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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ah! My Goddess S2 2

Belldandy tells Keiichi that she's going to take a break from the university for a few days which he's ok with as she's going to make a sweater for him. It's Christmas time which many guys tried to get the attention of Sayoko and failed miserably. She's feels that there's something empty with her life as Keiichi says hi to her. Megumi joins him and asks him if Belldandy has dumped him since she hasn't been with him for the last couple days which he tells her that things between them are fine. Sayoko has decided to get Keiichi into her grasp because he isn't interested in her. Skuld is annoyed at Belldandy for spending all her time on making a sweater which Urd wonders why Belldandy is making it by hand. So Urd tries to use magic to make a sweater which it looks like someone took some scissors and cut into it. Skuld pulls out Nami-kun 01 and uses it to make a sweater without any sleeves and neck opening. Belldandy believes that hand-knitting a sweater conveys the feelings of the person making it to the person recieving it. Skuld asks Belldandy why she's keeping it a secret from Keiichi which she wants him to be surprised while Urd thinks that Belldandy is becoming more like a human girl. Sayoko talks to Keiichi at the university and tries to get him to have a luxury date with her as she thinks that he's going to be alone on Christmas Eve. He tells her that he's thankful for her to worry about him but he'll be fine as he's giving Belldandy some private time. Sayoko tries to lay the seeds of doubt about Belldandy to him but it doesn't work and only gets herself embarrassed. Keiichi tells her that Belldandy usually thinks about others and is happy that she's doing something for herself. He wants to see other sides of her that he hasn't seen before and thinks that Sayoko has a hard time with lots of people around her. Later that night, Sayoko drinks at a bar which she managed to outdrink the other guys around her and gets depressed by Keiichi's words and smile. Keiichi was coming back home when he sees Sayoko outside of his house all drunk. She glomps him and tells him that she likes him before throwing up on him. She wakes up in the house and sees Belldandy finish making the sweater for Keiichi. Skuld finds some wrapping paper for the sweater and immediate wraps it before leaving the room. Sayoko enters the room and steals the sweater.

Belldandy doesn't necessary wants to believe that Sayoko took the sweater and asks a bird if it has seen the sweater. The bird says that a dog took it because it had such a delicious smell to it. Skuld began to sneak away which Urd catches her and gets her to admit that she took the wrapping paper from some food. Sayoko tries to make a hand knit sweater for Keiichi but got nowhere with it as she managed to take Belldandy's sweater from the dog. She decides to call some rich clothing place to buy a sweater for Keiichi while Belldandy talks to the various animals to get some clue to where the sweater has gone. Keiichi meets up with Sayoko who's happy to see that she's feeling better. She decides to treat Keiichi on an expensive dinner for helping her last night but he declines because Belldandy has made dinner for him. She gets mad at him for talking about Belldandy all the time and decides to take him somewhere else. Sayoko takes him to her father's classic car shop as gratitude for yesterday which he's thankful to be able to see that collection. She's happy walking together with Keiichi and asks him how people would look at them which he first answers a queen and servant but he changes his answer as friends. He mentions that he could talk normally to her because of Belldandy since his old self wouldn't be able to do that. She thinks that he doesn't understand a woman's feelings and tries to give him a Christmas present which he rejects it because it's filled of her feelings. He thinks that Sayoko isn't really interested in him which makes her give back Belldandy's sweater and tells him to wear it when he gets back home. Keiichi leaves Sayoko which Belldandy meets her a moment later. Sayoko tells her that she stole the sweater and couldn't throw it away even though she wanted to. Belldandy tells her that she isn't that kind of person which Sayoko was offended by the comment and says that who is Belldandy. She says her goddess classification which Sayoko says that she hates her while she says she likes Sayoko. Belldandy leaves her as Sayoko thinks that Belldandy is lying because she can't imagine a goddess making a hand knit sweater. Belldandy comes back home and sees Keiichi wearing her sweater that she made. She hugs him for wearing as he says that her feelings has reached him. Sayoko returns home and promises to continue to get Keiichi into her grasps.

This episode was quite interesting. Keiichi only sees Belldandy as his true lover and obvious to other feelings of love like Sayoko. She's beginning to come out of the selfish image that she portrays to most people as she's beginning to feel true love for the very first time. Even Belldandy senses this from Sayoko which she doesn't want to admit to herself (or at least doesn't want to hear it from Belldandy). Sayoko tries so much to get Keiichi to look at her besides being friends but in the end, he rejects her feelings of love as he thought she doesn't love him. Sayoko is really a complex character as she's trying to deal with her image and her feelings. She has advanced so much from the first season to right now and probably continue to grow in future episodes. The next episode continues with the Christmas spirit as Keiichi is trying to get a gift for Belldandy by working multiple jobs.


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