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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Law of Ueki 43

Sano throws a bunch of boomerrang cutters at Diegostar but he avoided them all along with the Super Ball trap. All of that was a diversion so he couldn't move at all along with that his Sacred Treasures would be nullified in the null-power area. Diegostar thinks that Sano wants a pure contest of strength which Sano suddenly accelerates. Sano is using the cutters as a rail which acclerates him like a train which knocks Diegostar into the wall. He thought he won the battle but Diegostar wasn't knocked out which Sano decided to finish him off but Diego traps him within the null-power area and loses the battle. Kilnorton praises Sano for defeating Diego with wisdom and blames Diego for not coming up with a plan to defeat Sano but Barrow tells him that they should praise Diego for winning the battle as the outcome is more important. Anon and Marget aren't watching the battle as Marget knows the outcome and will come one step closer to their goal. The next battle is between Mori and Kilnorton which she panics as they haven't found a way for her to meet the condition which she must get her opponent to do the goodie-two-shoes pose which is you have wrists together near your mouth along with their right leg off the ground. Souya managed to found a way for Mori to meet the condition which Sano thinks it won't work but she managed to get Kilnorton to do it and uses her power against him. Mori tries to get him to faint with the same way that she did to Memory but it didn't work since he has glasses on and would damage if he fainted. He can't even take them off since he glued them on as it was part of his plan against Mori.

Mori tries to remove Kilnorton's glasses as she believes that he won't attack her since she has glasses but he attacks her anyway. Sano manages to get Mori into an attacking mood with threats of molestation by Kilnorton which she smacks the glasses off of him. Kilnorton cries for his glasses which he named Bianca which Mori tries to get him to faint with the threat that she would break them. He thought she wouldn't break them since it's her only pair of glasses but she broke them anyway. He thought she broke them to get him into shock after seeing two pairs of glasses being broken but he became enraged for it and attacks her but she revealed that she had 100 pairs of glasses in her backpack. She gives him 10 seconds to faint or she will break them with a rock which he thought he could come up with a plan in 10 seconds but she counted very fast which he defended the glasses by using his head as a shield. Mori wins the battle without him revealing his Sacred Treasure power which she bought a bunch of toy glasses. Souya admits that he's completely useless as he taunts the Barrow team as the next battle is between Barrow and Sano which he have already fought before. Before leaving, Sano says to Ueki that he can't take much punishment from Barrow but he will get him to reveal his power before the last battle so Ueki has a chance to defeat him. Barrow attacks Sano with Kurogane which he found nothing special about it. He fires the Kurogane again which Sano tries to block with a metal shield but he was hit with a Kurogane blast from a different direction. Sano managed to figure out Barrow's power but Barrow knocked him out so he couldn't tell it to Ueki. The final battle in the Third Round is between Barrow and Ueki which Mori tries to get Ueki to listen for a second but he refuses to do so. She thought Ueki was at a disadvantage since he didn't know what Barrow's power was but Tenko tells her that he's really at a disadvantage. Ueki isn't an 8-star Heavenly Being right now but a 0-star Heavenly Being.

Sano may have lost the match to Diegostar but won the battle as he use his strength and wisdom to knock out Diegostar. Mori managed to win her battle against the super smart Kilnorton who thinks that he thought of every move that she would make except for bringing the many pairs of glasses with her. Sano had to fight against Barrow who managed to make quick work of him but not before figuring out his power. The final match is between the two leaders of the teams which Ueki is seriously disadvantaged who has no Sacred Treasures and have no clue what Barrow's power is. I thought there was something odd about Tenko's eyes in the previous episode which usually glows to reveal Ueki's 8-star status but now I know why they weren't glowing now. I laughed so much when Mori's condition was revealed which was the goodie-two-shoes pose and then laughed again when I heard that she must do it to her opponent. I also liked Ueki and the others' reactions during Mori's battle which they were in unison with the mere surprise of the events. I would probably do the same if I saw that happen with my own eyes. There's a new ED sequence which I actually liked this song compared to the previous ED songs. The next episode has Ueki fighting Barrow without his Scared Treasures along with what Ueki's father said to him in order to reach Level Two.


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