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Friday, March 03, 2006

Rescue Wings 1

A guy is on a train reading a book heading to Komatsu. He exits the train and gets into a cab. He tells the driver to take him to Yatano. The driver managed to guess that the guy is from the SDF who's a recent transfer since he gets lots of them and noticed his good posture. The guy goes to the Shaura residence which he encounters a dog named Clint. The guy introduces himself as Uchida to Shaura and gives her a gift of uirou which she guess correctly as she deals with transfers like himself. She directs him to his apartment and tells him about garbage collection days along with the shopping district closing times. Uchida connects his phone and calls a person named Megumi and leaves a message for her to call him at anytime. He builds his bike and goes to the balcony. He sees a little girl looking at him which somehow he scared her even though he was being nice to her. Uchida goes off to do some shopping and tries to call Megumi again but he had to leave a message once again. He asks a person if there was some place to eat which the person directed him to a cafe. He peeks inside and was afraid of the old woman manning the counter and leaves. He was at a convenience store and asks the clerk how far is the sea from here. He rides down to the sea while pretending to do his skills on his bike. He eats the food he brought from the convenience store as three jets fly above him. He remembers being at a bar which he was depressed that he's going to be a helicopter pilot while one of his friends try to cheer him up and the other friend doesn't try to help him. Uchida asks them which team that Kosaka got assigned to which was the jet team and envies him for it. Back in the present, he races back home in rain. Once back at home, he got a message from Megumi who tells him that she might not be able to call him later tonight. The phone rings after he finishes the message which was his mother who's mad at him for not calling her immediately. She wants him to visit her and his father at Oniwaka at some point and that she sent a box of shioyokan for his new teammates. He says that he bought them gifts already but she knows that he bought the first thing he saw at Nagoya which was correct. He goes down to the Shaura residence which a guy tells him that she's not here because of a vigil for one of her relatives. His reason for seeing her was that he doesn't have his bedding here since the movers couldn't deliver it and had to use the curtains for blankets.

The next day, he heads for his place of work on his bike. He introduces himself to the commanding officer named Murakami of the Komatsu Rescue Squadron aka Rescue Wings. Murakami tells Uchida if he has any questions about Hokuriku, direct them to Warrant Officer Motomura as he lived in the area for 12 years now. A bunch of members from the team are talking about Uchida as he's just a rookie and that he shouldn't brought uirou. The old guy is a mechanic wants him to take care of the crafts than bringing fancy gifts which the girl agrees. Uchida is getting his desk organized when a guy named Hongo Shujiro entered the room. He mentions that he knows that Uchida's instructor was Katsuragi since they went to flight school together. Hongo knows that Uchida didn't want to be a helicopter pilot at first which he try to clarify to him but it doesn't work though. Hongo tells him that rescues can't be done by someone who isn't dedicated. Uchida asks him how he can tell if he's dedicated or not which Hongo grabs him and says that he could tell. During lunch, Uchida was sitting by himself until his old friend Kosaka shows up. He has been assigned here for over a month now and tells him that Hongo infamous on the rescue squad and has the nickname of Major Hardass. He goes back home to listen to a message that his package will be deliver tomorrow and that Megumi will call around 9 pm. He watches some TV while doing some unpacking which he picks up a book with an old plane on it. Then he felt a small earthquake which just shake a few items. He walks towards the kettle while the TV was giving a report about a large-scale earthquake in the Hokuriku region which a tsunami could be formed from it and telling people in the coastal areas to evacuate. He hears the phone ringing which he thought it was Megumi but it was Hongo instead. He tells him that they maybe deployed for a rescue mission and tells him to switch to the news about the earthquake. He asks Uchida if he wants to come along to observe which he agrees to and tells him that he's still in TR training and off-duty right now. Uchida rides towards the base on his bike which he misses the call from Megumi and tells him to get a cellphone.

This was a slow first episode to establish the character of Uchida who's a recent transfer to the Rescue Wings squad as a helicopter pilot. It's one of those series that takes five episodes to get a feel for it. I won't be blogging it but I will still watch it. The next episode's title is A Difficult Mission which will probably deal with Uchida's first mission experience as a member of the Rescue Wings squad.


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