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Saturday, March 04, 2006

Yakitate Japan 55

Manga Chapters 131-133

Kawachi is mad at Azuma for throwing away his crappy bread but Azuma tells him that he's going to improve upon it even though it will become more soggy. Takumi complains to Kuro-yan that Azuma is crazy but Kuro-yan defends him with that Azuma is an excellent baker even though his methods are out there. Takumi goes back to his trailer while Kuro-yan hopes that Azuma isn't making Garbage Japan. Azuma thanks Kawachi for making crappy bread which he praises himself for it and realizes his sad behavior. Kanmuri realizes that he needs to get Kawachi out of the way while Azuma cuts the bread and scoops out insides. Then he takes a hammer and beats the bread with it. Tsukino is wondering if Azuma could beat Takumi but the Manager tells her that Azuma is trying to breathe life into garbage. Kawachi shows up to Tsukino and the Manager which he tells them that Kanmuri told him to save up his genius for the next round. Tsukino and the Manager realized that Kanmuri really meant that Kawachi was in the way and leave us to the bread making. Takumi takes out the bread and pours some green liquid on it. He remembers the training that he went through to be a member of CMAP which he had to act like an idiot and learn a specific way of speaking. His character is the mysterious boy who uses a lot of foreign words which he can't talk regularly anymore because of that. His dream was to let people know how much fun cooking was through entertainment. He applied the tuna on his bread while thinking that he can't accept Azuma for his irrational cooking methods. Takumi puts the bread in his oven which it was covered in flames. He presents his bread, Super Toro Aburi to Kuro-yan for judging. Kuro-yan goes over that he used avocado paste to attach the tuna and then broil it so the flavor of the tuna will increase. Kuro-yan takes a bite out of the bread which he becomes Super Kuro-yan. Kawachi insults Kuro-yan's reaction because he reacted to the broil tuna which makes Kuro-yan shoot a bolt of energy at him. Kawachi finds himself in a desert and dressed as a freezer. Super Kuro-yan attacks Kawachi while explaining how great the bread truly is. Kawachi attacks Kuro-yan with Freezer Hurricane while Kuro-yan tells him about the beehive pastry which was able to overcome Kawachi's attack. They continued to fight while explaining the bread dough. Kawachi returns back to reality while Kuro-yan explains that the beehive pastry is hard to achieve because the ratio of pie and choux dough must be exact or otherwise it would fall apart. Kawachi believes that Azuma can't beat Takumi's bread when Azuma and Kanmuri finished with Ooma Japan aka sea urchin chawanmushi-bread which looks like a Japanese bowl.

Kawachi doesn't realize that the bread is the bowl itself as Azuma presents to Kuro-yan. He explains that you usually had to deep-fry the bread if it's going to hold some liquid but Azuma didn't deep-fry it. He tells him that he scooped the insides of the bread and beat it with a hammer which closes the pores of the bread so that fluid can't seep in. Also the reason for the soggy bread was that it wouldn't break easily with the hammer and increase the flavor of the bread. Kuro-yan wonders where he put the insides of the bread since he didn't throw it out or left them and tastes the bread. He declares Pantasia to be the winner even though he didn't show a reaction but the Manager tells them that he did have a reaction. He evolved into Super Kuro-yan II which caused his hairs to spike up like a sea urchin. The Manager explains that Kuro-yan doesn't show favoritism when comes to food which caused Kuro-yan to evolved into Super Kuro-yan III. He explains that flattening the crust increases the flavor along with the Shindofuji egg used by Kanmuri which he was flattered by his comments. He explains that the eggs used are high-quality since the hens have high quality feed to feast upon. Kanmuri explains that the eggs come from the Aomori prefecture which is not too far from Ooma while the avocado that Takumi used isn't from around here. Takumi will admit that he lost in terms of not following the theme but he will not accept the bread since the bread part is only in the bowl and takes a bite of it. Takumi doesn't move for a few seconds while Kawachi is stabbed with hair needles coming from Takumi's hair. Kuro-yan explains that the best thing about the bread is the dough itself while Kawachi didn't know about it since Azuma and Kanmuri didn't tell him anything. The scooped out insides were diced into small pieces by Kanmuri and stir-fly with the sea urchin to make urchin-croutons that would be inside of the bread bowl. Takumi will finally admit his defeat and realizes that he lost something important while with CMAP which was being able to have fun while cooking together with friends. Takumi asks Azuma if he could his friend which he accepts him as a friend while Kawachi and Kuro-yan want the hair needles taken out of him.

This episode ends the first battle of the Yakitate 9 which Azuma and Kanmuri with the help of Kawachi's crappy bread managed to pull out a victory and gained a new friend with Takumi. Poor Kawachi is just being getting beat up and cast aside lately as he doesn't have the genius that Azuma or Kanmuri possess and that Kuro-yan always makes fun of him. The manga difference this time is that it didn't have the Dragonball Z battle between Super Kuro-yan and Freezer Kawachi which I finally get why Kawachi was dressed as a freezer. The next episode is an anime original with Kuro-yan lost the ability to have reactions which the stir-fry teacher from the Newcomer's Battle makes an appearance along with a Luffy appearance.


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