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Saturday, March 18, 2006

The Law of Ueki 44

Mori thought that Tenko was joking about Ueki have no Scared Treasures but he wasn't. Ueki tells Barrow that there was no need to knock out Sano since he couldn't move but Barrow said that he couldn't afford to let the info leaked out and doesn't care about justice. A flashback when Ueki's father tells Ueki how to reach Level Two which is by casting away his Sacred Treasures which Tenko refused to believe him but Ueki does. Ueki's father explains to him the normal way to reach Level Two which is to master the Level One power and to have a desire deep in your heart to become stronger. In Ueki's case, the Sacred Treasures act as a limiter for his ability to master his Level One power. His father tells him that it takes a genius to master both the God Candiatate's power and his Heavenly Power like Robert did. In a way, Ueki gave up Level Two in order to get the power of the Sacred Treasures and thought he could just trained in one day to get Level Two power by temporaily losing his Sacred Treasures. Ueki's father tells him that it isn't easy to achieve Level Two as only seven members had their Level Two during Round Three which requires much effort and time for them to reach Level Two. Ueki's father suggests that Ueki could reach Level Two in one day by getting into a tough battle which he accepts that option. Ueki's father transfers Ueki's Heavenly Powers into Tenko for safekeeping until he reaches Level Two and cannot be tried again since it would kill him. Tenko can't transfer the Sacred Treasures before Ueki reaches Level Two or he will never reached Level Two. Back in the present, Ueki tries to block Barrow's Kurogane shot with a tree but it wasn't enough to stop it completely. Then Barrow uses Galiper to trap Ueki while Mori and Souya tries to get Tenko to return Ueki's Sacred Treasures to him which he refuses as he's going to believe in Ueki. Barrow shoots another Kurogane shot at the Galiver but Ueki deflects the shot with wooden rails. Then Ueki was hit by two Kurogane shots that appear out of nowhere while Marilyn and Rihou are wondering what's going with Ueki. Barrow thinks that Ueki casting off his Sacred Treasures to achieve Level Two is stupid and continues to attack Ueki with Kurogane. Ueki manages to deflect one of the shots with another tree rail but another shot appeared in front of him which he barely avoids. Then multiple Kurogane shots appear out of nowhere which Ueki avoids while Barrow uses Mashu on Ueki which connects.

Barrow says that Ueki didn't want to accomplish his goal to save Kobasan from Hell and that if he failed Round Three, it would be pointless to cast away his Treasures. Then he says that if he was Ueki, he would be taken in by Anon and would taken Kobasan out of Hell as a reward if he won. Suddenly, Barrow's Mashu was destroyed by a huge tree which Ueki says that he will reach Level Two even though Barrow thinks otherwise as Ueki is weakened and doesn't know his power. Souya says that he figured out Barrow's power which he says it's the ability to copy things which he's been copying his Sacred Treasures and the proof is the Kurogane only coming out. Souya is wrong about his theory since it doesn't explain how they appear in different directions but made a good observation though. Sano wakes up and says that his power is to change past visions into reality as he explains that the Kurogane doubled up on him from the same direction from his point of view. Barrow tells them that it's still a theory since it's possible that the second shot match the direction of the first shot. Then Sano uses Souya's statement about Barrow only using Kurogane to prove his theory as he thought it's odd that he could use Ressen instead of Kurogane. He asks the others if Barrow used Ressen, Ranma, or Wave Flower in battle which he hasn't as he only used Kurogane, Mashu, and Galiver in battle which is the greatest proof of Barrow's power. Ressen, Ranma, and Wave Flower are attached to the body which if he uses his power, he would created a copy of himself and become a target. Barrow finally admits that Sano is right about his power but it's pointless now since Ueki has been weakened. Ueki will use Sano's words to heart to beat Barrow while Inumaru is worried about Ueki but Kobasan says that his Level Two will change the flow of the battle completely. Kobasan didn't want to tell Inumaru about Ueki's Level Two at first until Inumaru tickles him to get the information. Kobasan tells him that Ueki's power is different from the other powers which Inumaru says that his power is rather weak which Kobasan says that he's right. Souya wants Tenko to give Ueki his Treasures back as he's getting beat by Barrow. Sano and the others want Tenko to give Ueki back the treasures which he finally does but it won't reach Ueki in time as he's being surround by past visions of Sacred Treasures. Ueki does something special as Kobasan explains that most powers have an one-way ability to change A into B but Ueki's power is different as he can change garbage into a tree, revert one part of the tree into garbage, create a new tree from that piece of garbage, and continue that process forever. Ueki's power can be recycled which his Level Two is the ability to apply the recycling process to his opponent's power which Kobasan calls it Reverse. Ueki has reached Level Two as he managed to dispel all the past visions of Barrow's Sacred Treasures. Kobasan thinks that Ueki didn't choose his power based on luck but he felt the true potential of the power.

Ueki has finally reached Level Two which is the ability to cancel out an opponent's attack through recycling which he had to give up his Sacred Treasures in order to get it. He took a huge risk in order to achieve Level Two but it paid off for the better and came useful very quickly. I really think now that those wings shown in OP 2 and ED 4 sequence are the 9-star Sacred Treasure. The next episode continues with the battle between Ueki and Barrow along with Barrow's backstory.


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