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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Tactical Roar 1

A ship called the Olivia was attacked by Alfars which another ship defended against them. Then they fired Laevateins at the enemy ship which they got shot down while trying to disable the enemy. The crew figures out that the enemy wasn't after the cargo ship but the support ships guarding it which they think it was the Support-Ship pirates who targeted them. In the Pacific Ocean, there's a cyclone called the Grand Roar that never dissipates which its atmospheric pressure changed the world greatly. Due to the Grand Roar, humanity uses oceanic routes more and more which brought a second naval age upon them. With the new naval age, a new brand of pirates emerged which to counter the threat, armed convoy ships were created. A guy named Hyousuke remembers the time where he received a compass from a female friend. He arrives at an airport and tries to find his way to the shuttles. A girl named Clio flirts with a random girl when a bunch of random girls showed up and thinks that she betrayed them. Then a bunch of girls showed up which Cilo flirted with. Hyousuke exits a train and encounters Cilo who running away from all the girls that she flirted with. He runs with her in order to avoid being trampled by them. Cilo throws him into an open car owned by a small girl named Miharu and climbs inside so she could escape on the other side. The girls continued to chase after Cilo while Hyousuke gets into more trouble when Miharu's companion named Sango thought he was a convict and drives the car with him in it. She drives the car inside of a shopping mall while two twin girls named Mashu and Manatsu are at the beach when the car shows up. Manatsu shoots at the car with pink paintball bullets which flips the car over. They continued to treat Hyousuke as a convict.

Meanwhile, two girls named Tsubasa and Midori take a bath at their company when Sango, the twins, and Miharu bring Hyousuke for questioning. Cilo just came back from escaping the 20 girls that she flirted with. They decided to throw Hyousuke into the bath which he gets a peek at Tsubasa's naked body and gets kicked by her. She was about to beat him with a pipe when Okamachi suddenly appeared. He tells them that they received lots of complains from various people and tells them that Hyousuke isn't a convict but one of the top engineers from Ogasawara Enterprises. He's there to update the programs on their ship which all of them were shocked. Tsubasa doesn't like guys because she thinks that all of them are pervs. Hyousuke is introduced to the captain of the Pascal Mage, Misaki Nanaha who he knows from his past. She didn't want to talk about the past and just talk about work as they are about to head out. Tsubasa is mad that she has to escort Hyousuke to the ship and believes that men shouldn't be on the ship. He notices that the Pascal is an old ship and its crew is entirely composed of women. Okamachi tells Misaki that they can't afford to screw up on this mission since they can't pay back the money into the operation. It's been three days since the Pascal Mage left port which Hyousuke tries to find CIC and encounters a bunch of laundry along with Tsubasa. She gets mad at him for not finishing up the updates because he's the only one working on them and takes him to CIC. They arrived at CIC which Tsubasa doesn't forgive him for looking at her. Misaki shows up at the entrance of CIC when the alarm sounds and she and Hyousuke entered CIC. Four Alfars targeted the ship which they managed to destroy them. They were unable to find the enemy ship while they sustained some damage.

Well, I was not impressed with the show as it reminds me of Bakuretsu Tenshi which didn't impress me as well. It has lots of girls and fanservice with a guy who just there to help them and the first guy to join the all-female crew. Even though other series had just one guy with a bunch of girls and were popular, I don't think this series has what it takes to be popular or good for that matter. I probably won't be watching more episodes of it since the first episode just annoy me. The next episode if anyone is interested has the enemy attacking the Pascal Mage.


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