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Monday, March 13, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 85

Suzuka and Yamato confirmed their Christmas plans for today before she left for her training camp at an university. Suzuka notices that Arima is at the training camp as well which she isn't too happy about. Yamato waits for Suzuka at the train station like they agreed to. He was about to call her when she calls his phone and tells him that the meeting has been extended and can't make it at 5 pm. Right now, she's stuck with a bunch of girls talking about high jump and won't be done anytime soon. Yamato decides to cancel the reservation and grab something to eat on the way home along with buying some cake from them later.

Yamato was still at the train station when Hattori shows up and invites him for dinner which he accepted as his plans are ruined now. Hattori takes him to a karaoke which he gets sucked into a group date setup by the womanizer himself. He brought Yamato here as a replacement for someone else who wasn't able to come. Yamato was about to leave as he noticed there's enough people for a group date but Hattori tells him that one of the girls is late. Suddenly, the last girl shows up who looks like Suzuka but without the mean look all the time who introduces herself as Amami Yui. She's a little clusmy and asks Yamato to get her something to drink which he does and asks him for his name. Yui gets Yamato to sing some karaoke which he does the Carp song once again which the other guy asks if he's here to get girls because of the song. Yui and the other girls were into Yamato singing a baseball song and ask for more which shocks Hattori. Yamato thinks that Yui is kinda of weird as Hattori sings the Carp song now. Suzuka gets out of the meeting earlier than expected but was unable to get a hold of Yamato as Arima is following her. Yamato is outside of the karaoke place when he notices that he had no signal and tries to call Suzuka but unable to connect as well. Yui sneaks up behind Yamato and grabs him. She asks him if he was calling his girlfriend which he was and tells him that's just great.

This chapter introduces Amama Yui who shows up to one of Hattori's group dates which he misleads Yamato into going after his plans with Suzuka fell apart at the last minute. Yui is interested in Yamato who he calls her a little weird. Her reaction to him having a girlfriend is not the typical response you get when you hear that statement. Now there are two new obstacles for Suzuka and Yamato overcome as Yui and Arima suddenly showed up in their lives. Arima won't be that hard to overcome but Yui is rather odd which she will be hard to get rid of. Here's a picture of Yui. Just click on her name.

Also, I been getting requests for to getting Suzuka manga. I won't say where since I found it by myself. So stop asking me because I'm not going to answer.


  • At 10:56 AM, Anonymous Altema said…

    Weird that people would ask you where you found the manga. It only takes a couple minutes of searching to find direct downloads to all chapters D:.


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