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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Paradise Kiss 12 and Review

Paradise Kiss is about a high school girl named Yukari who gets scouted by a member of the fashion group, ParaKiss to be a model for their dress in their school festival. Her contact with ParaKiss changes her life completely as she experiences things that she wouldn't have if she just continue studying for university exams like she did before meeting them. The members of ParaKiss consist of George, who's a guy bisexual with excellent talent in fashion design; Isabella, a guy crossdresser who designs the patterns for George's dresses; Arashi, a guy who looks like a punk rocker and does sewing with the dresses along with Mikawo who's in love with Arashi and the only girl in ParaKiss (besides Yukari).

Paradise Kiss is just not a show about fashion industry about relationships and following your dreams. Yukari led a mundane life of studying to get into a good university but she had no true dream as she just follow her mother's wishes. Her encounter with ParaKiss made her realized that there's more to life than studying. She slowly come into control of her life and becoming more independent with her choices in life. This new-found independence have given her an opportunity to have a relationship as well with George. Their relationship at first was that Yukari didn't like him at first but over time, George's charm managed to win over Yukari even though she did have a crush on a fellow classmate. It was a mature one as well as they did have sex with each other. Yukari even put up with his mother and other girls in his past along with personality quirks. The other members of ParaKiss are interesting as well with Isabella being so loyal to George since he helped him to feel good about himself and got him to being a crossdresser. Miwako is trying to follow in her older sister's path while Arashi is just doing his own thing with his music or sewing.

I really liked this series as it has strong character development and nice storyline. It has unique character design along with some good music as well. The ending did wrap-up things nicely except for a few mysteries which I won't say. The one thing I would say that Kaori's character was just put in and didn't have time to develop as she was introduced in episode 11. Her appearance was just not necessary and could spent her time with other things. Overall, Paradise Kiss is a nice, mature series with strong character development and storyline. I'll give it a 4.5 out of 5.


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