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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Mai Otome 21

Nagi reads the file on Nina while remembering the encounter with the guardian of the Harmonium. He has Nina materialize which the guardian mentions that she's both the conductor and protector at the same time while fighting her. He looks at pictures of when Sergay rescued Nina from the slave camp which he notices a basket in one of the pictures. Then he looked at a picture of the King and Queen of Windbloom and notices the same basket. Nina wasn't able to defeat the guardian as she keeps remembering Erstin's death. A cat statue is broken into two which a girl wakes up. Mashiso was doing the cooking for the village which both Arika and her admired Midori's leadership. Midori asks for the both of them as she wants to talk to them. Fia tells Argos that Mashiso is at the Aswad village which he orders her to tell Nagi about her location. Midori and the cyborgs wanted to kill Argos for attacking their village and wants Arika to help them to carry it out. Arika doesn't want to do it as it wouldn't resolved anything which Youko told her long ago. Midori says they do revenge to protect themselves when a guy tells them that the refugees from Windbloom are nearby the village. She wants them killed to protect the village but Akira wants to help them. Mashiso tells Arika that they were the ones who pushed Aoi off the cliff. Suddenly one of the rock monsters attack the refugees which the cyborgs stop Akira from helping them. Mashiso sees Mimi fall to the ground and gets injured by the monster as she remembers her words. Mashiso has Arika materialized into an Otome and easily defeats the monster with the Bolt from the Blue. Mashiso and Mikoto head down to the surface to be by Mimi's side.

Sergay gives Nagi the list of the five girls who's going to be Valkyries which he asked if they would be able to control them. Smith tells him that he planted the same type of control in the Gems that he did with the Slave Crystals. Nagi tells Sergay that he knows the location of Mashiso and Arika and wants the Valkyries to capture Mashiso and kill Arika if possible. They still need the song as they may don't need Mashiso if that one person is able to wake up. Chie visits someone at a hostipal bed which the person's face is unknown. Maria was praying to the Founder with Yukariko standing right behind her which Maria tells her about the words that Arika said why the Otome have to fight their friends. She tells her that she asked that question along with the Otome in the past. Yukariko says that people and countries can't avoid conflicts which the Founder has sent countless students as support for the world. Maria says that all she can do is pray which Yukariko joins her in prayer. Tomoe tells Shizuru that she's going to mourn for Akira and Mashiso and that she will ask about Natsuki after her mission. After Tomoe leaves, Shizuru plays around with the baby toys while waiting to make her move. Shiho, Yayoi, and Lilie are dreaming that they were flies with spirals on their heads. Chie makes her appearance to Shiho which she asks her to do her a favor. Natsuki, Nao, Yukino, and Haruka learn about Mashiso being with the Aswad which Yukino said that the council is close getting to giving Natsuki support. Natsuki and Nao are planning to go Cardair when the King of Annan shows up with his Otome. Midori says that they can't support the refugees while Mashiso says that they can't survive in the desert much longer. She asks Mashiso why she cares as they dishonor her, don't see her as their queen, and responsible for pushing off Aoi. Then she says to her that she must carry their burden if she wants to save them. Mashiso races to Mimi's side as she's getting closer to death as Mashiso blames herself for Mimi's injuries along with Aoi. Mimi dies a few seconds later which Mashiso makes a statement to everyone. She tells everyone that's she wasn't a great queen and apologizes for it. Then she asks that she should given a second chance so that she can fix the wrongdoing, care about the citizens, and guide everyone. She will protect everyone even if it would put her life in danger and begs to Midori to take everyone for a while. Mashiso even says that she will give her the technology that Gardenrobe has once she takes back Windbloom on her word or die by it. Midori accepts her offer which they shake hands on it. Arika and Mashiso prayed at a makeshift grave for Mimi which Mashiso cries in Arika's arms. Arika tells Mashiso that she can't be queen and wants to be an Otome so she can protect the important people she cares about. Arika and Mashiso both accepted each other as Master and Otome while Midori and the cyborgs head to Cardair for their revenge. Tomoe sees them leaving the village which she reports it to Sergay which he tells the Valkyries to attack the village.

This episode has Arika and Mashiso finally gotten their paths back on track as Arika accepted to be Mashiso's Otome while Mashiso has become the queen that she wants to be as she gotten the respect of the refugees. She even put away her grudge of them to get their respect along with Midori as she will help them with their disease with the technology of Gardenrobe. Nagi is close to getting the Harmonium to activate as he has Nina who's both the protector and the conductor and maybe the princess as well. Tomoe has a weird sense of taste with Shizuru who gives her toys to play around while they fooled around supposely. She continues to lie to her about the current state of affairs with saying that Arika and Mashiso are dead (that might be true soon if she succeeds in her mission). I think Chie is able to fight the control of the new Gem as she probably had Shiho sent the message to Yukino about Mashiso being at the Aswad village. The person that Chie was seeing was probably Aoi which I said that she could have survive the fall but who saved her though. There was an appearance by the real Mikoto but not in her guardian form though. There's not enough information for me to base any theories by what that scene could mean. The next episode has Arika fighting against the Valkyries in the Aswad village while Midori and the cyborgs fight against the forces of Fia and Cardair. Also, there will be appearences from Miyu, Nao, and a certain character who I been waiting for a long time which is Mai.


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