remembering the video message that Inumaru gave to Yocchan before the start of the battle with the Barrow team which he tells her what's the condition of her power. This condition must be embarrassing if everyone went into shock from it. The first battle is between Rinko and Ban Dicoot which he starts off telling Rinko to come at him and decides to take off his mask and robe. Tenko notices when Ban took off his mask that he's a Heavenly Being. Ban fires his Ressen at Rinko which she could have counterattack but didn't and says that the entire team are Heavenly Beings which their parents left them on Earth just like Ueki and Robert were. Barrow and the others weren't pleased when Ban said those things about them and decided to remove their masks and robes. Barrow is an 8-star Heavenly Being while Kilnorton and Diegostar are 6-star. God's Assistant thinks that the masks had the abilily to contain Heavenly Power. Ban fires Kurogane at Rinko who could have countered but didn't and got hit with it. Sano thinks that the Barrow team being all Heavenly Beings isn't a coincidence which Barrow confirms his theory. He tells them that they were brought together to help Robert win the battle which Ueki thought they had the same goal that the Robert's 10 had but that wasn't the case. Robert's 10's goal was to lower the number of Power Users while Barrow and the others were going to defeat everyone else including the 10 except for Robert. Ueki was going to tell them about Robert being Anon which they know already and still decided to help him anyway. Ban fires his Ressen at Rinko once again but she couldn't counter it because it has a face on it which Ban's other power is the ability to turn inanimate objects into living things. Rinko thinks it's adorable while getting the crap beat out of her. The living Ressen tells Ban that he hit her which Ban tells it that it's a good boy while being all cute with it. He notices Rinko admiring the bond between them which he decides to be mean to the living Ressen which it doesn't care. Ban fires Ressen at Rinko once again which she can't attack it but tries to dodge it. She managed to dodge it the first pass but it turned around and hits her on the way back. He fires Kurogane at her which the shot initially misses but it manages to hit her on the rebound. She tries to attack Ban directly with her power but he blocks it with Fuudo. Rinko thinks herself as weak and useless as the others fought Marilyn and the others in the last round but promises herself never to lose ever again while getting beat up by Ban.

Rinko is beaten up to the point where she can't move her which Ban starts calling her a small-fry and useless good for nothing. These words brought a major change in Rinko's personality as she smack Ban's living Ressen easily and called it a dirty animal. Everyone on Team Ueki realizes that Rinko cracked as Ban asked about her glove on her right hand. She explains the glove is basically uses the bead's energy as propulsion for a powerful slap which puts no stress on her hand and powerful as a missile. She slaps the living Ressen again as she says that a stick with a face isn't a living creature which Team Ueki became afraid of her. Then Rinko starts slapping the crap out of Ban and manages to win the battle. She came out of her other personality which the normal one doesn't remember the last part of the battle. Souya was about to tell her what happened when Sano pulls the others together and forbid the words "small-fry" and "useless" when Rinko is around. Barrow approaches Ban who tells him that he lost because of his pride and gets knocked out for failing his mission. He did this so Ban wouldn't be selected for the next battle and to maximize their chances to win. The next fight is between Sano and Diegostar which Sano attacks him with Boomerrang Cutter but Diegostar somehow blocked it. Diegostar attacks Sano with some sort of invisible attack which Sano realized that it was an invisible Sacred Treasure. Diegostar's power is the ability to make objects colorless and invisible. Sano attacks him with Boomerrang Cutter once again which he used Raika to go into a null-power area to cancel out Sano's powers. Sano gets hit with a Ressen attack and comes back with a Boomerrang Cutter that split into two and brings them together with magnetism. Diegostar counters the attack with Raika but Sano planned this with a trap of his own. He thought he got him with the attack but he blocked his own hand. Diegostar attacks him with Ressen again which Sano is worried that he can't counter his attacks.

This episode kept the Ueki tradition with wackiness as Mori and the others found out the condition for her power which is something embarrassing but at this point, it's still unknown. The Barrow team is consisted of Heavenly Beings who want Robert to win the battle who managed to combine their powers with their Sacred Treasures very well. I think the entire team doesn't care about Robert which means they are loyal to Marget only as Anon controls Robert now. Ban's living Sacred Treasures was funny as Ban and the thing had a great bond then he became mean so he would keep his image as a tough guy. Then you have Rinko's other personality which was funny to see her beating the crap out of Ban and the living Ressen but scary at the same time. Team Ueki's reaction to Rinko's personality change was just great and became scared of her so they will never say small-fry and useless around her ever again. The next episode has Sano continuing his battle with Diegostar and has another battle with Barrow while Mori faces off against Kilnorton.


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