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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Kasimasi ~Girl Meets Girl~ 8

Ayuki's mother shows a young Ayuki a caterpillar becoming a butterfly and says that it's trying to spread its wings and fly. She says to Ayuki will be beautiful like a butterfly one day but she doesn't want to be beautiful. Sora plans to have a test of courage at the school to gather data on relationships which he wants Hazumu to take a part of but he refuses since he's afraid of them. Sora forces Hazumu anyway which Tomari and Asuta are taking a part of the test as well. Tomari mentions that Hazumu would cling to her when they went to a haunted house together. Asuta gets some naughty thoughts of Hazumu clinging onto him when he gets scared but he gets kicked by Tomari soon afterwards. Tomari says that she will go with him to the test and asks him where's Yasuna which he tells her that she's taking Elbert for a checkup. Hazumu was watering the plants when he sees Ayuki rejecting a guy because she has someone that she likes. Hazumu accidently reveals himself to her which he tries to lift her up but she doesn't try at all. Tomari went to Yasuna's house to drop something off and notices a sound coming from the house and tries to investigate it. She opens the front door which Elbert chased her away which Yasuna managed to control the dog afterwards. Tomari gave her pictures of the beach trip which she shows one of the pictures and thinks that Hazumu was happy because of Tomari but she thinks otherwise. Tomari invites Yasuna to the test of courage which she agrees. Later that night, Hazumu refuses to go to the test which Asuta and her father were being pervs and got beat up by Hazumu's mother. Namiko dresses very sexy to attract Sora who shows up in a spirit costume along with Jan in a cat costume. She tries to use her thighs to get Sora to notice her which he reveals his underwear along with the bottom part of his legs aren't there at all. Namiko tells them that they must form pairs which they will circle the school once and get a marker at the rooftop. They drew lots for pairs which Hazumu and Tomari, Ayuki and Yasuna are pairs while Asuta is alone which he was disappointed. Hazumu is happy that he's with Tomari while Yasuna doesn't look happy at all which Ayuki noticed.

Tomari and Hazumu walk through the darken school which Hazumu is pathetically scared right now and has Tomari in a death grip but they continued to move on. Ayuki knows that Tomari finally rose to the stage which Yasuna was relieved since there's someone has the same feelings about Hazumu. Ayuki says that Yasuna is beautiful and spreading her wings which they heard Hazumu's screams a few moments after that. Ayuki tells Yasuna to go which Yasuna asks her why she hangs around Hazumu so much which notices that she watches over him. Ayuki tells her that she doesn't have to worry about her involving herself in Hazumu's love. Tomari and Hazumu finds Namiko on the floor scared of a ghost which Yasuna shows up as well. The ghost appears which scares everyone and chases Hazumu away but the ghost was revealed to be Sora and drags Namiko into the room. Tomari, Yasuna, and Hazumu continued with the test of courage which Jan is ready to scare Asuta but he wasn't scared of her. Then she sics a blob at Asuta which he smartly runs away from but he runs into Hazumu and the others. Asuta gets punched by Hazumu which causes him to be eaten by the blob but Sora manages suck away the blob. Hazumu goes into the science room which Ayuki was looking at the butterflies while Tomari and Yasuna look for Hazumu. She says that she loved looking at butterflies but never wanted to be one and just love looking at them. Tomari and Yasuna reached the end of the test which Yasuna thanks Tomari for inviting her along with that Tomari wants Yasuna to call her by her first name. Hazumu shows up a moment later which they looked at the starry sky as Ayuki sees Hazumu as a emerging butterfly.

This episode was quite interesting as you got Ayuki who loves Hazumu as well but she decided just to watch from a distance and let Tomari and Yasuna fight over Hazumu's love. Ayuki decided that she will watch from a distance and not involving herself directly into other people's problems. She will give advice to others about dealing with the problems but never directly interfere on her terms. I guess she doesn't mind to live a lonely life of watching others having relationships especially Hazumu, the person that she loves. Tomari and Yasuna are getting more friendly with each other as they called each other by their first names now. These two are the most friendly love rivals ever in an anime. The next episode is the festival episode with Hazumu having some problems in the double relationship now.

