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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 86

Suzuka and Arima sees Yamato and Yui who is holding on to Yamato's arm. Suzuka asks Yamato what he's doing which she doesn't give him to time to explain before walking away from them. Yamato tries to explain to Suzuka that Hattori fooled him to going after he got done talking to Suzuka. She stops her walking and asks him why he didn't immediately afterwards which he said that the situation became awkward and had no control over it. Suzuka calls him a liar as she believes that he turned off his phone and had fun with them which he says that his phone had no reception in the room and came outside to make a call. He tries to convince that it's one of those situations that he can't easily leave which she got mad at him as she says that she doesn't forget the time and go have fun with another woman. Then she asks him if he has the cake which he forgot to get and tells him to forget it since the store is closed now. He apologizes to her for forgetting but she tells him that he's all talk and shouldn't have expections of him. Then he brings up the point that their plans were screwed up because of her absence which she thinks that he's bringing the blame on her. Yamato asks her the reason why she was walking home with Arima which she tells him that he was walking in the same direction as she was and mentions that they weren't physical compared to Yamato and Yui. He says that he wasn't doing that because he liked her or anything like that. Suzuka shed a tear and ran up the stairs of the apartment complex and slams out Yamato from her room. He's wondering if it's his fault while Suzuka cries alone.

The next morning, Yamato wakes up early enough that Ayano hasn't had breakfast ready yet and asks her if Suzuka has woken up yet which she says that she's went out already. Suzuka couldn't wait for Ayano to make up breakfast that she's going to get food on the way. Yamato sits in his room and was about to call Suzuka which he already called her countless times and was about to apologize when he stops himself from doing so. He believes that if he apologizes that it would be his fault even though he realizes that he did some wrong to her but she broke the promise first. He wants Suzuka to apologize first when suddenly, his phone rings. After waiting to answer the phone to make it seem that he wasn't waiting for her to call, he answers the phone but it was Yui who was calling. Yamato asks her how she got his number which got it from Hattori. She wanted to tell him that she's sorry for last night as she didn't know that Yamato had a girlfriend. He tells her that it was his fault for being fooled into a group date which she asks him if he had made up with Suzuka yet which he doesn't directly answered the question. Yui is relieved that he forgave her for last night and asks him to go out to have some fun with her but she didn't mean just by themselves. Meanwhile, Suzuka tries to call Yamato on her phone but got no answer because he was talking to Yui as she waits for the train.

Yamato and Suzuka meet up outside of the karaoke which she sees Yui on his arm. Yamato tries to explain the situation to Suzuka but eventually, their pride managed to explode the tension which results in them not spending their Christmas day together. Suzuka didn't even get to say goodbye to Yamato as she left to head back for the training camp as Yamato was talking to Yui at the moment. It seems that Yamato is about to make things worse as he might go have fun with her. His pride prevented him from apologizing to Suzuka earlier which he thinks that she should apologize first instead of him. Let's see how their relationship will handle the emergence of Yui.


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