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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Mai Otome 20

Cardair apologizes to the Aswad and wants them to come there for an official apology while leaving Arika and Mashiso alone. The leader of Argos tells his Otome, Fia that it's the time to take the technology of Gardenrobe for their prosperity. She asks him if they attack the Unforgiving People that they would become enemies of Cardair. He tells her not to worry and just follow his orders. Haruka is laughing at Natsuki for being arrested for public indecency while Natsuki asks Yukino for her help to take back Gardenrobe. Yukino declines her request as the council is still undecided while Haruka wants to help them but can't. If they make a move on Nagi, his allies might reveal themselves and form a force to counterattack them. Arika and Mashiso are trapped inside of the rock creature which Mashiso asks her how long they would stay in here which they can't stay forever. Sergay asks the guy making the new Gems who's the new founder of the Otome which he doesn't know when Nina asks for Sergay. She asks him why he took over the selection of the Valkyrie Corps which he said he doesn't want her to suffer anymore. He calls her by her name which she says that she doesn't want to be called that anymore which he agrees to and leaves her. Nina remembers the time where Sergay rescued her from a bunch of guys who wanted to make orphans and abducted children into assassins. A young Nina tries to stop Sergay but the recoil of the gun made her shoot up and a piece of pipe cuts Sergay's face. He asks her name and extends out his hand which she embrace him. The present Nina realizes that Sergay sees her as that frightened child and wants him to see the current her. Arika begins to call herself stupid which Mashiso says the same thing and they both get into an argument about who's the stupider one. Arika wishes that she can understand better about Erstin, Nina, and Sergay and didn't really know anything. Mashiso says that Arika is always making mistakes and being stupid which Arika says that Mashiso doesn't understand at all. Mashiso tells her that she does understand as Aoi died (I still believe that she's alive) for her mistakes which she decided to live on so she can correct her mistakes. Mashiso wants to Arika to become an Otome so they could escaped from here. Arika still doesn't want to be an Otome while Mashiso tries to make her to transform. Suddenly, lava came up and preparing to melt both Arika and Mashiso. Arika manages to get to Mashiso who was hanging on a wall which suddenly collaspes on them.

Mashiso transforms Arika into an Otome who saves her along with herself. After having a laugh about their faces, they noticed a fire at the Aswad village. They arrived at the village to find out that Fia attacked the village for the research data. Arika tries to stop her but she managed to escape easily. Then she goes into a fire to save Ruo while Mashiso carries water from a bucket. Arika manages to save Ruo when Midori and other cyborgs came back who finds out that Fia stole the REM data. Arika and Mashiso helps out with saving the village while Tomoe and her crew offered their services to become Artai's new Otome. Arika mentions to Mashiso that it's the first time that she has seen her work so hard when Midori thanks them for saving Ruo. She asks Midori about what's an Otome as she's confused to what the true purpose of being an Otome is. Midori tells her that an Otome is power which can become good or evil depending on the user and mentions that people want the power of the Otome so they can live. Tomoe and her crew showed up at Shizuru's cell which she shows her new Gem and transfers her to a better room. Shizuru asks about Natsuki but Tomoe lies to her as she tells her that she's been captured in Fuka Castle. Tomoe tells her that she's about to do her first mission and get an additional reward depending on the success of the mission. Then she forces herself on Shizuru which Natsuki kind of notices by a powerful bond. Chie asks Sergay to be a Valkyrie herself while Nagi and Nina are examining the Harmonium which he's going to use to bring the time where humans were the most lively. Nina takes a step towards it which manages to open itself up along with a guardian who asks them if they want the power.

Arika may have got her groove back as she is told that being an Otome is neither good or evil but it's what you do with the Otome power that makes it good or evil. Mashiso may have gotten the last bit on being a good queen from Midori as she managed to deal with the burning of the village with her decisive decision making. Natsuki is having a hard time trying to get Yukino to help her retake Gardenrobe but is unable to so. Nina manages to continue distance herself from Sergay as she doesn't want him to call her Ni-na anymore. She just wants him to look at her as herself not the little kid from long ago. Tomoe uses her new Valkyrie status to get Shizuru into a better room and even forces herself on her saying that Natsuki has been captured. I'm surprised she didn't say that Natsuki is dead while trying to resist Nagi. It seems that the guardian of the Harmonium looks like Mikoto which Nina managed to activate it like Arika did. The next episode has Nina and Nagi dealing the guardian, Tomoe continuing her advance on Shizuru, and Mashiso and Arika go into action.


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