Basilisk Review

It took me a while but I managed to finish off Basilisk. The series is about two clans of ninjas facing off in a renewed rivality to determine who's going to be the next Shogun. It sounds simple but there's a lot more to it as the leaders of the clan have a loving relationship with each other but one of the ninjas named Tenzen secretly withholds information about the rivality from the other clan. There's lots of power play and strategy during this rivality that makes things interesting along with the relationships between the selected ninjas within their own clan along with the enemy. It has a Ninja Scroll type of battles with freaky powers and massive amounts of blood being sprayed. The characters on both sides had a wide range of personalities with Oboro being nice and gentle while Tenzen was just pure evil. Gennosuke was probably the character who you couldn't tell what he's thinking most of the time. He does love Oboro but he's willing to kill her because the government tells him to. The ending of Basilisk was kinda the way I expected to be. I knew that Oboro and Gennosuke wouldn't really have a battle and that there would be a death. I think a good twist would be to have them fighting it out instead of the way it was done. The music was very good while the animation itself was decent if you compared it to Ninja Scroll which was very crisp.

Overall, Basilisk is a good ninja series that has physical and political action but the pace of the series changes throughtout for being too slow at times. Some of the politics in Basilisk can be quite boring which also included some of the flashbacks. This series need to have action in order to keep me actively watching it. Also, some people wouldn't like some of the character designs for being too horroric to watch along with the extremely of the violence and sex. I'll give the series a 3 out of 5.

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 10

A girl named Minami pokes her pencil on her notebook while looking at another girl named Shiroi with a nasty stare and hasn't forgiven her. Later that night, Minami's parents asked her why Shiroi hasn't been around lately which she answers that she's been busy. Minami sends a request to Hell Correspondance for Shiroi. Emma's grandmother mentions to her that the requests have been piling up recently and asks her if they have someone to discuss their problems with like friends. Emma shows up in Minami's room and gives her the doll along with the conditions of using it. Minami was going to pull the string at first but decided to wait so she can see the expression on Shiroi's face when she uses it. The next day, Minami remembers the day when she first met Shiroi which it was during when she took the middle school entrance exams. They became great friends which they spend lots of time together until one day when Minami sees Shiroi with her current friends and ditches her for the other girls. Minami keeps checking her mail and sending mails to Shiroi. Shiroi remembers when Minami would send emails to her every 30 minutes and consider her to be a stalker. She has a teacher to talk to Minami about her stalking. Minami confronts Shiroi during cleanup and accidently made her fall down to the ground which everyone thought she was a stalker. Now Minami is alone and everyone ignores her for the most point while Shiroi gets hit in the head with a basketball while focusing on Minami's glance. After getting treated for her injury, Shiroi walks past the classroom and decides to take the doll from Minami and take her own revenge on her.

Hajime is meeting a client at a restraurant so he won't reveal what the client did when he sees Shiroi nearby with the doll in her hand. He tries to track her down but was unsuccessful as she went to a temple and nail the doll to a tree as part of a curse called Ushi no Kokumairi. The helpers want to remove the doll from the tree but Emma tells them to leave it there and doesn't give a reason why for this. Minami stays at home for the following day and thinks that losing the doll is God's way of saying she shouldn't take revenge on her. Shiroi was going to her friends about being in a group of three for the field trip but they have already formed a group with another girl. Minami gets a call from Shiroi saying that she wants to meet her and apologizes what she did in the past. This action makes Minami regret that she wanted to have revenge on her and meets her at the temple. Shiroi tells her that she has been deceived by her friends and says that Minami is her real friend. She returns the doll to her and doesn't ask why she had it in the first place. Shiroi asks Minami to curse everyone in class with the doll and forces her to pull the string since they're friends. Hajime sees them and runs towards them to stop the revenge but he was too late as the string was pulled and Shiroi disappeared from the area. Minami forces herself to believe that it wasn't her fault but Emma tells her it was her fault. Hajime asks where Shiroi is which Minami tells him that she's in Hell and that she will go to Hell eventually.

