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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Mai Otome 24

Nina puts on her Meister Otome outfit and sees her Coral uniform which makes her remember the first time she showed it to Sergay. He mentions that it look great on her and that he will have to send her off in a wedding dress someday which she says that she can't get married. She asks him if she could be his daughter forever which he accpeted. The various countries are moving their forces towards Windbloom as Natsuki and Nao are back in the city. Smith tells Nagi that King Sharuru and his Meister Rosary entered Windbloom to sign a treaty since they are afraid of the power of the Harmonium. The Cardair situation has Kazu being kidnapped from a hotel which Akane couldn't do anything at all as one of the Five Colums makes her appearance to her. Nagi doesn't seem to concern about Aries as he's hoping that Nina would take care of them. Hakura is asking Yukino why they can't get the Suzushiro out which she explains that the materials for it have stopped coming. Hakura was about to go nuts over the leaders of Remus when Sara Gallagher of the Five Column shows up. She's here to tell them that Zipangu has sent them a present to them. Maria and Yukariko meet with Laura Bianci and Rosary Crowdel and had some conversation between them. Rosary had to become an Otome again since Akane and Shiho didn't replace her. Laura and Rosary are placed under Nina's command as Laura doesn't want another city to be destroyed. Maria gives Nina a letter that Erstin which was addressed both to her and Arika. Tomoe asks Nina how great it feels to have two Meisters under her command along with control of the Harmonium which she says it's nothing as it's for Nagi's ideal vision of the world. Tomoe says that she's lying and begins to suggest how she control men which she gets slapped by Nina. She says to her that what does she know which Tomoe counters that she doesn't want to know from someone who kill her friends. Tomoe goes to see Shizuru who comforts her from the argument that she had with Nina earlier. Irina managed to get a letter to Shizuru along with preparing the lab for a plan which she reported to Natsuki. Miyu is at a volcano which she pulls out something for it while Rad is about to die from his injuries during the battle at Cardair but Youko shows up and wants to save Rad.

Nina reads the letter that Erstin wrote before she died which she didn't plan to make friends as she knew that one day she would die. She wanted to stay with Arika and Nina forever but she couldn't fight against her fate as a Slave Master. After reading the letter, Nina cried over the fact that she killed both "Arika" and Erstin which Sergay comforted her. Sergay wants Nina to stop playing the Harmonium as he can't stand by seeing her suffered because of it. Nina decides to strip in front Sergay so he would take her qualification as an Otome which he goes to her and kisses her. Natsuki asks Nao what she thinks about the Otome which she answers that they are a necessitary. Natsuki gives Nao the Wired Spinel gem and says that she's grateful to her and couldn't get that far without her. Sergay leaves the sleeping Nina and heads to Rena's coffin. He joined Nagi's cause because he made it seem that nothing was out of reach which he killed the previous leader of Artai. Sergay was about to shoot the coffin when Smith showed up and tries to stop him. Sergay manages to kill Smith but before he could shoot the coffin, Nagi shoots him in the back. Nina wakes up to hear about Sergay being shot as Nagi tells her that he had a gun battle with Smith and that he will die soon from his brain injuries. Nagi tells her that she could used the Harmonium to stop Sergay from dying. Natsuki and the forces of good begin their strike to free Windbloom from Nagi while Nina decides to screw the world to save Sergay. Arika and Mashiso are going to Windbloom to reclaim the country from Nagi which Mai, Mikoto, and Miyu see them off.

This episode setups the battle to reclaim Windbloom from Nagi as Natsuki and Nao are working underground in the city while Haruka controls the military forces at the outside of the city. Arika and Mashiso have learned the final things that they need to be successful in this mission from Mai and Mikoto while Miyu has her own plans for the final battle. Nina had the most development in this episode as she finally get to Sergay to see her as a woman which makes Sergay to try to take out Rena and the Harmonium but Nagi stopped those plans. He even got more control over Nina by shooting him in the back. It looks like Erstin's letter went to waste as she can't see past Sergay. Her love for him is strong that she can't think rationally at all. Well, the last two episodes of Otome are going to be aired back to back as the battle to retake Windbloom is under way with various characters doing their roles of it.


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