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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Suzuka Manga Chapter 87

Yamato is becoming annoyed that Suzuka hasn't called him yet. He hears his phone ringing which he thought it was Suzuka but it was his mother who called. She wants to know when he was coming back to Hiroshima since it was winter break but he wasn't planning to come back until summer break. She tries to convince him to come back with grandma wants to see you excuse but it doesn't work and tells him to eat the food they sent before going bad and give the wine to Ayano. After talking to his mother, Yamato finally decides to apologize to Suzuka after waiting for her to call him but he was unable to reach her. Then he sends her a text message with formal speech. Later that night, Yamato watches some TV as he waits for Suzuka to call him back and looks at his text message that he sent to her. He thinks that his message lack true remorse for what he did but immediately dismisses the thought but thinks that Suzuka is really angry at him. His phone rings once again which it was Miki calling this time and thinks that he tells her what happened that she would yell at him. Miho was yelling at Yamato outside of the door to tell him to open up but he wanted to be left alone. He decides to send another text message hoping that she would reply to this one. Miho still tries to get Yamato out of his room as he becomes paranoid that Suzuka hasn't call or sent a text message to him to the point that he's under his bed sheets. He decides to send one more text message hoping that she would reply.

Hattori shows up the next morning to return his jacket that he left at the group date which he gets freaked out by a scary Yamato which he tells him the current situation. Yamato doesn't know what to do and thinks that he will be dumped soon. Hattori thinks that she is too busy with her camp stuff to answer his calls but Yamato thinks she should reply to text messages. Hattori says that it will work out in a few days and asks him if he wants to go with him to somewhere tomorrow. He wants Yamato and Yui to have a double with him and one of the other girls at the group date. Yamato thought that Hattori was going to stay at home with his girlfriend but the player tells him that's at night and wants to have fun during the day. Yamato thinks he would get into trouble with Suzuka for doing this which Hattori tells him that he can wait for his phone call and be alone or have fun with friends on Christmas. The next day, he decided to do Hattori's double date with Yui anyway as he doesn't want to be alone on Christmas.

Yamato managed to dump his pride and tries to apologize to Suzuka but never got a reply back from her. Hattori shows up the next day and manages to get him to go on a double date with Yui. Somehow, Yamato is going to get into trouble with Suzuka on this double date even though he didn't want to be lonely. She will see it as he's interested in Yui and should used his brain better.


  • At 3:10 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I'm just curious as to whether youve gotten chapters 101-105 (well...105 may be difficult) read/summarized yet...i cant find scanlations for those and am very curious as to what happens after ch. 100...


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