This episode is rather interesting as you don't get to see the actual revenge this time. While watching this episode, I truly believe that Minami shouldn't have taken revenge on Shiroi. She could easily move on with her life by finding new friends but she was stuck in the past. I'm not saying that Shiroi didn't deserve what she did to her but she could have done it in a less hurtful way. Minami didn't deserve to be ignored by Shiroi but she didn't have to annoy her to no end. I think they are both at fault for what happened at the end. Shiroi isn't used to be abandon by her friends and felt that Minami would help her but she didn't realize that it would be the end of her own life. If Minami could told the truth about the doll to Shiroi, the outcome would be much different. Shiroi would be alive but they still being friends is about 50/50. I agree with Emma's position on this episode that they should have talked to each other in order to solve their problems but since they didn't, Shiroi got sent to Hell for her stubborness for revenge on the entire class. The next episode has Kataoka Masaya taking revenge a reporter named Itagaki Takashi for taking away his family while Hajime and Tsugami are involved once again.

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Jigoku Shoujo 9

Hajime tries to interview Tanuma (the girl who contracted with Enma from the previous episode) but her mother refused to allow him to talk with her and threatening to call the police if he tries any further. He gets a call from his editor about some pictures he need to do which he has to do sometime this week. Meanwhile, a girl named Yuuka shows off some desserts to a baker named Morisaki that her sister Hiromi made which he finds it delicious. Hiromi used to work for him until she wanted to continue her father's dream to open a store. Yuuka was able to make Hiromi and her father's dream come true with her hard work and savings. She tells Hiromi that Morisaki will advertise their store on Street Patisserie which is a TV show. The day of the broadcast is the same day of the store opening which Yuuka suggests that they show unveil their Heritage cake. Hajime is trying to get some nice photos while Tsugumi is watching Street Patisserie which Morisaki unveils Everest which is similar to Heritage that Hiromi made. At Patisserie Le Reve which is Hiromi's store, the show interviews both Hiromi and Yuuka which she shows off Heritage who doesn't know that Morisaki showed off it earlier. The show immediately cuts to commerical after seeing that the cake is identical from Morisaki's. The show's producer explains to them that Morisaki introduce the same thing and tells them they don't mind if their cake is a copy which Yuuka wouldn't accept at all. Yuuka was working the register at her job when a couple of high school girls was talking about Hell Correspondance. Then she was near Patisserie Le Reve when she heard a couple of women wouldn't go into the store because of the rumors that they copied Morisaki's Everest. She enters the store which she asked Hiromi how many customers entered the store which was only two and wants to talk to Morisaki but Hiromi refused her to do so. Yuuka accesses Hell Correspondance and enters Morisaki's name for revenge.

Emma arrives at Yuuka's house and transports her into her realm a few moments later. Emma goes over the conditions of the revenge which she gets drown into a pool of liquid before arriving back in her room with the doll. The next day, Hiromi's loan has been defaulted which the bank did under Morisaki's favor and took the store from them. Yuuka blames herself for all this since she went to Morisaki's place and show off their desserts which Hiromi tells her something important. Yuuka confronts Morisaki at a banquet in his honor about how he did all this to get revenge for being dumped by Hiromi. He thanks Yuuka for allowing him to get such a perfect revenge and offers her to take her a couple of places for prostitution. At that moment, Yuuka pulls the red string to enact the revenge on Morisaki. People at the banquet eats the cake that he made and say that it tastes bad. Tsugumi has a vision of Morisaki and tells it to Hajime which he immediately heads to the hotel. He admits that he didn't make the cake which Emma's helpers questioned him about passing off the cake as his own and did it for revenge on an ex-girlfriend who dumped him. He runs away from them but Hiromi appears in front of him who asks him to eat her which she turns into frosting. Then he enters a taxi which the driver turns into frosting as well. Morisaki finds himself part of a cake as Emma's helpers tell him to apologize for what he did. He refuses to apologize since he thinks that she betrayed her but Emma sends to him to hell which he tortured by Hiromi. Hajime arrives at the hotel but he was too late to save Morisaki. The next day Yuuka gives Hiromi lunch at her new job while she tries to continue the dream of opening a new store.

