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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Mai Otome 22

The King of Annan never thought that Erstin's family would be members of the Schwarz as some of their family members were Otome and lost many during the Dragon King War. Natsuki pleads to him for their help because if Nagi uses the Hardomium, the world would be pludge into war once again. He accepts Natsuki's plead for help which she thanks him. Meanwhile, Miyu encounters Mikoto in the desert. Mashiro and Arika are keeping watch which they noticed a vehicle approaching the village. It stops just in front of the entrance and Sergay comes out of it. He tells them that he want Mashiro and Arika or be attacked at noon. He leaves soon afterwards after seeing Arika nearby. Nagi is informed that the Valkryies are about to attack soon along with that the insurance has waken up for the song aka Aoi. Mashiro and Arika are heading for the Dragon's Grave while Midori and the cyborgs are about to attack Cardair. Arika meets with Sergay at Dragon's Grave with Mashiro hidden nearby and asks him about what their entire relationship meant. He tells her that he was attracted to her with his smile and eyes that look forward towards her dream. Arika asks about Nina which he says that she's fine on the outside but he can't look at her for what he did and decided to finish this as a soldier of Artai and as Nina's father. Arika admits that she loved him too and understood how Nina felt towards Sergay and wants him to feel the same way that she does towards him but he can't do that. He sees Nina as just his daughter and nothing else as he pulls his gun at Arika and tells her to surrender. Arika refuses to surrender as Sergay shoots at her and runs away as Tomoe and three minions attack her. Sergay orders Chie to search for Mashiro as Nagi and Nina are going to the Harmondium to try out the song. Nina asks Nagi if they pulled Sergay back from capturing Arika and Mashiro since they don't need them anymore but Nagi tells her that they still might need them if the song doesn't work.

Tomoe tells Arika that her robe is like Shizuru's robe and doesn't require a human master in a cute way. She violently attacks Arika after her cute act along with her minions. Chie notices that the robe has great power but it shocks her when she tries to go against her instructions. She manages to find Mashiro who was enduring the pain of Arika fighting. Nina approaches the Harmondium which activated her robe and plays the fourth verse. Arika has fighting Tomoe and the Valkryies when Sergay and Chie revealed that they have Mashiro. She tells Arika not to surrender which she fights Tomoe one on one. Natsuki and Nao were approaching Cardair by car when they noticed the smoke nearby. The cyborgs were easily taking out the Otome while Midori fights with Fia one on one. Midori manages to kill Fia with Gakutenou's horn which in results kills Argos as well. Nao notices a cat like Mikoto on top of the car. Tomoe reveals to Arika that she was the one who did all things to Arika while at Gardenrobe. Arika gets caught in a pincer attack by the minions which pummels her down to the ground. Tomoe further explains that she did all those things to Arika because she didn't like how she was getting attention from Shizuru and ignoring Tomoe. Then she insults the memory of Erstin being calling her foolish for saving Arika and happy that she died. Tomoe and the minions planned to finish off Arika with a combined attack called Dance of Valhalla. Arika was saved from the attack by Miyu who managed to save Mashiro as well. Miyu calls the Valkyries cursed as Smith meddled with Rena Sayers's corpse and will eliminate the Valkyries. She attacks Tomoe with his sword arm which she destroys her weapon and was about to kill her when Sergay shoots her sword with his gun. Miyu attacks Sergay with intent to kill which Arika tells her to stop while Nina manages to activate the Harmonium as it creates a holograph of the Dragon's Grave. Sergay managed to survive Miyu's attack with only minor injuries as a whirlwind of evil approaches their location. The whirlwind is Nina who sees Sergay injured and blames Arika for it without getting a chance to explain. Nina becomes extremely angry and summons great power to try to kill Arika which Miyu summons Artemis with the help of Alyssa. Nina and Miyu's power collide into a huge explosion which Arika wakes up on a bed with Mashiro next to her along with two shadow people.

This episode has Arika fighting off Tomoe who probably has been waiting for the chance to get rid of Arika herself. I think Tomoe will probably get a tragic death and won't be able to learn from her mistakes which either Arika or Shizuru will kill her. My bets are probably going with Shizuru killing the evil one as it would be ironic. I was right about Aoi being not dead. Cliff deaths are survivable if you don't see the people hitting the ground. Sergay and Arika admitted their feelings towards each other but decided to act on their professions instead of their feelings for Nina's sake. Speaking of Nina, she doesn't think with her head when comes to things that involved Sergay as she immediately blamed Arika for injuring Sergay. Everytime she summons her weapon's evolved form, a huge explosion occurs soon afterwards. Note to self, run away when that happens. I'm guessing that the Harmonium's purpose acts as a world guardian which the user could teleport to any part of the world and gain immerse power. Midori and the cyborgs have taken over Cardair after killing Fia and Argos which Natsuki and Nao were heading towards to stop Nagi. The next episode will be great as Mai and Mikoto make their full appearance as they interact with Arika, Mashiro, and Miyu.


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