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Monday, March 06, 2006

Trinity Blood 23

Esther remembers seeing Abel's blood spreading on the floor while Cain says that he deserved it for destroying something. He leaves Esther alone while she cried for the dead Abel. She goes over to Abel's dead body and tries to stay with him but the Professor and Leon had to drag out of the room. In the present, she cries over Abel's coffin while blaming herself for his death. Ion and Ast heard of Abel's death which he wanted to head over to Albion but she refused to do as they have to talk to the Pope even though she wanted to go over there herself. Catherina removes something from a woman's coffin which she's going to use it for Abel and has Tres to give it to him. The Pope talks to Catherina about something he wants to talk to her when he gets back. After speaking to Catherina, he asks about Esther which Petros and Paula tell him that she's at a church mourning the death of Abel. In the Ghetto, Vanessa tells Virgil that the Auto-Jaegars in the residential district have been taken care of which he mentions that he's going to seal the Ghetto along with that the Pope has returned safely. Vanessa asks him who were the enemy which he tells him that the Orden is the enemy of the world. He leaves Vanessa at the Ghetto while he goes to welcome the star.

A mysterious ship flies over Albion and begins to attack the people. Cain was taking a bath when he gets a message that the Excalibur System has been activated and mentions to Isaac that he did a crappy job repairing his body. Cain mentions that Abel destroyed the rocket building facility but he's going to get Abel's body so he could absorb his memories and directly launch the rocket with them. Isaac is going to destroy Londonium while Cain goes after Abel's body. Petros and Paula receive reports about the city being under attack but the Inquisition is under disarray though. Mary orders an evacualtion of the city while the citizens are panicking from the attack. The Professor and Leon are in a car when they see Sword Dancer next to them. Virgil talks to a saddened Esther about the current situation which she doesn't even talk to him. He tried to use Abel's work against the Orden to get her talking but that doesn't work and tells her that she's the sole heir of the Albion throne. Prince Gilbert who the Orden killed 15 years ago hid a newborn princess in another country before he died which that princess was Esther. She doesn't believe that she's a princess because she can't do anything but Virgil asks her for her help. She cries for a few moments until she hears Abel's words that he's on her side which gives her the strength to help Albion. Esther talks to the people of Albion on the roof of the palace which she tells them that the chaos is exactly what the Orden wants and wants them not to have their hearts waver. Virgil confirms to Mary that Esther is the Star of Hope and the future Queen of Albion. The Professor and Leon go attack the Orden ship with a rocket car but it doesn't do much damage to it and had to retreat since the ship send out drones to attack the car. Kate shows up with her battleship and fires all lasers at it but it doesn't damage it because of a powerful shield protecting it.

It seems that Abel is dead at the moment but I got a feeling that he will be resurrected with a little help from Catherina. Our little Esther has gone from being an useless Sister to being Queen of Albion. Somehow I don't like it that she became a Queen. It was just too sudden for that to happen. From seeing this episode, I wished there was two additional episodes since I get a feeling that I won't be satifisied with the ending. This episode didn't do much advancing the plot or giving the motiviation for the Orden's actions. The last episode will probably have the Vactian trying to stop the Orden from doing their master plan of whatever that is. The last episode in the Crown of Thorns arc is The Lord of Oath.


  • At 10:30 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    what is the song that is sung when esther is blaming herself over the coffin? looking for a title or something.

  • At 12:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Yeah still searching for a title.. anyway if you find it, kindly e-mail the title to any info will be highly appreciated :D

    Shinsen Subs translated it as follows:

    Midareyuku subete no mono owari ha kono yo ni ha nai
    (There is no end to this world)

    nemuritamae itoshii hito (Sleep my beloved)

    sono inochi tsudzuite yuku (your life goes on)

    anata ha umare soshite ikita (You were born, and you lived)

    kibou no uta tsutaeru nda ne (You will tell the song of hope, won't you?)

    towa ni (For Eternity)

    sasagetamae kono namida (Offer up these tears)

    aratanaru ai no kotoba (the words of a new love)

    arigatou yume no shifuku no hibi (thank you, days of bliss within my dreams)

    kono basho de deaeta koto (I thank the fact that we met here)

    towa ni
    (for eternity)

  • At 2:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Thanks for posting that summary...I really needed that because i noticed Trinity wasnt on antmore and i was like "did I miss the last episode?!" but i guess the lst episode is just being made right? If I'm right or wrong please get back to me at: share what you have heard! thanks for all your help so far.

  • At 3:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    I believe the song is call Requiem Inori



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