This episode continues the subplot of Hajime and Tsugumi who are on the trail of Emma and the others. Hajime tries to stop a revenge from taking place but was too late to save him from his fate. As for the main part of the episode, Yuuka meant so well by going to Morisaki but if she knew that Hiromi dated him in the past, I doubt she would gone to him. This whole revenge would have been prevent if Hiromi told Yuuka the truth in the first place and spoke up earlier. The next episode has Shibuya Minami who takes revenge on her former best friend while Hajime tries to stop it.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Ah! My Goddess S2 3

Belldandy is serving customers who doesn't even notice that Keiichi can serve them as well. Keiichi tells her that he wonders if God is mad at him for making Belldandy to do this work which she tells him that she's glad to be here on Earth. After done working, he tells her about Christmas which she thinks that parents are called Santa Claus. Keiichi decides to get Belldandy a Christmas present since he hasn't done any boyfriend things for her yet when a girl named Hijiri shows off a balloon from Santa Claus to them. He asks Hijiri what gift a girl would like which she mentions a ring and look at a jewelry store window at one. Belldandy thinks the ring is beautiful which Keiichi asks her if she wants it right now which she gets soy sauce. Skuld asks Keiichi what she wants for Christmas which all involve machines in some way. The next day, Keiichi looks at the ring which Urd is egging him on to buy it for her instead of Belldandy. Urd convinces Keiichi that the ring will transmit his feelings to her but he can't buy the ring since it's worth four months of expenses. Then Ohtaki and Tamiya appeared and tells Keiichi of a part time job to get the ring but it would require him to be out on sea for three months catching tuna. Keiichi has four days until Christmas Eve for him to buy the ring and decided to go another job behind Belldandy's back. He was looking at the classified ads when Urd offered her help to get him the money while Skuld helps Belldandy dealing with Keiichi not being home. Urd gets Keiichi a job at a freezer warehouse stocking tuna.

Keiichi is working at a construction site, street vendor, pachinko, and stocking tuna along with current job with Belldandy. He's been exhausted by the jobs that Belldandy is worried about it and asks Urd about it but she doesn't give him a clear answer about it. While working at the construction site, Keiichi asks himself if he should tell Belldandy the truth about what he's been doing for the last few days but Urd tells him that he should keep with the original plan. He almost has enough money to buy the ring which he will get it by tomorrow. Keiichi apologizes to Belldandy about making her worry all this time which she doesn't mind as he wears the sweater that she made for him. He tells her to meet him at the train station tomorrow night at eight so he can tell her something. After receiving his last pay check, Keiichi hurries to the jewelry store to see that Sayoko was about to buy the ring with the guy of the moment. Keiichi begs to Sayoko to allow him to buy the ring which she accepts under the condition that he dressed in a reindeer costume while Urd is in a Santa costume. Sayoko has Urd polishing her shoes while Keiichi tries to get Hijiri's balloon from a building while Belldandy watches from below. He manages to grab the balloon but he falls off the tree and was saved by Belldandy but he lost the balloon as well. He apologizes to her for unable to convey his feelings to her but she doesn't mind as she loved what he did for her sake. Urd displays the ring to them which Sayoko decided to sell it to him but he has to come to her party. He puts the ring on her finger which she gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Keiichi working at multiple jobs had Belldandy worried about him but in the end, he managed to get the thing he worked for and got a kiss from her as a reward. Even Sayoko has a nice spot as she could have easily withhold the ring from him but she didn't. Her cold heart is slowly melting away now but still has a long way to go. The next episode has Belldandy performing an act for something along with the other women in the world of AMG.

