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Thursday, March 02, 2006

Trinity Blood 22

Esther asks Mary about the whereabouts of the Pope but she doesn't have anything for her and tells her to stay in the room. Abel is racing to somewhere while Vanessa escorts the Pope who tells her that shouting and violence won't get her message across. She didn't like him lecturing her but he wants to understand her people. Suddenly Petros attacks Vanessa who wants to kill her for kidnapping the Pope and rebelling against her government. She attacks them with her hair but Paula and Petros managed to counter against it and defeated her. Petros was about to go for the kill when the Pope stop him which he didn't understand why he stopped him. The Pope tells him that her people had no other option to do this and wants him to listen to her and the others. Petros stands down from killing her which Paula didn't agree with his decision. He tells her that it's an internal matter and Albion should take care of it. Also he thinks of the Pope as a man which he put his faith in him as knight and made a request of him. If he refuse to obey the request, he won't consider himself as a knight or a man who walks the path of God. Petros and Paula leave with the Pope while leaving Vanessa alone. Leon manages to kill all the Auto-Jaegars as the Professor contacted him who also encountered them. Vanessa gets slapped by her brother who failed to follow his orders and got reports of the Auto-Jaegars killing everyone in the complex. Dietrich managed to access a room while Abel continues to chase after him.

A man in white walks into the front entrance of the palace and manages to blow away the guards. He continues to make his way deeper inside and defeating all opposition that stood in his way. Esther sees the destruction caused by the man in white and tends to an injured Mary. She sees a deattached arm on the floor which reattaches to the man in white. He says that he's not in peak form as Isacc did a crappy job in repairing him. Petros and Paula noticed the Auto-Jaegars are approaching their location which Petros goes off ahead with the Pope while Paula fights them. Esther decides to chase after the man in white who goes down the elevator shaft while she takes an alternate route to get down to the complex. Petros and the Pope are surrounded by Auto-Jaegars which Petros puts the Pope in a ventration shaft for his protection. Luckily for them, they get saved by Vanessa. Esther continues to find the man in white which she and the Professor felt an explosion caused by him. Meanwhile, Dietrich puts a computer chip in a device when Abel shows up to stop him. He goes into 80% Crusnik mode and fights Dietrich. He got caught in Dietrich's strings but he manages to break out of them and gets a hit on him. Dietrich realizes that Abel drank some vampire blood as he orders him to stop the machine as it doesn't need to be revived. The man in white named Cain shows up and kills Dietrich with ease. Abel goes insane in the presence of Cain and charges towards him with all of his might. Suddenly, he stops his attack as Esther showed up and was easily defeated by Cain.

This episode has Vanessa stopping her rebellion after the Pope spared her life and even save them from the Auto-Jaegars. Dietrich died by his master Cain for being unable to defeat Abel. It seems that Abel and Cain have a past together which I can only assumed that he was the one who killed Abel's girlfriend those years ago. Esther ends up being the one who defeated Abel as his attack would have killed her in the progress or that he didn't want her to see his Crusnik form again. The final arc of Trinity Blood is called the Crown of Thorns and the first episode of that arc is called The City in the Mist.


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