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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Mai Otome 23

Natsuki and Nao are going through the Sprites' Forest to get to Cardair quickly because of the Aswad attack. The Mikoto cat lookalike exits the car before it pummels down a cliff which Nao managed to save herself along with Natsuki. They see a shadow in the sky which is actually Arika and Mashiso doing shadow puppets. The real Mikoto tells Mashiso that she's always been angry and has been watching her for a long time. Mai uses her robe powers do some cooking with Miyu helping out. Mashiso asks Mikoto where are they which is the Black Valley, the lost homeland of the Aswad. Mikoto and Arika were too busy eating and wanting seconds to answer or ask any questions which Mashiso decided to eat with them before asking more questions. Mai introduces herself along with Mikoto who's the Cat Goddess. Arika realizes that Mai is the Fire Stirring Ruby who was torn between dreams and duty. Miyu explains that the Black Valley is the place where the lost technology was created including the Harmonium but now, it's sealed between dimensions due to the power of the Harmonium. Yukino has Haruka to go to every country for an emergency meeting at Aries. Miyu explains the functions of the Harmonium which has the ability to break down higher order matter and absorb it including dimensions. She mentions that the song, protector, and conductor are united which Nina managed to defeat Mikoto's shadow. The conductor role is basically someone who has the bloodline of Wind Bloom which means that Nina is the true heir of Wind Bloom. Nagi tells Sergay about Nina's true bloodlines and becomes informed of the meeting at Aries. Sergay asks Nagi about the founder of the Valkyries which he comfirms to be Rena. Miyu was able to find Rena's daughter 15 years ago and gave it to Rena's mother which the baby was Arika. Miyu was able to find Rena's GEM on the Artai black market and took it to her mother. She protects Arika because she's a descendant of Alyssa. Mikoto goes off to retreive the prey she caught in one of her traps while Mai and Arika get some water. Mashiso asks Miyu about her bloodlines which she doesn't know much and mentions about the Mashiso diamond which belongs to Fumi. She mentions that will is what determines people not bloodlines. Arika asks Mai why she became an Otome which she answered that she wanted to help out her younger brother and then asks her what's an Otome. Mai tells her that she doesn't know and that she will understand it one day. She tells her that it's good to hear others' opinions but in the end, it's yourself that decides in the end. Natsuki and Nao were the ones who got caught in Mikoto's trap and brought them to the Black Valley for an reunion of sorts.

The girls have a talk at a hot springs which Natsuki asks Mai what happened to her since she left before graduation and left a letter behind. Mai left the school to go on vacation to think about some things and got caught up in the same trap that Natsuki and Nao were in. Mai's master is Mikoto since she ate the Gem on accident and can activiate it from within. Miyu mentions that she's able to do that because she's the Crystal Princess who is an Otome that maintains the world with high restrictions along with the power to materialize higher order matter, type two. Mikoto is the last remaining genuine materializers. Miyu follows Alyssa's will and watches the world's future under the guidence of the star of the Otome. Yohko gives Irina a book before she leaves on a journey. Nina talks to Sergay how she hates Arika even though she didn't mind being hated which he tells her that she's been following orders and the blame goes to him and Nagi. Nina gets a page to meet with Nagi and wants to help achieve Sergay and Nagi's wish regardless if she has to kill Arika to do it. Natsuki tells Mai that Shizuru is currently captured. Mashiso tells to Arika about how she's just some replacement and thinks that Nagi uniting the world isn't such a bad thing which Arika thinks differently. Yukino and the other leaders see the power of the Harmonium attacking the Albright Base. Arika noticed that Nina was crying at the Dragon's Grave not only because of Sergay but how things looked. Arika doesn't understand lots of things but she knows that Nagi is wrong for using Nina in that way. Mikoto and the others are watching the destruction that Nina is causing with the Harmonium as Nagi is trying to start a war. Natsuki and Nao are planning to go back to Gardenrobe which Arika and Mashiso wanted to go but Natsuki tells them that they have to stay here since she will die. Mai suggests that Arika can beat Mikoto in combat that she can go which Natsuki asks if this is the right thing to do. Mai says that she couldn't beat Mikoto even with her robe which Natsuki still doubts. Arika tries to attack Mikoto but she gets knock to the ground. She tries to attack her again but she gets smacked into a wall and asks her to teach her how to fight. Miyu asks Mashiso if she can accomplish her goals which she doesn't know if she can do it which Miyu tells her that she must learn to be the type of queen that Arika respects. Natsuki tells Mashiso that she can learn from Mai since she is Princess Mai of the Zipangu.

We finally get some answers in this episode like who's the true princess which is Nina. Speaking of Nina, it seems that all she wants is to please Sergay and Nagi to a certain extent. She doesn't have any personal desires except for Sergay to see her not as his daughter but as a woman. She even admits that having friends was worthless which she's wiling to kill Arika so easily. She's really a tragic character who has nothing at all except for pain and suffering. It's great to see Mai and Mikoto once again and I'm hoping to see them kicking some ass in the final three episodes. It really seems that the Otome universe is connected with the Hime universe as Miyu continues to further this theory with the Crystal Princess and Alyssa's descendant. The next episode has Arika training with Mikoto along with Mai and Nina trying to get Sergay to see her as a woman by any means necessary.


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