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Monday, March 20, 2006

The Law of Ueki 45

Ueki attacks Barrow with Level Two Kurogane which was able to cancel out Barrow's past Mashu and almost hits him. Barrow wishes that Ueki could make his past disappeared along with his Sacred Treasures. He attacks Ueki with past visions which he defends with Fuudo Level Two but ends up getting hit with a Kurogane blast. Barrow continues with the offense with Ressen, Wave Flower, and Ranma which Ueki avoids with Raika. Sano tells Mori and Rinko that Barrow is trying to defeat Ueki quickly as he can before he could master his power. In a flashback, Barrow accidently shoots his adoptive mother with Kurogane when he was a kid as he thought she was a burgular. The attack caused her to lose her voice and emotions. He tries to reach his mother by drawing pictures as she said to him that a good picture can move a person's heart. He continues to draw various pictures throughout the years but none of them were able to affect her in any sort of way. He was sleeping one night and hears a couple of burgulars trying to kill her if seeing their faces. Barrow uses Kurogane to knock them out and gets a scared reaction in his mother's scared eyes as she saw his Kurogane on him. He leaves the house and runs in the rain until he met up with Marget and the rest of the Barrow team. Marget promises Barrow his wish to save his mother and become human if he joins them. He doesn't care if he throws away his past or future as along he becomes human in the end. He attacks Ueki with multiple past visions of his treasures.

Ueki uses Wave Flower Level Two to counter Barrow's power but he purposely left a Ressen past vision there so he could attack it. Barrow suddenly remembers a memory of his mother painting something as Ueki uses his own Ressen attack to knock Barrow's past self into the wall. The young Barrow shows a drawing of his mother to her which she said something to him but he can't remember it so he uses his power to find out what she said. His mother said that the drawing ability doesn't matter as along if you put your heart into the picture, it will reach the other person. He realizes that the reason why his pictures didn't work was that he forgot to put his heart into it while trying to become good. Ueki wins the final match of Round Three which give team Ueki three wins and one lost. Team Ueki and Team Barrow will advance to Round Four along with Anon and Rihou. Barrow sees his teammates gather around him as Ueki says that he can't make every sacrifice for a goal and doesn't want to but he isn't going to throw anything away for it. God's assistant tells God that everything has gone according to plan and asks him what he's going to do from this point on. He mentions to him that he change the plans for the battle that was supposed to end after Round Two which he made it a gamble and won on Round Three and Four. He thought that God was having fun but after Mori's story about the Hellions, it made so much sense. God fixed the lottery during Round Two so Anon and Rihou wouldn't be in Round Three to avoid any fatalities. God's assistant felt that he should have been told about it which God decides to tell him the whole story as things aren't going to plan he hoped. Twenty-five years ago, God recently took over from the previous one and had two mountains of paperwork to do which he didn't feel like doing. The previous one chose the current God to take over which he thinks it's boring to pick that way. A paper fell onto the desk which had a picture of the Hellions from the Protector Clan. There was a war between Heaven and Hell long ago which ended in a truce as they didn't contact each other for a very long time. The Protector Clan was obsessed with the past and had the power to take in a person and gain their powers. They wanted to invade Heaven and take a non-existent wealth. Then God decides to run away from the work and go down to the Human world. While walking on the streets, he sees a couple of guys trying to make her go bowling with them. She kicks one of them and runs away from them until she hides behind God. He didn't want to get involve with human arguments but the guys made fun of his outfit which he beat them up for it. The girl wanted to thank him which he didn't have a choice and introduced herself as Ueki Haruko which is the reason for the battle.

Round Three is over with Team Ueki and Team Barrow advancing to the next round with Anon and Rihou already advancing from earlier. Barrow isn't as cold-hearted as he appeared to be at first as he wanted to become human for his mother's sake. He just got caught up in his goal that he didn't care about not being a monster. God isn't the lazy hippie guy that he portrayed himself to be as he's trying to deal with the Hellion threat by altering the rules of the battle. Also, the girl who makes a quick appearance in the second OP has been revealed as Ueki's adoptive mother, Haruka. It makes you wonder if Ueki was sent to her husband years later on purpose. The next episode continues with the flashback between God and Haruko along with a battle between God and Marget.


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    I feel so bad Barrow. I just want to hug him.


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