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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yakitate Japan 56

Kuro-yan just finished taking a shower and plugs in his hair dryer. Then he turns it on which causes him to recieve an electrical shock. The second round of the Yakitate 9 has Team Pantasia facing off against Ryuu who helped Azuma and Kawachii in the Newcomer's Battle and thought it was a martial arts battle not a cooking contest. Ryuu picks the second panel and reveals Ookuchi in red characters. Kawachi asks Kuro-yan why Ookuchi in red which he explains that the item they supposed to make is predetermined. In this case, the item they have to make is Chinese dumplings which gives Ryuu a huge advantage as he's a master Chinese cuisine cook. Team Pantasia went to a farm in the Isa region which raises black hogs and consider to be top quality compared to the Kagoshima black hogs. The black hogs are going to be used as filling for the dumplings which Kuro-yan was impressed that they would come here first. Azuma asks why he's here which he explains that he's required to be more knowledgeable than the contestants. Kawachi makes an insult to Kuro-yan which he didn't really do anything to him which it was odd for him. He usually has a sharp comeback to Kawachi's remarks but he didn't say one this time. Team Pantasia tasted the black hog which they had pig noses for a second. Kuro-yan tasted the meat and didn't have a reaction at all. He decided to leave the others and gave them one piece of advice before he left which was don't get self-satisfied as it can be a fatal flaw. Kanmuri thinks that Kuro-yan's words was more like a bad omen and even last words instead of advice. Kawachi thinks that they could make delicious Chinese dumplings with the meat but Kanmuri tells him that they can't beat Ryuu with just the meat. Kuro-yan goes to various places and ate lots of food including hog feed. He couldn't taste a single thing at all including the nasty hog feed which he realized that the electrical shock screwed up his sense of taste. Team Pantasia knows that Kuro-yan lost his sense of taste which Azuma promises him that he will make something delicious to restore his sense of taste with Japanese-style Japan Dumpling.

Team Pantasia managed to get some more ingredients for tomorrow's match but Azuma wants to improve the dough of the dumplings so it won't be as soggy. Kanmuri says that Chinese dumplings are made to be steamed and made with dough from all-purpose flour which has low water content compared to bread dough. Kawachi thinks that they can't do anything about it with only one day left but Kanmuri decides to drag Kawachi to find ingredients to mix the flour to improve it. Kawachi stays that his legs and hips were tired which Azuma gets a sudden idea from hips which Azuma was referring to was the firmness of the flour. He wants to increase the firmness of the flour to get back Kuro-yan's sense of taste. It's the second round of the Yakitate 9 and Kuro-yan still hasn't got his sense of taste back. The Manager and Tsukino notices that Kuro-yan is a bit odd which Kawachi tells them that he's in a slump as they both think that Kawachi is useless once again. He tells them about him losing his sense of taste which the Manager says that Kuro-yan's taste is so developed that the slightness sickness that he could lose it. Ryuu uses his Homestyle Chinjao Rosu technique while Azuma uses various ingredients to create the ultimate filling. Kawachi tells them that they aren't done yet but when asked about it, he doesn't know. Azuma begins to stretch the dough into tenobe dumplings which brings out maximum flavor out of them. Ryuu finishes with his Chinese dumplings which he calls the Complete Family Register of Chinese Dumplings. Kuro-yan decides to summon another judge which is the Meister's pet peacock, Coo. They both tasted the dumplings which Coo shows all of his feathers for full points but Kuro-yan couldn't get a reaction at all. He decides to resign as judge but Azuma wanted him to taste his dumplings. Kuro-yan tastes Azuma's dumpling which manages to produce a reaction which he has his head next to a sumo wrestler. Then he was able to stretch his arms like Luffy from One Piece and explains about the ingredients they used along with the Tenobe technique. He gives Pantasia the victory as they used more specialities along with bringing back his sense of taste. Ryuu tries to argue with him but doesn't work even though they were delicious as Coo was flying (peacocks can't fly). Kuro-yan tastes the rest of Ryuu's dumplings and produces mild reactions from them.

This episode was some quick filler to give Kuro-yan some major screen-time along with giving Ryuu an appearance. It was alright for filler but it wasn't that funny though. The next episode returns to the manga storyline as Team Pantasia takes on the remaining members of CMAP in the next round of the Yakitate 9.


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