Monday, April 24, 2006

The Law of Ueki 50

Anon and Ueki both used Seiku to go into the air for their battle. Ueki tries to fight Anon hand to hand but Anon is much faster and avoids the attack with ease. Then Ueki uses Ressen to distract Anon so he could sneak up on him and landed a punch on him. Ueki used his Heavenly Power into Seiku to increase his mobility to counter Anon's own natural speed. Ueki uses Ressen again which Anon counters with Robert's ideal Ressen but this time, Ueki uses his reserval power to dispel it. Ueki tries to continue the attack but Anon counter it with a normal Ressen instead of an ideal Ressen. Anon brings out his Satan which is a big, black, hairy creature. Satan is basically a living Sacred Treasure that turns the user's will into power which its form and ability are the symbols of the user's power along with its strength. Anon sics his Satan on Ueki who manages to avoid it but takes out a good part of the landscape. Anon's Satan is based on his determination of his dream while Robert's Satan was based on his hatred of mankind. Rinko thinks that Anon is using Robert and God's Sacred Treasures separately while Sano asks Mori if Satan is really powerful which she couldn't speak at all. Ueki summons his Satan into the field after getting mad at Anon for calling Robert stupid for losing his hatred. Ueki's Satan is a transparent Kobasan who just acts like him as he wanted to drink first before attacking Anon and even doubted Ueki for making him look like an old man. Mori thinks they are done for since Ueki's Satan acts like Kobasan while Souya finds Barrow in a forest. Ueki's Satan finally attacks Anon who summon his Satan to stop it which it does.

Souya asks Barrow why he is doing here which he explains to him about how Anon betrayed him and couldn't fight anymore since his dream is ruined. Souya tries to get him to fight with the others but he doesn't listen since he thinks that he can't defeat Anon with his power and mentions that Souya is thinking the same thing. Souya lies to him saying that he wasn't running away but coming to get him and says that he's lame for giving up before even trying (even though he's speaking about himself as well.) Barrow thinks that he can't go to his friends after abandoning them but Souya tells him that doesn't matter as he abandoned his friends to. Souya managed to convince Barrow to go to the Path and uses him as a taxi. Ueki is running away from the Path to avoid any damage on Mori and the others and uses Satan once again only to be counter by Anon's Satan. Ueki tries to find the will behind his Satan while Anon uses various Sacred Treasures to weaken Ueki's ability to dodge. Anon mentions that Satan can be only used six times which God used up all of his while Robert used two against Anon and three against Ueki as Anon. Robert has only one Satan left while Ueki has two left. Anon summons his Satan to finish off Ueki which Ueki counters his own Satan but this time, Ueki's attack destroy Anon's Satan and wounds Anon. Ueki's Satan is based on the will of protecting people. Anon thanks Ueki for facing him on equal terms and gives up Robert as a reward. Ueki and Mori both realized that Anon released Robert because he won't be considered as a power user anymore which if Ueki attacks him now, he will lose his zai. Anon mentions that he couldn't alter the rule about hurting non-power users which he was lucky that he couldn't change it since now he can use it to his advantage. Ueki has 18 zai left which he needs to find a way to stop Anon's movement to hit him with Satan. He drops off Robert at the Path before going back into the air to fight Anon once again.

After some misfires with Satan, Ueki managed to get an advantage against Anon but he pulls out a trump card which he releases Robert so he would be considered as a non-power user. Now Ueki has only 18 zai left which after the 18th attack, Ueki will disappeared forever. I think everyone will help Ueki defeat Anon in the end but Ueki will probably make the ultimate sacriface in the end though. The final episode will end it all. Will Ueki and the others stop Anon from extermining everyone in the three realms? Find out at the final episode of Law of Ueki.