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Thursday, March 09, 2006

Tsubasa Chronicle Movie - The Princess of the Land of the Birdcage

The Tsubasa movie or more like OVA in this case but since it was played along side with the xxxHolic movie, it's called a movie. Anyway, it gives a quick overview of the series with a black and white version of Syaroan, Sakura, Kurogane, and Fai meeting Yuuko in the rain for the first time. So basically for different reasons, Syaroan and the others are traveling to world to world finding Sakura's feathers so she can regain her memories and life with the help of Mokona who has the ability to transport them through worlds. The movie sends the crew to a world where one of the countries is surrounded by a giant bird cage and the people have a bird that's bonded to them. Sakura and Syaroan get involved with the locals who are trying to stop their king from covering their country with eternal darkness while trying to rescue Fai and Kurogane as well.

The movie is an original story that doesn't happened within the manga storyline. It's a nice short side story to enjoy for 35 minutes. The animation is very well done which is a step up from the TV series animation. Also, the character designs were more life-like and didn't have those long arms compared to the manga and TV series. Even their clothes were much different from the manga and anime, I would expect that they would use their normal clothes that they always where in the manga and anime but they didn't. Even the flashback scene didn't show them wearing the normal clothes but the movie clothes instead. I guess they wanted to do something different with the clothing style. The music is basically the same from the TV series which is good and both the OP and ED were good as well. The fight scenes were pretty good for the most part even though Syaroan wasn't as cool with his kicks.

Overall, I wished there was a more expanding story for the Tsubasa movie but it was a good watch even though it was short. The movie just made get excited for season 2 coming up in a month. I'll give the Tsubasa movie a 3.5 out of 5.


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